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White Soup No 1

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take two chickens; skin them; take out the lungs and wash them

thoroughly; put them in a stewpan with some parsley. Add a quart of veal

jelly, and stew them in this for one hour over a very slow fire. Then

take out the chickens, and put a penny roll to soak in the liquor; take

all the flesh of the chickens from the bones, and pound it in a mortar,

with the yolk of three eggs boiled hard. Add the bread (when soaked

enough) and pound it also with them; then rub the whole finely through a

sieve. Add a quart more jelly to the soup, and strain it through a

sieve; then put the chicken to the soup. Set a quart of cream on the

fire till it boils, stirring it all the time; when ready to serve, pour

that into the soup and mix it well together. Have ready a little

vermicelli, boiled in a little weak broth, to throw into the soup, when

put into the terrine.

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