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(Sweets And Cakes) - (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste)

Ingredients: Eggs, sugar, Marsala, Maraschino or other light-coloured

liqueur, sponge fingers.

Zabajone is a kind of syllabub. It is made with Marsala and Maraschino,

or Marsala and yellow Chartreuse. Reckon the quantities as follows: for

each person the yolks of three eggs, one teaspoonful of castor sugar to

each egg, and a wine-glass of wine and liqueur mixed. Whip up the yolks

of the eggs with the sugar, then gradually add the wine. Put this in

a bain-marie, and stir until it has thickened to the consistency of a

custard. Take care, however, that it does not boil. Serve hot in custard

glasses, and hand sponge fingers with it.

Other Recipes

Hot Zabajone

Beat well together the yolks of six eggs, and half a cup of sugar.
Heat in a double saucepan, being careful to stir only one way. Place
in a strainer the shaved peel of three oranges. Through this
pour slowly into the eggs a quart of champagne (white wine may be
substituted), and allow the mixture to thicken. Serve hot in champagne

Other Recipes

Frozen Zabajone

Mix the same as for hot zabajone, adding another half cup of sugar
and a tablespoonful of orange juice. When it is cold half freeze in a
freezer. Then remove and place in paper cases or moulds, on the ice.

Other Recipes

Iced Zabajone

Ingredients: Eggs, castor sugar, Marsala, cinnamon, lemon, stick

vanilla, rum, Maraschino, butter, ice.

Mix the yolks of ten eggs, two dessert-spoonsful of castor sugar, and

three wine-glasses of Marsala, add half a stick of vanilla, a small bit

of whole cinnamon, and the peel of half a lemon cut into slices.

Whip this up lightly over a slow fire until it is nearly boiling and

slightly frothy; then remove it, take out the cinnamon, vanilla, and

lemon pool, and whip up the rest for a minute or two away from the fire.

Add a tablespoonful of Maraschino and one of rum, and, if you like, a

small quantity of dissolved isinglass. Stir up the whole, pour it into a

silver souffle dish, and put it on ice. Serve with sponge cakes or iced


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