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White Weak And Blue Fish

(Fish, Fresh And Dried) - (Cookery For Little Girls)

White fish, weak fish, blue fish and similar kinds I like best when

large enough to have the bones first removed and the fish then spread,

skin down, on a wire broiler, or an oak plank. Spread with a little

butter and seasoned with pepper and salt, it may be cooked in a gas

stove or before a hot fire. This will take from twenty to thirty

minutes. When thoroughly done and browned on top, garnish with roses of

mashed potato, lemon or parsley, and serve immediately,--right on the

plank if desired. Any left over can be picked into small pieces, and

worked up with an equal amount of cold mashed potato, into cakes, to be

fried for breakfast.

There are many kinds of smoked and canned fish that make specially

appetizing dishes for breakfast or luncheon. They should always be kept

in the house, with other shelf supplies, and will prove "a friend in


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