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(Cheese) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Melt one tablespoon of butter, add two cups finely cut American cheese,
when it melts add one-half cup of milk or stale beer, keep stirring
until it is smooth. Add one-half teaspoon of English mustard, two beaten
eggs. Cook one minute longer and salt to taste. Serve on toast.

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From MRS. MARY S. LOCKWOOD, of District of Columbia, Lady
Beat four fresh eggs slightly with two tablespoonfuls of cream; season
with pepper and salt; put a tablespoonful of butter in the chafing
dish, and when very hot pour in the egg; scrape up rapidly from all
parts of the pan the cooked egg, letting the liquid portion follow the
knife. It takes from forty to sixty seconds to cook it, then slip the
knife under the left edge and fold the omelet over quickly and
lightly. Serve on a hot dish.

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Welsh Rarebit


Allow for each person one egg, one tablespoonful of grated cheese, one

half teaspoonful of butter, one saltspoon of salt, and a few grains of

cayenne. Cook like custard until smooth. Spread on toast and serve at


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Welsh Rarebit


Select richest and best American cheese, (Canadian will do), the milder

the better, as melting brings out strength. To make five rarebits take

one pound cheese grate and put in the saucepan; add ale (old is best)

enough to thin the cheese sufficiently, say about a wine glassful to

each rarebit. Place over the fire, stir until it is melted. Have ready a

slice of toast for each rarebit (crusts trimmed); put a slice on each

plate, and pour cheese enough over each piece to cover it. Serve at



A "Golden Buck" is merely the addition of a poached egg which is put

carefully on top of rarebit.

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How To Make A Welsh Rarebit

First, make a round of hot toast, butter it, and cover it with thin

slices of cheese; put it before the fire until the cheese is melted,

then season with mustard, pepper, and salt, and eat the rarebit while


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Welsh Rarebit

One-fourth pound grated cheese, one-fourth cup cream or milk, one-half

teaspoonful mustard, one-half teaspoonful salt, a little cayenne pepper,

one egg, one teaspoonful butter, dry toast. Put cheese and milk or cream

in double boiler, mix mustard, salt and cayenne; add egg and beat well.

When cheese is melted, stir in mixture of dry ingredients and the egg,

then the butter, and cook until it thickens. Stir constantly. Pour it

over toast. Moderate heat and constant stirring, two important points.

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Spanish Welsh Rarebit

Fry in plenty of oil or butter or crisco a large sliced onion. When

onion is partly done, add a tin of tomato soup or a cupful of stewed

strained tomatoes. Cook for a little while together, then add half a

pound of sharp cheese, three or four pimentos, and a small tin of

mushrooms; also add a tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce. Cook all

together slowly for a while, then pour over toast or crackers. This is

also called "rinktum ditty."

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Welsh Rarebit

Half a pound of American cheese, two butter balls, two eggs, half a

teaspoonful of mustard, a saltspoonful of salt, a dash of cayenne

pepper, half a cup of milk and an even saltspoonful of soda. Cut the

cheese fine, melt the butter in a chafing dish or spider, stir the

mustard, salt and pepper with it, then add the cheese and milk; when the

cheese is dissolved add the eggs slightly beaten and stir until it

thickens. Serve on toast.

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Welsh Rarebit

This is another good dish for an evening supper. Crumble half a pound of

grated cheese, and put in a chafing-dish or a double boiler. Season with

half a teaspoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of prepared mustard and a

dash of red pepper. When it begins to melt, stir constantly, and as soon

as it begins to look the least bit "stringy," pour in slowly a quarter

of a cup of cream and one beaten egg. As this blends, add a teaspoonful

of butter, cook until smooth, and serve immediately on rounds of hot

toast or square soda crackers.

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