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Warmed Over Meats

(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Boiled or roasted veal makes a nice dish, chopped fine, and warmed up,

with just sufficient water to moisten it, and a little butter, salt, and

pepper, added. A little nutmeg, and the grated rind of a lemon, improve

it--none of the white part of the lemon should be used. When well heated

through, take it up on a platter, and garnish it with a couple of lemons

cut in slices. Fresh or corned beef is good minced fine, with boiled

potatoes, and warmed up with salt, pepper, and a little water--add

butter, just before you take it up. Some people use the gravy that they

have left the day before, for the meat, but it is not as good when

warmed over, and there is no need of its being wasted, as it can be

clarified, and used for other purposes. Boiled onions, or turnips, are

good mixed with mince meat, instead of potatoes. Veal, lamb, and mutton,

are good cut into small strips, and warmed with boiled potatoes cut in

slices, pepper, salt, a little water--add butter just before you take it

up. Roast beef and mutton, if not previously cooked too much, are nice

cut in slices, and just scorched on a gridiron. Meat, when warmed over,

should be on the fire just long enough to get well heated through--if on

the fire long, most of the juices of the meat will be extracted, and

render it very indigestible. Cold fowls are nice jointed, and warmed

with a little water, then taken up, and fried in butter till brown. A

little flour should be sprinkled on them before frying. Thicken the

water that the fowls were warmed in--add a little salt, pepper, and

butter, and turn it over the fowls.

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