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Winter Cream Cheese

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take twenty quarts of new milk warm from the cow; strain it into a tub;

have ready four quarts of good cream boiled to put to it, and about a

quart of spring water, boiling hot, and stir all well together; put in

your earning, and stir it well in; keep it by the fire till it is well

come. Then take it gently into a sieve to whey it, and after that put it

into a vat, either square or round, with a cheese-board upon it, of two

pounds weight at first, which is to be increased by degrees to six

pounds; turn it into dry cloths two or three times a day for a week or

ten days, and salt it with dry salt, the third day. When you take it out

of the vat, lay it upon a board, and turn and wipe it every other day

till it is dry. It is best to be made as soon as the cows go into fog.

The cheeses are fit to eat in Lent, sometimes at Christmas, according to

the state of the ground.

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