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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

2 cups milk.
1 heaped cup soft A sugar.
1/2 cup butter and lard.
1 egg.
1 Fleischman's yeast cake.
These German Coffee Cakes should be set to rise either early in the
morning or the night before being baked. Scald 2 cups sweet milk and
set aside to cool. Cream together in a bowl 1 heaped cup of A sugar,
1/2 cup butter and lard and the yolk of egg. Add this to the lukewarm
milk alternately with 6-1/2 cups flour and the yeast cake dissolved in
1/3 cup lukewarm water. Beat all together, and, lastly, add the
stiffly-beaten white of egg. Cover and set in a warm place to rise
over night, or, if set to rise in the morning, stand about 2-1/2 hours
until light. Put an extra cup of flour on the bake-board, take out
large spoonfuls of the dough, mix in just enough flour to roll out
into flat cakes, spread on well-greased pie tins, stand in a warm
place until light, about 1-1/4 hours. When the cakes are ready for the
oven, brush melted butter over the top, strew thickly with brown
sugar, or spread rivels over top, composed of 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup
flour and 2 tablespoonfuls of butter, crumbled together. Strew these
over the cakes just before placing them in the oven of range.

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