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(Coffee Cakes (kuchen)) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Scald one-half cup of milk and when lukewarm add to one cake of
compressed yeast. Add one-fourth cup of sugar, one-fourth cup of melted
butter, one-half teaspoon of salt and three eggs unbeaten, one-half
teaspoon of powdered anise and enough flour to handle. Let rise until
light. Make into oblong rolls the length of middle finger and place
together in a buttered pan in parallel rows, two inches apart. Let rise
again and bake twenty minutes. When cold, cut in one-half inch slices
and brown evenly in the oven.

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Beat the yolks of six eggs with one and one-eighth cups of sugar, add
one-half box of zwieback, which has been rolled very fine, add one
teaspoon of baking-powder, season with one tablespoon of rum or sherry
wine and one-half teaspoon of bitter almond extract. Lastly fold in the
stiffly-beaten whites of the six eggs and bake in ungreased form in
moderate oven three-quarters of an hour.

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Take the yolks of five eggs, one-half pound of sugar, one tablespoon of
water, vanilla, one-half pound of flour, one teaspoon of baking-powder,
one-half of five cents worth anise seeds, and the beaten whites of the
eggs. Butter square tins and bake. When cooled cut in strips one inch
wide and toast on both sides.

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