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(Soups) - (The Jewish Manual)

Make a fine strong stock from the shin of beef, or any other part
preferred, and add, a short time before serving, a handful of
vermicelli, which should be broken, so that it may be in pieces of
convenient length, the stock should be more or less flavoured with
vegetables, and herbs, according to taste.

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1 oz. Vermicelli--1d.

Vegetables and Saffron

2 quarts Bone Stock--1d.

Total Cost--2 d.

Time--One Hour

The stock for this soup should be good and in a strong jelly when cold.
Put it into a saucepan with three or four threads of saffron, an onion
or leek stuck with six cloves, 1 dozen white peppercorns and some salt,
and boil all together for half an hour; then strain out the vegetables
and put it back into the saucepan. It should be of a bright straw
colour; if it is not, a thread more saffron may be added before
straining. Put in the vermicelli broken small, and simmer for twenty
minutes; it is then ready to serve.

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Vermicelli Soup

Take one quarter of a pound of vermicelli; break it

into pieces, and boil it for five minutes; drain and add it to three

pints of strong soup stock. Boil once; draw to one side, and simmer

gently for twenty minutes. Should any scum arise, remove it; taste for

seasoning, and send to table with a little Parmesan cheese.

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Vermicelli Soup

6 carrots.

6 turnips.

1 head of celery.

6 onions.

1 handful of parsley.

1/2 pint tomato juice.

3 quarts of water.

3 teaspoons of peppercorns.

2 ounces butter.

1 ounce of salt.

3 ounces vermicelli.

White of 1 egg.

Clean and slice the vegetables, dissolve the butter in a large saucepan,

place in it the vegetables, including the parsley, add water and salt

and peppercorns, and boil for one and a half hours, removing the scum as

it rises. Strain; return the soup to the saucepan, which should first be

rinsed, allow it to simmer, pour in the white of egg, re-strain through

a very fine sieve (or a piece of muslin placed in an ordinary sieve

will answer the purpose). Return again to the saucepan, which must be

thoroughly clean, add the vermicelli, and simmer for half an hour. Add

the tomato juice just before serving.

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Vermicelli Soup

Break the vermicelli a little, throw it into boiling water, and let it

boil about two minutes. Strain it in a sieve, and throw it into cold

water: then strain and put it into a good clear consomme, and let it

boil very slowly about a quarter of an hour. When it is going to table,

season with a little salt, and put into it a little crust of French


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Clear Vermicelli Soup

Boil two minced onions in a quart of the liquor in which a leg of mutton

has been boiled, skim well, and when the vegetables are tender strain

them out. Pass the soup through a napkin, boil up, skim thoroughly, and

when clear add the contents of a tin of Nelson's Extract of Meat,

stirring until dissolved.

Boil two ounces of vermicelli paste in a pint of water until tender.

Most shapes take about ten minutes. Take care that the water boils when

you throw in the paste, and that it continues to do so during all the

time of cooking, as that will keep the paste from sticking together.

When done, drain it in a strainer, put it in the tureen, and pour the

soup on to it.

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