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White Icing

(Cake) - (The Community Cook Book)

Four cups sugar, one-half teaspoonful cream of tartar, one-half

teaspoonful baking powder, one cup hot water, whites of four eggs, juice

of one-half lemon. Mix sugar, cream of tartar and baking powder. Add

water and let boil. Do not stir. Beat whites of eggs, standing in a pan

of hot water. Add boiling syrup, a spoonful at a time, slowly, until

half has been added. Put in lemon juice and beat hard, letting the rest

of the syrup boil until it looks thick. Then pour it into mixture,

beating hard. Set in pan over hot water until it will stand alone when

dropped from spoon. If not thick enough, beat and steam again; if too

thick, add boiling water and steam more.

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White Icing Uncooked

Two tablespoonfuls milk or cream, enough confectioner's sugar to make a

thick paste and half dozen drops of vanilla. In spreading, if the icing

does not go on as smoothly as desired the silver knife used for

spreading can occasionally be dipped in a glass of cold water.

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