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Walnuts No 3

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take the large French nuts, wipe them clean, and wrap each in a

vine-leaf; put them into a weak brine of salt and water for a fortnight,

changing it every day, and lay a slate upon them, to keep them always

under, or they will turn black. Drain them, and make a stronger brine,

that will bear an egg; let them lie in that a fortnight longer; then

drain and wipe them very dry, and wrap them in fresh vine-leaves; put

them in jars, and pour on them double-distilled vinegar, which must not

be boiled. To six or eight hundred nuts put two pounds of shalots, one

of garlic, and one of rocambole; a piece of assafotida, of the size

of a pea, tied up in a bit of muslin, and put into each jar, of white,

black, and long pepper, one pound each, half a pound of mace, a quarter

of a pound of nutmegs, two ounces of cinnamon, two ounces of cloves, two

pounds of allspice, one pound of ginger, two pounds of mustard-seed,

some bay-leaves, and horseradish. The mustard-seed and spice must be a

little bruised. Mix all these ingredients together, and put in a layer

of nuts and then a layer of this mixture; put the assafotida in the

middle; and as the pickle wastes take care to keep the jar filled up

with vinegar.

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