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White Quince Marmalade

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Pare and quarter the quinces, and put as much water as will cover them;

boil them all to pieces to make jelly, and run it through a jelly-bag.

Take a pound of quinces, quarter them, and cut out all the hard parts;

pare them, and to a pound of fruit put a pound and a half of finely

beaten sugar and half a pint of water. Let it boil till very clear; keep

stirring it, and it will break as you wish it. When the sugar is boiled

very thick, almost to a candy, put in half a pint of jelly, and let it

boil very fast till it becomes a jelly. Take it off the fire, and put in

juice of lemon; skim it well, and put it into pots or glasses.

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