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Venison Pasty

(Meats.) - (A Poetical Cook-book)

And now that I think on't, as I am a sinner!

We wanted this venison to make out the dinner.

What say you? a _pasty_! it shall and it must,

And my wife, little Kitty, is famous for crust.

"What the de'il, mon, a pasty!" re-echoed the Scot.

"Though splitting, I'll still keep a corner for that."

"We'll all keep a corner," the lady cried out;

"We will all keep a corner!" was echoed about.


Cut a neck or breast into small steaks, rub them over with a seasoning

of sweet herbs, grated nutmeg, pepper and salt; fry them slightly in

butter. Line the sides and edges of a dish with puff paste, lay in the

steaks, and add half a pint of rich gravy, made with the trimmings of

the venison; add a glass of port wine, and the juice of half a lemon or

teaspoonful of vinegar; cover the dish with puff paste, and bake it

nearly two hours; some more gravy may be poured into the pie before

serving it.

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Having baked or boiled two hours in broth, with a little seasoning,
any part selected, cut the meat in pieces, season with cayenne pepper,
salt, pounded mace, and a little allspice, place it into a deep dish;
lay over thin slices of mutton fat, and pour a little strong beef
gravy flavored with port wine into the dish; cover with a thick puff
paste, and bake.

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Venison Pasty

Bone a neck and breast of venison, and season them well with salt and

pepper; put them into a pan, with part of a neck of mutton sliced and

laid over them, and a glass of red wine. Cover the whole with a coarse

paste, and bake it an hour or two; but finish baking in a puff paste,

adding a little more seasoning and the gravy from the meat. Let the

crust be half an inch thick at the bottom, and the top crust thicker. If

the pasty is to be eaten hot, pour a rich gravy into it when it comes

from the oven; but, if cold, there is no occasion for that. The breast

and shoulder make a very good pasty. It may be done in raised crust. A

middle-sized pasty will take three hours' baking.

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