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White Soup No 2

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Have good stock made of veal and beef; then take about a pound of veal,

and the like quantity of ham, cut both into thin slices, and put them

into a stewpan, with a pint of water and two onions cut small. Set it on

the fire and stew it down gently, till it is quite dry, and of a rather

light brown colour; then add the stock, and let it all stew till the

veal and ham are quite tender. Strain it off into the stewpot; add a

gill or more of cream, some blanched rice boiled tender, the quantity to

your own judgment, the yolks of six eggs beaten up well with a little

new milk: let the soup be boiling hot before the eggs are added, which

put to it by degrees, keeping it stirring over a slow fire. Serve it

very hot: to prevent curdling, put the soup-pot into a large pot of

boiling water, taking care that not the least drop of water gets in, and

so make it boiling hot.

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