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(Receipts For Invalids.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Set on the fire in a saucepan a pint of milk, when it boils, pour in
as much white wine as will turn it into curds, boil it up, let the
curds settle, strain off, and add a little boiling water, and sweeten
to taste.

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How To Make White Wine Whey

Put a pint of milk into a very clean saucepan or skillet, to boil on the

fire; then add half a gill of any kind of white wine; allow the milk to

boil up, then pour it into a basin, and allow it to stand in a cool

place, that the curd may fall to the bottom of the basin; then pour off

the whey--which is excellent as an agent to remove a severe cough or


Other Recipes

Wine Whey

Stir into a pint of boiling milk a couple of glasses of wine. Let it

boil a minute, then take it from the fire, and let it remain till the

curd has settled--then turn off the whey, and sweeten it with white


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