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Wine Jelly

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

On two ounces of isinglass and one ounce of hartshorn shavings pour one

pint of boiling water; let it stand a quarter of an hour covered close;

then add two quarts of water, and boil it well till the isinglass is

dissolved; add a pint of dry wine, sugar to your taste, four lemons, and

the whites of seven eggs well beaten. Boil it quick, and keep it

stirring all the time; then pour it through a jelly-bag, and strain it

two or three times till quite clear.

Other Recipes

Arrowroot Wine Jelly

Wet two heaping teaspoons of arrowroot with a little cold water, stir it

into a cup of boiling water in which has been dissolved 2 teaspoons of

white sugar. Stir while it boils ten minutes. Add one tablespoon of

brandy, or three of sherry. Put into a mould and serve cold with custard

as a sauce. This is very nice for invalids, omitting the sauce.

Other Recipes

Wine Jelly

Two pounds sugar, one pint pale sherry, one pint cold water, one

package Cox's gelatine, juice of two lemons, one quart boiling water,

small stick cinnamon. Soak the gelatine in cold water one hour, add

to this sugar, lemon, cinnamon, and pour over all the boiling water,

stirring until gelatine is dissolved. Put in the wine last. Strain

through flannel bag without squeezing. Wet mould with cold water and

pour in the jelly; set on ice to cool.--Mrs. Werner.

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