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Vegetable Porridge

(Plain Cookery Book For The Working Classes)

Scrape and peel the following vegetables:--six carrots, six turnips, six

onions, three heads of celery, and three parsnips; slice up all these

very thinly, and put them into a two-gallon pot, with four ounces of

butter, a handful of parsley, ditto of chervil, and a good sprig of

thyme, and fill up with water or pot liquor, if you happen to have any;

season with pepper and salt, and put the whole to boil very gently on

the fire for two hours; at the end of this time the vegetables will be

done to a pulp, and the whole must be rubbed through a colander with a

wooden spoon, and afterwards put back into the pot and stirred over the

fire, to make it hot for dinner.

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Vegetable Porridge

Pare and slice thin ten cents' worth of carrots,

turnips, onions, and parsnips, and put them into three quarts of water,

with a few sprigs of parsley and dried herbs; season them with half a

tablespoonful of salt, and quarter of a teaspoonful of pepper, and let

them boil till very soft, two hours or more; then rub them all through a

colander, return the porridge to the pot, and set it over the fire to

heat, stirring it to prevent burning. Use it with bread; it will cost

about fifteen cents for enough for a hearty meal.

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