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Walnut Ketchup No 1

(Sauces.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take walnuts when they are fit to pickle, beat them in a mortar, press

out the juice through a piece of cloth, let it stand one night, then

pour the liquor from the sediment, and to every pint put one pound of

anchovies; let them boil together till the anchovies are dissolved; then

skim, and to every pint of liquor add an eighth of an ounce of mace, the

same of cloves and Jamaica pepper, half a pint of common vinegar, half a

pound of shalots, with a few heads of garlic, and a little cayenne. Boil

all together till the shalots are tender, and when cold bottle up for


A spoonful of this ketchup put into good melted butter makes an

excellent fish-sauce; it is equally fine in gravy for ducks or


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