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Warwickshire Pudding

(Puddings.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

Butter a pint-and-a-half tart-dish, lay in it a layer of light bread,

cut thin, on this sprinkle a portion of two ounces of shred suet, and of

one ounce of lemon candied-peel, chopped very fine. Fill the dish

lightly with layers of bread, sprinkling over each a little of the suet

and peel.

Boil a pint of milk with two ounces of sugar, pour it on two eggs,

beaten for a minute, and add it to the pudding just before putting it

into the oven; a little of Nelson's Essence of Lemon or Almonds may be

added to the custard. Bake the pudding in a very slow oven for an hour.

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