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(Passover Dishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

One cup of white wine, half a cup of water, grated peel of lemon,
teaspoon of potato flour wet with cold water, add the yolks of two eggs,
stirring constantly; when thick, add the beaten whites and serve.

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Take one-half cup of white wine and one and one-half cups of water, put
on to boil in double boiler and in the meantime beat up the yolks of two
eggs very light, with two teaspoons of white sugar, some grated nutmeg
or three small pieces of cinnamon bark, or the grated rind of half a
lemon, and add a teaspoon of flour to this gradually. When perfectly
smooth add the boiling wine, pouring very little at a time and stirring
constantly. Return to boiler and stir until the spoon is coated.

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Melt one tablespoon of butter in a saucepan, stir in one tablespoon of
flour, then add one-half cup of cold water, stirring constantly until
smooth. Then add one cup of white wine, one ounce of chopped citron.
Remove from fire, let cool, flavor with one teaspoon each of pistache
and vanilla. If desired, one teaspoon of red Curaçao or Maraschino
liquor can be added for flavoring.

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Fillet Of Haddock With Wine Sauce

Remove skin from a small piece of haddock, put in a buttered baking

pan, pour over it one teaspoon melted butter, one tablespoon white

wine, and a few drops, each, of lemon juice and onion juice. Cover and

bake. Remove to serving dish, and to liquor in pan add one tablespoon

cream and one egg yolk slightly beaten. Season with salt and pepper.

Strain over fish, and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.

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Wine Sauce For Venison Or Mutton

Warm half a pint of the drippings, or liquor the meat was boiled in--mix

a couple of tea spoonsful of scorched flour with a little water, and

stir it in when the gravy boils. Season it with salt, pepper, and

cloves--stir a table spoonful of currant jelly in, and just before you

take it from the fire, half a tumbler of wine. Many people prefer melted

currant jelly to any other sauce for venison or mutton.

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