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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Early in the morning 1 cup of oatmeal porridge, left over from that
which had been cooked for breakfast, was placed in a bowl and added
gradually 2 cups of scalded, luke-warm milk, 1 tablespoon of a mixture
of lard and butter, 1/4 cup New Orleans molasses and one Fleischman's
yeast cake, dissolved in a little of the milk; stir in about 3 cups of
bread flour and stand in a warm place about 1-1/4 hours to rise; then
add 3-1/2 cups more of bread flour and 1 teaspoonful of salt. Stir
well with a spoon, and pour into three small bread tins; let rise,
when well-risen, bake about 3/4 of an hour in a moderately hot oven.
This is a delicious and wholesome bread and no kneading is necessary.
1-1/2 cups of the cooked oatmeal might be used, then use less white
bread flour when mixing.

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