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(Salads) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Mix an equal quantity of sliced celery and apples, and a quarter of a
pound of pecans or English walnuts, chopped fine. Put over a tablespoon
of lemon juice and sufficient mayonnaise dressing to thoroughly cover.
To be absolutely correct, this salad should be served without lettuce;
it can, however, be dished on lettuce leaves.

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27 Waldorf Salad

Chop equal quantities of celery and apples, quite fine. Serve on lettuce

leaves, with French dressing.

Other Recipes

Waldorf Salad

For four people have the little cook take four pretty red apples, cut a

slice off the top, and after removing the core, carefully cut out with a

teaspoon the inside of each without breaking the skin. Taking half the

scooped-out apple, she must add an equal amount of celery (cut in small

pieces) and chopped English walnuts, one teaspoonful salt and boiled

dressing enough to cover. After tossing up lightly with a fork pack in

the apple shells, and when possible serve in nests made of lettuce cut

in strings.

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