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Vinegar No 3

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

To every gallon of water put three pounds of Malaga raisins; stop it up

close, and let it stand in the cellar two years.

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Elder-flower Vinegar No 3

Pick the flowers before they are too much blown from the stalks, and dry

them in the sun, but not when it is very hot. Put a handful of them to a

quart of the best white wine vinegar, and let it stand a fortnight.

Strain and draw it off, and put it into a cask, keeping out about a

quart. Make it very hot, and put it into your cask to produce

fermentation. Stop it very close, and draw it off when wanted.

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Raspberry Vinegar No 3

Fill a jug with raspberries; add as much of the best vinegar as the jug

will hold; let the fruit steep ten or twelve days; then strain the

liquor through a fine sieve, without squeezing the raspberries; put

three pounds of lump sugar to a quart of juice, and skim it.

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