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White Walnuts

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take nuts that are neither too large nor too small; peel them to the

white, taking off all the green with care, and throw them into pump

water as you peel them; let them soak one night. Boil them quick in fair

water, throwing in a handful or two of alum in powder, according to the

quantity, that they may be very white. When boiled, put them in fresh

water, and take them out again in a minute; lay them on a dry cloth to

dry, and lard them with preserved citron; then put them in the syrup you

have made for the purpose, while they were larding, and let them soak

two or three days before you boil them quite; the syrup must be very

clear. One hundred walnuts make about three pounds of sweetmeats.

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