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Hungarian Stewed Pigeons.
Cut 1 pound of cooked veal in very small pieces; add 1 herring that
has been soaked in milk, 3 cooked potatoes, 2 pickles,

Flour Them And Mask Them All Over With Pasta Marinate Fry

them in butter over a slow fire, so that the balls may be well cooked

through, and when they are the right c

Prune And Raisin Pie
Use one-half pound of prunes, cooked until soft enough to remove the
stones. Mash with a fork and add the juice in which t

6 Ham And Asparagus

Take equal quantities of cooked asparagus, cut into bits, and cold

cooked ham cut into small c

Beet And Cauliflower Salad
Take some thin slices of cooked beets, some cold cooked potatoes, some
cold cooked cauliflower, and a little chopped parsl

Lyonnaise Potatoes

If the mother prefers, she can have the child take these little balls

(peeled after they are c

Aunt Sarah's "schnitz And Knopf"
This is an old-fashioned "Pennsylvania German" favorite. The end of a
ham bone, containing a very little meat, was placed


This is a very popular dish among the Mohammedans. Kabobs are usually

cooked by the roadside a

Scrambled Eggs With Dried Beef
Break eggs into bowl, season with salt and pepper and pour into hot,
frying pan in which butter has been melted. Cook over

Cooked Vegetable Salad

Small quantities of cooked vegetables, such as beets, string beans,

asparagus, peas and boiled

Brussels Artichokes
Beat up three eggs, to which add one tablespoonful of grated cheese,
pepper, and salt, and mix thoroughly. Butter an omele

Roast Veal

(Arrosto di vitella)

Choose for that milk veal that is to be found all the year

No. 81. Scalopini Di Riso (beef With Risotto)
Ingredients: Rump steak, butter, rice, truffles, tongue, stock,
Slightly stew a bit of rump steak with b

Scalopini Di Riso Beef With Risotto

Ingredients: Rump steak, butter, rice, truffles, tongue, stock,


Steamed Artichokes

(Carciofi a vapore)

Artichokes have been only recently imported to the United St


Beans are a nice winter vegetable, but cooked with pork as "baked

beans," are too strong for d

Chicken Saute

Put any of the meat of the breast or of the wings without bone into a

frying-pan with a little

Marrowfat Beans Baked

Pick over carefully and wash one quart of beans, soak in water over

night. In the morning drai

Florendine Pie
To 2 apples, cooked soft and mashed fine (after having been pared and
cored) add the yolk of one egg (well beaten) one min

Egyptian Salad.
Mix 2 dozen cooked oysters with 3 truffles, and 2 cooked potatoes cut
into shreds; season with salt and pepper. Add all ki

Curried Haricot Beans

Another way.

1 pint sauce superbe.

1 onion sliced and fried.

Eggs should be kept in cool places. If a recipe calls for just the white

of an e

Hard Boiled Eggs
Eggs to be hard boiled should be carefully placed in boiling water
and cooked 15 minutes from the time the water commences

Madras Baked Fish.
Parboil a cabbage in salted water; drain and stuff with chopped cooked
mutton. Mix with chopped ham, 1 onion and 2 sprigs

Russian Fish-roll.
Peel some carrots and cut in small pieces. Boil in salted water until
tender; drain. Brown 1 tablespoonful of flour in 2 t


Cook ears of corn five minutes in boiling water. Then cut through the

center of each row of gr

Flemish Sauce
This is fillets of herring, laid in a bowl with slices of apple,
beetroot, cold potatoes, and cold cooked sprouts, covered

Leg Of Mutton

(Cosciotto di castrato arrosto)

Before cooking see that several days elapse afte

Lamb Omelet

(Agnello in frittata)

Cut in little pieces a loin of lamb, which is the part tha

Kidneys With Madeira
A dish that I have done for those who like curry flavoring is the
following. Take any cold cooked vegetables, and cutting

Scotch Broth
2 quarts of the Liquor in which Mutton has been cooked


1 oz. Rice

1 Carrot

Cautions Relative To The Use Of Brass And Copper Cooking Utensils

Cleanliness has been aptly styled the cardinal virtue of cooks. Food is

more healthy, as well

New England Salad

Dress flowerets of cold, cooked cauliflower with oil, salt, pepper and

vinegar. From cold, coo

The ordinary muffin recipes, which are always about alike, no matter what
flour is used, may have added to them a cup of w

No. 46. Baccala Alla Giardiniera (cod)
Ingredients: Cod or hake, carrots, turnips, butter, herbs.
Boil a piece of cod or hake and break it up into flakes, then

Baccala Alla Giardiniera Cod

Ingredients: Cod or hake, carrots, turnips, butter, herbs.

Boil a piece of cod o

4 ears of left-over cooked corn
1 egg
2 tablespoonfuls of milk
1 tablespoonful of melted butter
1/2 cupf

Soles Or Smelts Cooked With MaÎtre D'hotel Sauce
From MISS LIDA M. RUSSELL, of Nevada, Lady Manager.
Two large onions, sliced and fried with one cup of finely chopped salt

Beefsteaks Plain

When you happen to have a clear fire, the steaks may be cooked on a

gridiron over the fire; th

Egg Cutlets

Heaping tablespoonful of butter. When hot, stir in two heaping

tablespoonfuls flour, one-half

No. 35. A Condiment For Seasoning Minestre, &c.
Ingredients: Onions, celery, carrots, butter, salt, stock,
tomatoes, mushrooms.
Cut up an onion, a stick of celery,

A Condiment For Seasoning Minestre

Ingredients: Onions, celery, carrots, butter, salt, stock, tomatoes,



Scrambled Eggs With Sausage
Take one pound of cold, boiled sausage, skin and slice in half-inch
pieces. Place in a frying-pan with two tablespoons of

To Boil Eggs

They should be put into boiling water, and if you wish to have them

soft, boil them only three

No. 111. Bodini Marinati
Ingredients: Veal forcemeat, truffles, sweetbread, mushrooms,
herbs, flour, pasta marinate (No. 17), tongue, butter.

Scalloped Fish, No. 2
Butter a dish, place in a layer of cold cooked fish, sprinkle with bread
crumbs, parsley, salt, butter and pepper; repeat.

Chocolate Sauce, No. 2
Scald two cups of milk, add two tablespoons of cornstarch diluted with
one-half cup of cold milk, and cook ten minutes ove

Apple And Quince Conserve
A novelty for the preserve closet and one that is very good is made from
ripe apples and quinces. Use one peck of juicy co

Insalata Di Patate Potato Salad

Ingredients: New potatoes, oil, white vinegar, onions, parsley,

tarragon, chervil, celery, cre

Corn Meal With Sausages

(Polenta con salsicce)

Cook in water one cup of yellow cornmeal making a stiff m

Hungarian Goulash
Have two pounds of beef cut into one inch squares. Dredge in flour and
fry until brown. Cover with water and simmer for tw


Beat the eggs to a froth, and to a dozen of eggs put three ounces of

finely minced boiled ham,


Rice has been cultivated from time immemorial. While not so valuable a

food as some of the oth

Sweet Corn
Sweet corn on the cob should be cooked as soon as possible after
taking it from stalk, as after being removed it soon lose

Japanese Eggs.
Remove the bones from a large cooked fish and chop to a fine mince.
Mix with 2 beaten eggs, 2 tablespoonfuls of cream, 1 t

Risotto Milanaise

(Risotto alla Milanese)

Melt a small piece of butter in a saucepan. Brown in the

No. 60. Sogliole In Zimino (sole)
Ingredients: Sole, onion, beetroot, butter, celery, tomato sauce
or white wine.
Cut up a small onion and fry it sli

Sogliole In Zimino Sole

Ingredients: Sole, onion, beetroot, butter, celery, tomato sauce or

white wine.


No. 152. Coniglio Arrostito Alla Corradino (roast Rabbit)
Ingredients: Rabbit, pig's fry, butter, salt, pepper, fennel, bay
leaf, onions.
Make a stuffing of pig's fry (prev

Coniglio Arrostito Alla Corradino Roast Rabbit

Ingredients: Rabbit, pig's fry, butter, salt, pepper, fennel, bay leaf,



Spinach Salad

Drain and finely chop one-fourth cup cooked spinach. Season with salt,

pepper, lemon juice, an

Turnips Carrots

Such winter vegetables as turnips, carrots and parsnips should be well

washed, peeled, cut in

Cooked Lettuce
Clean a bunch of asparagus and cook it in salt water for fifteen minutes.
To do this successfully, tie the bunch round wit

Vegetable Soup
Put half a pound of dry green peas to soak overnight in water, with a
teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda in it. In the mor


Vegetables should be cooked in as little water as possible; the better

way is to steam them. S

Rice Croquettes (and Lemon Sauce)
Boil 1 cup of well-washed rice in 6 or 8 cups of rapidly-boiling
water, until tender. The rice, when cooked and drained, s

Cheap Fish Dinners

I have already spoken of the value of fish as strengthening food, and in

support of what I say

Kidney Saute

(Rognoni saltati)

Take one large kidney, or two or three small kidneys, open the

No. 82. Tenerumi Alla Piemontese (tendons Of Veal)
Ingredients: Tendons of veal, fowl forcemeat, truffles, risotto
(No. 190), a cock's comb, tongue.
Tendons of veal a

Tenerumi Alla Piemontese Tendons Of Veal

Ingredients: Tendons of veal, fowl forcemeat, truffles, risotto (No.

190), a cock's comb, tong

Croquettes Of Cold, Cooked Fish
Shred or flake cold, cooked fish, which has been carefully picked from
bones. To 2 cups of fish add an equal amount of mas

No. 139. Cappone Con Riso (capon With Rice)
Ingredients: Capon, veal forcemeat, fat bacon, stock, rice,
truffles, mushrooms, cocks' combs, kidneys or fowls' liver, s

Cappone Con Riso Capon With Rice

Ingredients: Capon, veal forcemeat, fat bacon, stock, rice, truffles,

mushrooms, cocks' combs,

Put on one three-pound chicken to boil in six quarts cold water. Take
one and one-half or two pounds of beef and the same

Eggs Steamed In The Shell
Eggs put into hot water and kept away from the fire are much better
than eggs actually boiled for only a short time. The g

Kohl-rabi is fine flavored and delicate, if cooked when very young and
tender. It should be used when it has a diameter of

Curried Stuffed Eggplant

Make a curry mince as for No. 9. See that when the meat is cooked there

is plenty of liquid. T

Baked Cabbage
A half head of cabbage was cut into small pieces and cooked in hot
salted water until cabbage was tender. The water was dr

Apples Stewed Whole

Take some nice, tart cooking apples, pare and put them into a saucepan

with the juice of two l

Cherry Soup
This soup is a summer soup and is to be eaten cold. Cook two tablespoons
of sago in one cup of boiling water until tender,

Creamed Cauliflower

One pint cooked cauliflower, one pint milk, one teaspoonful salt,

one-third teaspoonful pepper

Eggs Stuffed With Mushrooms

Boil half a dozen eggs hard; when done pour cold water over them, shell

and cut in half length

The Advantages Of The Fireless Cooker

One of the advantages of the fireless cooker has been mentioned--the

small amount of cooking o

Cookery Of Meat.
The principal methods of cooking meat are roasting, baking, boiling,
stewing, broiling, braising, and frying. Of these met

Haricot Beans With Eggs

3 tablespoons cooked haricot beans.

3 tablespoons liquor from ditto.

1 tabl

Serve Hot.
Short ribs of beef may be cooked in the same manner.

Black Fish

Are the best boiled or fried--they will do to broil, but are not so good

as cooked in any othe

"stirred" Oatmeal Bread
Early in the morning 1 cup of oatmeal porridge, left over from that
which had been cooked for breakfast, was placed in a b

Mock Duck
Take the tenderloin, lay it flat on a board after removing the fat. Make
a stuffing as for poultry. See "To Stuff Poultry"

Dumplings To Serve With Sauer Kraut
For these dumplings, 1 egg was broken into a bowl and well beaten.
Then a pinch of salt was added and 1/2 cup of sweet mil

Pig's Kidneys May Be Cooked In The Same Manner And Enough Can Be Bought

for ten cents to make a good sized dish.

Kidneys Sautes

Like many other articles of diet, kidneys within the last ten years have

been doubled in price

Insalata Alla Navarino Salad

Ingredients: Peas, bean onions, potatoes, tarragon, chives, parsley,

tomatoes, anchovies, oil,

To Boil Cabbage
Cut a small head of cabbage into four parts, cutting down through the
stock. Soak for half an hour in a pan of cold water

Aunt Sarah's Spiced Pears
Bartlett pears may be used, pared and cut in halves and core and seeds
removed, or small sweet Seckel pears may be pared.

Savoury Rissoles

4 ounces mashed potatoes.

4 ounces cooked greens of any kind.

4 ounces cook

Risotto Alla Genovese

Ingredients: Rice, beef or veal, onions, parsley, butter, stock,

Parmesan, sweetbread or sheep


Different kinds of steak need to be cooked in different ways.

Tenderloin, porterhouse, and sir

Crimson Creamed Beets
Cut all except two inches from the tops of beets. Scrub thoroughly
with a vegetable brush, then pour scalding water over b

No. 13. Neapolitan Anchovy Sauce
Ingredients: Anchovies, fennel, flour, spices, parsley, marjoram,
garlic, lemon juice, vinegar, cream.
Wash three a

Neapolitan Anchovy Sauce

Ingredients: Anchovies, fennel, flour, spices, parsley, marjoram,

garlic, lemon juice, vinegar

If the fruit is ripe it may be treated exactly the same as peaches. If,
on the other hand, it is rather hard it must be co


Wash and scrape until clean, and cook until tender. When cooked, put

into hot dish, sprinkle w

No. 143. Fagiano Alla Perigo (pheasant)
Ingredients: Pheasant, butter, truffles, larding bacon, Madeira.
Make a mixture of three tablespoonsful of chopped truffl

Fagiano Alla Perigo Pheasant

Ingredients: Pheasant, butter, truffles, larding bacon, Madeira.

Make a mixture

To four quarts of pared, cored and quartered quinces take one and
one-half quarts of sugar and two quarts of water.

Trout Alpine

(Trota all'alpigiana)

These are many ways to prepare this delicious fish, found

Importance Of Peas Beans And Lentils

Before giving you receipts for cooking peas, beans, and lentils, I want

to show you how import

No. 70. Salmone Alla Francesca (salmon)
Ingredients: Salmon, butter, onions, parsley, salt, pepper,
nutmeg, stock, Chablis, Espagnole sauce (No.1) mushrooms, anc

Salmone Alla Francesca Salmon

Ingredients: Salmon, butter, onions, parsley, salt, pepper, nutmeg,

stock, Chablis, Espagnole

Soup Of Green Peas No 1

Take from a pint of green peas two heaping tablespoonfuls and set aside.

Put the rest in a sau

Pepper Salad
Cut the peppers lengthwise in half, and fill with a mixture of flaked,
cold cooked fish and minced celery, mixed with mayo

Chicken Cooked
Chop fine the dark meat left over from timbales, add a half can of finely
chopped mushrooms, a teaspoonful of salt, a half

If lettuce has grown until rather too old for salad, it may be cooked,
and makes a fairly palatable dish.

Egg Salad

Prepare egg same as for Egg Salad I, adding to yolk an equal amount of

chopped cooked chicken

Peaches And Pears

These fruits have the high esteem of many people in warm and temperate

climates. The peach is



Although roast-beef is not an Italian dish, still it is prepared in a<

"an Old Recipe" For Chicken Salad
Two dressed chickens were cooked tender. When cold, meat was removed
from bones and cut in dice (not too fine). Cut half t

Preserved Quinces
The quince that comes first into the market is likely to be wormy and
corky, and harder to cook than the better ones. It r


This is very good when well cooked, and may be simply boiled until done

in salted water, and s

Stew With Dumplings
A tough cut of meat may be first browned in fat, then cooked in small
amount of water either in oven or in iron kettle on

Pilaf (russian Style)
Follow recipe below but substitute cooked lamb for the chicken, and add
chicken livers fried and cut in small pieces.

Bucks County Apple Butter
A genuine old-fashioned recipe for apple butter, as "Aunt Sarah" made
it at the farm. A large kettle holding about five ga

Sweet Potatoes
Cold boiled potatoes may be cut into slices and cooked in milk in a double
boiler until the whole is thoroughly heated; se

Cooked Dressing
For twenty-five persons, chop sufficient hard white cabbage to make two
quarts. Cover it with cold water, let it soak for

Haricot Bean Souffle

1/2 pound cooked haricot beans.

1 large onion.

1 teaspoon mixed herbs.


Chop fresh pork very fine, the lean and fat together, (there should be

rather more of the lean

How To Make Cream Soups
Cream soups are all made by blending two tablespoons of butter with two
tablespoons of flour and then adding slowly one cu

Green Corn Cakes
6 ears of cold cooked corn
4 eggs
1 level tablespoonful of butter, melted
1 cupful of milk
1 teaspoonful

Yorkshire Pudding
This is to be served with roast beef, and it should be baked in the
pan of drippings in which the beef has cooked. Mix a c

Bean Salad. Mrs. W. E. Thomas.
Cold cooked stringed beans, drained and dressed with a simple oil and
vinegar dressing, or mayonnaise, make an excellent s

Savoury Haricots On Toast

1 pint water.

1/2 pint soaked haricot beans.

1 tablespoon cream or milk.
Pear Salad

Arrange either fresh or cooked pears on lettuce leaves, and pour over

pears sweet cream dressi

Baked Macaroni And Cheese
Put 2 cups or 1/2 pound of macaroni (either the long sticks broken in
pieces or the "elbow" macaroni, as preferred) in a k

Veal Cutlets In White Sauce

Cut six or seven cutlets, about half-an-inch thick, from a neck of veal,

braise them in half-a

Polenta With Sausages

(Polenta colle salsicce)

The polenta is a very popular dish in Northern Italy an

Hungarian Goulash
2 pounds top round of beef.
1 onion.
A little flour.
2 bay leaves.
2 ounces salt pork.
6 whole clo

Frau Schmidt's "old Recipe For Schnitz And Knopf"
Place a cook pot on the range, containing the end piece of a small
ham; partly cover with water. This should be done about

Chicken Terrapin No 3

Boil chicken in salted water. 1 quart of cold cooked chicken cut into

dice; cooked livers of 1

Vegetables--white Potatoes
Potatoes are one of the most valuable of vegetables. White potatoes,
after being pared, should be put in a stew-pan over t

Frijoles Fritos

A pint of beans cooked as in recipe for Bayo or Mexican Beans No. 1. Rub

them smooth in a mort

Scotch Pudding.
Mix cold boiled rice with the juice and rind of a lemon, 1 cup of
sugar and 1/2 glass of fine rum; then press into a mold.


While most people prefer apples cooked in some form, they are very good

and wholesome when eat

Jerusalem Artichoke
This vegetable is in season in the fall and spring, and may be cooked
like kohl-rabi and served in a white cream or sauce.

Pumpkin Pie. Mrs. C. C. Stoltz.
Two tablespoonfuls of cooked pumpkin, one egg, one-half cup of sugar,
one-half pint of milk, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste,

Quince Honey

Four quinces, three apples grated raw, four pounds sugar and one pint

water cooked together, t

Dutch Herrings
(Cabillaud meunier)
Cut your cod in slices, and roll them in flour. Put them to fry in a good
piece of butter, addin

Wheat Cereals
Wheat cereals, like oatmeal, are best cooked by following the directions
on the package. Most of them are greatly improved

19 Onion Souffle

Cook 3 tablespoonfuls of flour in four of butter; add 1/2 a cup of

milk, season with salt and

Ham Souffle

Beat three eggs until very light, add one cup of Armour's Star Ham

(cooked and chopped), one h

Maize Or Indian Corn Meal

This native product is a strong and

nutritious food, and very economical; in addition to the o

Calf's Brains Fried
Clean as described in calf's brains cooked sour; wipe dry, roll in
rolled cracker flour, season with salt and pepper and f

While mutton belongs to the red meats, when carefully cooked it may be
used in many ways in which you would use chicken or

Pork Chops

Pork chops need to be thoroughly cooked, and after washing, I always

parboil ten minutes first

Boil two tablespoonfuls of rice and drain it as dry as possible. Have
ready a cupful of cooked fish of any sort broken int

Fried Eggs
Melt in a frying-pan a piece of butter, or fat for a meat meal. When
hot, drop in the eggs, one at a time, being careful n

Vegetable Soup. Mrs. J. S. Reed.
One-fourth head cabbage, three large onions, one turnip, three large
potatoes, two tablespoons cooked beans; boil all toge

Ingredients: Same As

When the breast of mutton has been stuffed and cooked as above, let it

get cold and then cut i

Marklose Balls
Take marrow from uncooked beef soup bones, enough to fill 2
tablespoons, cut fine, add 2 eggs, 1 teaspoonful grated onion

To Boil Rice


Have enough boiling water with a pinch of salt to more than cov

11 Sausage Rissoles

Mash a cupful of potato, make into a paste with a little butter and

flour. Roll out, cut in ro

The genuine Hamburg steaks are rich in onion and very rich in fatty
matter, too much so to be wholesome; so we will modify

Artichokes (french Or Globe)
French artichokes have a large scaly head, like the cone of a pine tree.
The flower buds are used before they open.

Banana CompÔte
Put a quart of milk to boil, and, when boiling, add half a pound of good
rice. When the rice is nearly cooked, add a penny

Learn How To Cook Season And Measure

Before beginning to give you receipts, I wish to tell you about the

effect of cooking food in

Peas With Onion Sauce

(Piselli alla francese)

The following recipe is good for one of fresh peas. Take

Stewed Shoulder Of Mutton
Fry the mutton very well. Then place in another pan sufficient water to
cover your mutton, adding pepper, salt, a little n

Belgian Rice Dessert.
Peel 5 potatoes and boil whole in salted water until tender. Drain,
let get cold, then grate them and mix with 4 eggs and

Spanish Rice.
Cut cooked veal into small pieces; season and moisten with a rich beef
gravy. Pour into a deep pie-dish. Then make a cover

Madras Curried Apples.
Clean a fat hen and cut into pieces at the joints; season and let stew
with 2 sliced onions, 2 carrots and 1 potato, cut i

12 Beef Ragout

Cut cold roast beef into large slices. Put it into a saucepan with 2

slices of onion, salt and

Pike With Egg Sauce
Clean the fish thoroughly, and wash it in hot water, wipe dry and salt
inside and out. If you heat the salt it will penetr

Roast Duck
Draw the duck; stuff, truss and roast the same as chicken. Serve with
giblet sauce and currant jelly. If small, the duck s

Corn Salad

Corn salad makes a most refreshing salad in winter and spring as a

substitute for lettuce. Ser

18 Fricadelles

Chop fine some cold cooked beef and a slice of onion; season with salt

and pepper, a little le

To Make "sauer Kraut"
Cut heads of cabbage in half, after trimming off outside leaves. Cut
out centres or hearts, cut cabbage fine on a regular

To Soft Boil Eggs

Cover the eggs with cold water in a saucepan, place over the fire, and

when the water comes to

22 Ham Canapes

Cut six slices of bread and toast to a golden brown. Put them on a

platter. Cover each piece w

Finnan Haddies From Delmonico's

1/2 pound of fish picked up and braized in butter and cooked in the

following sauce: 1 cup of

Deviled Chicken Legs
Chop fine the uncooked white meat of a chicken; this should weigh a half
pound. Then rub it with the back of a wooden spoo

23 Oyster Croquettes

Chop 1/2 a pt. of raw oysters and 1/2 a pt. of cooked veal very fine.

Soak 3 tablespoonfuls of

Squash Soup

To one quart of thoroughly cooked pumpkin or squash allow two quarts of

milk, plenty of butter

Swiss Fried Sweetbreads.
Take 1 pint of oatmeal; pour on enough cold water to cover; let stand
over night; strain and boil with a pinch of salt unt

19 Parmesan Fritters

Boil together 1/4 of a cup of water and 2 ozs. of butter, then shake in

2 ozs. of flour, stirr

Swiss Chard
This vegetable is a variety of beet in which the leaf stalk and midrib
have been developed instead of the root. It is cult

Russian Salad
There comes a time during the week, even in careful housekeeping, when
there is an accumulation of little things, a few ol

Roast Of Lamb

(Arrosto d'agnello)

Take a leg of lamb and season it with salt, pepper, oil and

Stuffed Poularde

After trussing the bird rub it with lemon so it will keep of good color;

now cover the breast

Macaroni A La Corinna

(Maccheroni alla Corinna)

Put on the fire a pot with two quarts of salted water

Omelet With Mushrooms

Make an omelet as in preceding recipe. Have a quarter of a pound of

fresh mushrooms chopped fi

Veal With Mushrooms, Or The Calf In Paradise
Take a calf's liver, lard it with fat bacon, braise it with the
_bourgeoise_ garnish--carrots and turnips. After it is coo

English Dumplings.
Mix highly seasoned cold cooked rice with some grated onion, chopped
parsley and chives; add 2 dozen fine cut French sardi

Brussels Carrots
is merely endive, washed and torn apart with red peppers added here and
there as well as the ordinary salad dressing.

The special point of this dish is that peas, beans, carrots in dice, are
all cooked separately and when they are cold they

Omelet With Tomatoes

A cup of tomatoes, the water drained from them, cooked and seasoned with

pepper and salt, a te

Cooked Sweet Potatoes Fried

Take several sweet potatoes cut in slices lengthwise, not too thin. Dip

each slice in melted b

Stewed Rice. Mrs. Edward E. Powers.
Take one-half cup of rice; wash it twice; cover with water two inches
above rice; cook dry; then cover with a cup or more

29 Potatoes Cooked In Stock

Pare and slice six large potatoes, put in a saucepan, cover with stock,

season, cook until pot

Pheasant A La Savarin
Place on the bottom of a roasting pan two slices of bread cut two
inches thick. Spread over this the pounded liver and hea

Pan Broiling Or Frying
The rules for roasting meat apply to broiling, except that instead of
cooking in the oven it is quickly browned, first on

24 Asparagus Salad

Boil a bunch of asparagus in rapid boiling salted water. When cooked put

on a dish to cool. Cu

Sauce For Ice Cream

To six figs add a pint of hot water. When they have cooked a short time,

add enough granulated

15 Fried Green Tomatoes

Slice green tomatoes in thin slices, roll in flour. Heat and butter the

griddle, fry the slice

Chopped Tongue Canapes

Chop cold, cooked tongue very fine; season it with two tablespoonfuls

of olive oil and a dusti

Boiling And Stewing
Put meat to be broiled or fried in very hot frying pan, with very
little or no fat. Turn every few minutes until cooked. S

Scalloped Fish, No. 1
Line a buttered baking-dish with cold flaked fish. Sprinkle with salt
and pepper; add a layer of cold cooked rice, dot wit

15 Oysters With Madeira Sauce

Into a saucepan put 2 tablespoonfuls of butter and 1 of flour, 1/2 a cup

of milk, a teaspoonfu

Imitation New Potatoes
Buy a potato cutter at a first-class hardware store, and with it cut the
potatoes to the size of a hickory nut, and then f

A Good Way To Cook Chicken. Mrs. R. H. Johnson.
Fricassee your chicken, taking care to brown the skin nicely; season
to taste. When done set by to cool; then remove all

Potage Leman
Mince some thick onions, five or six, and let them color over the fire in
butter. Add a dessert-spoonful of flour, sprinkl

Directions For Broiling Boiling And Frying Fish

Fish for boiling or broiling are the best the day after they are caught.

They should be cleane

Portugal Iced Pudding.
Beat 3 yolks of eggs with 1 cup of milk, a Salt-spoonful of salt, 1
tablespoonful of olive-oil and 1 tablespoonful of suga

English Pigeon Pie.
Boil a beef tongue until tender; take off the outer skin. Then rub
with butter and the beaten yolk of an egg; put in a bak

21 Mushroom Toasts

Fry rounds of bread crisp, and cover with the following: Mince 12 large

mushrooms fine, add pe

Cooked Cranberry Filling

Mix together three level tablespoonfuls of cornstarch, three-fourths a

teaspoonful of salt and

Potato Surprise
Take large potatoes, parboil without peeling, cut a small piece of one
end of the potato and scoop out the inside. Mince t

Potato Rusks. Mrs. E. S. Jordan.
Six good-sized potatoes cooked soft and then mashed, one-half cup
butter and one-half cup lard mixed, one cup sugar, one-h


Chop one cup cooked spinach drained as dry as possible. Season with

salt and pepper, press thr

4 French Omelet

For a very small omelet beat 2 whole eggs and the yokes of two more

until a full spoonful can

French Lettuce Salad.
Take 1 cup of boiled rice and mix with 3 beaten eggs. Then sift 1/2
cup of flour with 1 teaspoonful of baking-powder and a

Time Table
Most vegetables are better cooked the day they are gathered. Pick
over, wash and prepare them for cooking. Always cook veg

Chicken Soup, No. 2
Take the carcass of a cold, cooked chicken and break into small pieces.
Add one-half cup of chopped celery and one onion c

Aubergine Or Egg Plant
Take some young carrots, wash and brush them as tenderly as you would an
infant, then simmer them till tender in with pepp

Haddock A La Cardinal
Make a batter of a beaten egg, a dust of rice flour, pepper, salt and as
much cream as you can give. Roll out this batter

Macaroni Napolitaine

(Maccheroni alla Napoletana)

Grind 1/4 lb. salt pork or bacon and fry it out in

Rice Custard
Beat four eggs light with one cup of sugar. Add one cup of cooked rice,
two cups of sweet milk, juice and rind of one lemo

Hollandaise Sauce
1 tablespoon butter or fat in which meat was cooked
1 tablespoon flour
1 cup beef stock or boiling water

Chicken À La Max
Fry the pieces of rabbit, adding three onions, two medium potatoes, half
a glass of beer, a little water or stock, pepper

Turkish Stewed Lamb.
Mix 1 cup of cold chicken cut fine with 1 cup of chopped celery, 1 cup
of cooked chestnuts chopped and 2 green peppers cut

19 A Pretty Salad

Boil six young beets, and when cooked, scoop out the centres and fill

with asparagus tips whic

Peach Pudding. Mrs. J. H. Reed.
Fill a pudding dish with peaches, cooked and sweetened; pour over them
a batter made of one pint of sweet milk, four eggs,

Ragout Of Cold Meat
Roll some cooked sausage meat in mashed potatoes, making a roll for each
person. Brush the potatoes over with milk and put

Sausages In Batter

Batter No. 197.

Sausage mixture No. 102.

Well butter a baking t

Steamed Egg

Spread an individual earthen mould generously with butter. Season two

tablespoons chopped cook

Peas And Lima Beans

Peas and Lima beans, after being shelled and covered with salted boiling

water, are cooked unt

Poached Or Dropped Eggs
Fill a pan with boiling, salted water. Break each egg into a wet saucer
and slip it into the water; set the pan back where

Pork Chops
Dip pork chops in egg, then into bread crumbs to which has been added
salt, pepper, and a very little sage and sweet marjo

8 Scalloped Oyster Plant

Scrape and cut the oyster plant into small pieces and boil until tender,

in water with a teasp

Cold Meat Turnovers. Mrs. A. B.
Roll out dough very thin; put in it, like a turnover, cold meat,
chopped fine, and seasoned with pepper, salt, catsup, and

Swiss Biscuits.
Cut a cooked chicken into pieces; add some slices of cold veal. Heat 1
cup of stock; add 1/4 teaspoonful of mustard, 1/2 t

Celery Soup


Four large potatoes, three large onions, six or eight stalks of c

Norwegian Fish Pudding.
Parboil the egg-plant and cut in half. Scrape out some of the inside
and chop some cooked lamb, 2 green peppers, 1 onion,

30 German Prune Cake

For this use a recipe for short cake adding more milk to make it into a

thick batter. Turn int

How To Stew Potatoes

First boil the potatoes, and then put a little butter, a chopped onion,

half a pint of milk, o

To Boil New Potatoes
New potatoes may be either scraped while raw, or peeled after boiling;
they are a better flavour if cooked in their skins.

No. 91. Petto Di Castrato Alla Salsa Piccante (breast Of Mutton)
Ingredients: Same as No. 90.
When the breast of mutton has been stuffed and cooked as above, let
it get cold and th

Swedish Cabbage.
Remove the skin from the neck of a fat goose and stuff with some
soaked bread, fried with 1 small chopped onion in a table

Beef Tongue Boiled

(Lingua di bue lessa)

The tongue is boiled like the beef. When half cooked remov

Jewish Purim Cakes.
Chop cooked veal and boiled ham; place in a well-greased mold
alternate layers of veal, ham and hard-boiled eggs. Sprinkle

Niagara Salad
Pick or grind one thick slice of cold, cooked salmon. Make a dressing of
mayonnaise, to which add one tablespoon of French

19 A Spanish Fish Dish

Bone some nice pieces of cold fish. Warm it in a cupful of olive oil, 1

clove of garlic, some

Boston Roast
Mash one pound of cooked kidney beans and put them through a food
chopper, add one-half pound of grated cheese, salt and r

Kentucky Corn Bread

One pint thick, sour milk, two teaspoonfuls salt, one egg. Mix with this

enough cornmeal to ma

Dried Fruits
To cook dried fruits thoroughly they should after careful washing be
soaked overnight. Next morning put them over the fire

Stewed Dog-fish

(Palombo in umido)

Cut the dog-fish in rather big pieces and then make a hash of

Lima Bean Salad
Take two cups of cold, cooked Lima beans, two stalks of chopped celery,
one dozen chopped olives, one teaspoon of onion ju

Prune Mould

Prepare a prune puree as above and to the same quantity have a third of

a box of gelatine soak

Parsnips And Carrots

Wash them, and split them in two--lay them in a stew pan, with the flat

side down, turn on boi

Corned Beef Sandwiches

Chop sufficient cold cooked corned beef to make a pint. Add to it a

teaspoonful of horseradish

Hungarian Vegetable Salad
Mix together one cup each of cold cooked peas, beans, carrots, and
potatoes. Cover with French dressing and let stand for

Apples With Rice
Boil one cup of rice in water or milk; rub the kettle all over with a
piece of butter before putting in the rice, season w

Chicken Soup No 2

Cut up one chicken, put into a stewpan two quarts

of cold water, a teaspoonful of salt, and one pod of red p

Eggplant Curry

Cut round slices of eggplant. Remove the outer rind, dip each slice in

batter and fry.

Turnips. M. E. Wright.
Put one-half teacup of butter in your kettle, and let it get hot; then
add one tablespoon sugar. Have your turnips sliced

Synthetic Quince

An Accidental Discovery

I put too much water with my rhubarb and had a whole dis

Hot Mush Bread For Dinner

Scald a pint of corn meal until of the consistency of mush; when

cooked, cool with sour or but

Chicken With Sauce Piquante

(Pollo al diavolo)

This ought to be cooked with Cayenne pepper and served with a

Haricot Beans

Among the pulses there is none more nourishing, more generally liked,

nor more useful to the v

Cooked Rice
Boil 1 cup of whole, thoroughly cleansed, uncoated rice in 3 quarts of
rapidly boiling water (salted) about 25 minutes, or

Tomato Basket Of Plenty

Cut a medium-sized tomato in shape of a basket, leaving stem end on

top of handle. Fill basket

Chicken And Almond Sandwiches

Chop sufficient cold cooked chicken to make a half pint. Chop a quarter

of a pound of blanched

Cabbage Salad

1 nice cabbage, or sufficient young greens to make a dish.

Boil the cabbage in

[_f R _]
Wash well some globe artichokes, and boil them in salted water. Meanwhile
make a good mushroom filling, highly seasoned, o


The simplest methods of cooking and serving vegetables are generally the

best. T

India Curried Eggs.
Chop some cooked trout and white fish, and mix with 1/2 cup of boiled
rice. Season with salt, pepper and all kinds of herb

Jewish Kugel.
Boil 1 cup of lentils with 1 bay-leaf, 2 sprigs of parsley, a pinch of
salt and pepper to taste; add some mace and cook un

Candied Sweet Potatoes
Peel turnip-shaped globe; cut into small pieces; cover with boiling
water and boil until tender, 30 to 35 minutes. Add one

A Good Roast Turkey
From MRS. HELEN C. BRAYTON, of South Carolina, Vice-President of State
Board and Lady Manager.
Cut the chicken in pi

Stewed Oysters

Strain the oyster liquor, rinse the bits of shells off the oysters, then

turn the liquor back

Stewed Artichokes

(Carciofi in stufato)

Wash the artichokes and cut the hard part of the leaves (t

Potato Croquettes
Wash the fruit, cut them lengthways, remove the inside. Fill each half
with a mixture made of beaten egg, grated cheese, a

Matzoth Meal Noodles
Add one-eighth teaspoon of salt to two eggs, beat slightly, stir in two
tablespoons of matzoth meal. Heat a little fat in

Pot Roast With Garlic And Rosemary

(Arrosto morto coll'odore dell'aglio e del ramerino)

Cook the meat as above, but

Creamed Sweetbreads
Cutlet may be cooked whole or cut into pieces for serving. Dust with
salt, pepper and flour; dip in egg (1 egg beaten with

No. 20. Zuppa Primaverile (spring Soup)
Ingredients: Clear soup, vegetables.
Any fresh spring vegetables will do for this soup, but they must
all be cooked

Zuppa Primaverile Spring Soup

Ingredients: Clear soup, vegetables.

Any fresh spring vegetables will do for thi

Stewed Celery

After celery is cut up and soaked in cold water for fifteen minutes,

then cooked until tender,

Risotto Alla Parigina

Ingredients: Risotto (No. 190), game, sauce, butter.

Make a good risotto, and wh

Fricassee Of Spaghettina

Take a cupful of spaghettina, broken into small pieces, put in boiling

salted water and cook f

Hungarian Noodle Pudding.
Chop cooked veal with some onion, parsley, thyme and 1 clove of
garlic; season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Add some chop

[_f R _]
Any fish is good if dressed in this way. Make a brown sauce, well
flouring it with salt, pepper, and dried herbs. Mince an

Scrapple. Mrs. Edward E. Powers.
Two pounds pork, two pounds liver, two pounds beef, a small heart;
boil all until thoroughly cooked; take up and chop whil

East India Fish.
Boil 2 calves' heads in salted water until tender; then cut the meat
from the bone. Fry 1 dozen small peeled onions and 3

Parisian Chicken.
Chop cooked veal to a fine mince; butter a baking-dish and put
alternate layers of veal, rice and tomato-sauce until dish

Stewed Carrots French Style

Take 2 bunches French carrots, clean and trim; put in a saucepan with

salt, pepper, 1 teacup o

Tomato Sauce
Brown one tablespoon butter with one minced onion, then add one
tablespoon of flour. When brown stir in two cups of tomato

Cold Mutton Potted

Cut up the mutton, being careful to free it from all sinew and skin;

chop or pound it with hal

Greek Cucumbers.
Soak 3 Dutch herrings in milk; then cut off the heads and tails and
cut herrings into one-half inch pieces. Add 2 apples c

Oriental Rabbit Pie.
Cut cold cooked fish into small pieces and mix with chopped
hard-boiled eggs, a few sliced olives, capers and gherkins. Sp

Italian Coffee Cream.
Heat 2 tablespoonfuls of olive-oil in a stew-pan; add 2 sliced onions,
a clove of garlic and a few capers. Let fry a few m

Soubise Sauce

Put some onions to soak for ten minutes in boiling water. Peel them, cut

in halves or quarters

Italian Cooked Eggs.
Cook 1/2 pound of prunes until soft; remove the stones and cut the
prunes into small pieces. Mix with some chopped nuts an

Eels With Peas

(Anguille coi piselli)

Cook the eels as above with the onion sauce and when it i

Fritters, Croquettes, Dumplings And Crullers
When cooking any article to be immersed in fat use about this
proportion: 2 pounds of sweet lard to 1 of suet, which had b

Soup Of Cappelletti

This Soup is called of "Cappelletti" or "little hats" on account of

the shape of the "Cappelle

No. 42. Minestra Of Rice And Celery
Ingredients: Celery, rice, stock.
Cut up a head of celery and remove all the green parts, then boil
it in good stoc

Peas And Carrots

One cup of carrots cut in dice and cooked, two cups green peas (or

canned), four tablespoonful

PurÉe Of Celeriac
Boil as directed above and press through a sieve. To one quart take two
tablespoons of butter blended with two tablespoons

21 Angels On Horseback

Cut the required amount of bacon into little squares (large enough to

roll an oyster in), spri

Heart, liver and gizzard constitute the giblets, and to these the neck
is usually added. Wash them; put them in cold water

Canapes A La Trinidad

Half the white meat from one boiled chicken

1 pair of sweetbreads

6 large

New England Succotash. Mrs. S. A. Powers.
Take two quarts shelled Lima beans (green), one dozen ears of corn
(cut off cob), and one pound pickled pork. Cover pork

Oatmeal Porridge
As oatmeal is ground in different grades of coarseness, the time for
cooking varies and it is best to follow the direction

In purchasing a chicken for timbale, select a large one, but not an old
fowl. After the chicken has been drawn, remove the

Deviled Beef Sandwiches

Chop remains of cold cooked beef very fine. To each pint add one

tablespoonful of tomato catsu

Rice Cakes

(Frittelle di riso)

Cook the rice in milk, adding a small quantity of butter, so

Roman Fry


This can be made when you happen to have some breast of roast chicken

Stewed Tomatoes
Pour boiling water over the tomatoes; remove the skins; cut into small
pieces and place in a saucepan over the fire. Boil

Stewed Mushrooms

(Funghi in umido)

For a stew the mushrooms ought to be below middle-size. Clean,

Minestra Of Rice And Celery

Ingredients: Celery, rice, stock.

Cut up a head of celery and remove all the gre

2 Italian Asparagus

Boil 1 bunch of asparagus, when cooked lay one layer of the tender part

in a baking dish, spri

Rechauffee Of Beef
Chop enough cold cooked corned beef to make a pint; chop the same quantity
of cold boiled potatoes; mix the two together.

Cocky Leeky

I hope that at some odd times you may afford yourselves an old hen or

cock; and when this occu

Cooked Muskmelon

Miss Corson, in one of her lectures, gives the following directions for

making a very nice des

30 Chopped Ham And Egg

Chop fine cold cooked ham. Toast and butter some slices of bread, spread

the ham on the toast,

Asparagus Salad

Use either fresh or canned asparagus. If fresh, of course it should be

cooked in the usual way

No. 169. Verze Alla Certosine (cabbage)
Ingredients: Cabbage, butter, salt, leeks or shallots, sardines,
Any vegetable may be cooked in the followi

Italian Tongue.
Boil a trout well seasoned; add 1 sliced onion, 1 carrot chopped, 2
sprigs of parsley and 1 bay-leaf, a few peppercorns an

Oriental Vegetable Curry.
Boil eggs until hard; remove the shells. Cut out the centres
lengthwise; then chop cooked chicken to a fine mince; add the

Verze Alla Certosine Cabbage

Ingredients: Cabbage, butter, salt, leeks or shallots, sardines, cheese.

Any veg

Corn Pudding
Grease muffin tins; put one thick slice of unpeeled tomato into each
tin; season with salt and pepper; break 1 egg on top

Egg Omelette

Ten eggs, one large coffee-cup milk, a little salt. Beat the eggs

very light, add the milk and

17 Scotch Eggs

Boil 6 eggs for 20 minutes, take the shell off, and when cold cover with

the following: Cook 1

Jewish Goose Greeben.
Chop cold cooked chicken with some mushrooms, parsley and thyme and
season with salt, black pepper and cayenne. Add a tabl

To Boil Fish

Put the fish on in sufficient water to cover it, add a small handful of

salt, and, providing t

Spinach Soup

1 tablespoon cooked chopped spinach

2/3 cup chicken stock

1 egg yolk

21 Kidney Omelet

Take 3 eggs, 1 kidney, 2-1/2 ozs. of butter; skin the kidney and cut it

very small, fry it in


Peas should be put into boiling water, with salt and saleratus, in the

proportion of a quarter

Leg Of Lamb

(Agnello all'Orientale)

This is a way to cook lamb in use in the Orient and adop

Tasty Greens

2 eggs.

1 ounce butter.

1/2 pound cooked greens of any kind.

Stuffed Green Peppers
From MRS. M. R. LEE, of Mississippi, Lady Manager.
Wash, scrape, and slice about half an inch thick; have a skillet

Hash With Eggs

One cup of Armour's Star Ham boiled and chopped fine, one cup of potato

mashed, one cup of cra

Lamb Salad
Cut fresh-cooked beef's tongue or calf's tongue into dice. Have ready
peeled perfectly round smooth tomatoes, take out the

Dressing For Cold Slaw
Beat the yolks of two eggs until light, add one tablespoon of sugar, one
teaspoon of pepper, one-half teaspoon of salt and

Fried Cauliflower

Take cauliflower cooked the day before, divide into small tufts, dip in

egg and roll in cracke

German Noodle Soup
Place about 3 pounds of cheap stewing beef in a cook-pot with
sufficient water and cook several hours, until meat is quite

Canning Fruit In A Water Bath
Canned fruits may be cooked over the fire, but they are, on the whole,
very much better if cooked in a water bath. Prepare

Rissotto (italian).
Cook a fresh tongue until tender; skin and slice thin. Put a large
spoonful of butter in a saucepan; add a chopped onion;

Compote Of Apples


Take five apples, wipe, but do not peel them, take the cor

Stuffed Peppers

Cut off the stem end of green bell peppers. Mince cooked chicken or use

a can of shrimps, and

Creamed Lobster

2 tablespoons butter

1 1/2 pints milk

2 tablespoons

Havana Omelet
Put two tablespoonfuls of butter and two chopped onions over hot water
until the onion is soft and thoroughly cooked. Peel

Preserved Plums

Damson plums make a rich, old-fashioned preserve if washed, pricked, and

allowed to stand a fe

Veal Bird

Make a dressing of bread crumbs, melted butter, salt, pepper, and, if

desired, a little sage.

Boiled Macaroni

As there are many days, especially in summer, when macaroni can well

take the place of meat, i

To Cook Dried Fish
Put it into hot water, and boil gently for five minutes or longer if
the fish is very thick. Take it out of water and put


Cauliflower, after being carefully washed, should be tied up in a piece

of cheese-cloth to kee

Fowl--roast Chicken Or Turkey
Singe the fowl, after it has been picked; then with a small vegetable
brush quickly scrub it well, with luke-warm water. D

Steak In The Saucepan

(Bistecca nel tegame)

If you have a steak that does not appear to be too tender,

Potato Pie

4 or 6 potatoes, according to size.

Cooked haricot beans.

1 onion.

Rice Soup

Dissolve one teaspoon of Armour's Extract of Beef in one quart of water,

add one half cup of c

Chicken And Nut Salad

Mix two tablespoons cold cooked chicken or fowl cut in cubes with one

tablespoon finely choppe

Small Fish
Any kind of small fish will do for this dish. Wash and dry them; well
butter a sheet of stiff writing paper, lay the fish

Cauliflower Souffle

3 eggs.

8 ounces cooked cauliflower.

1/2 ounce butter for pie dish.

Plain Omelet
1/4 pound dried beef
3 eggs
3 tablespoons milk or water
1 tablespoon butter
Cover beef which has been pi

Tomatoes In Haste
One should not let the tips of this vegetable touch the water. Take your
bundle, dip the stalks in warm water to remove an

Macaroni With Tomato

For baked macaroni with tomato, have the little cook put in her baking

dish first a layer of t

Scrambled Eggs

Beat the desired number enough to break the yolks, season with salt and

pepper, and add a tabl

Peach Compote
Pare the fruit, leave it whole and put on to boil with sweetened water.
Add a few cloves (remove the heads), also a stick

Scotch Baked Mutton.
Clean and parboil 2 rabbits; then cut into pieces. Sprinkle with flour
and fry in hot lard. Remove the rabbits. Add choppe

Banana Salad
A mixture of vegetables, peas, beans, carrots, turnips, can be purchased,
canned, at any grocery store. Drain, wash them i

Celery-potato Croquettes

To a pint of mashed potatoes add half a teacup of cooked celery, season

with a tablespoon of b

Mutton Salad
Cut into bits any pieces of cold cooked mutton; put them into a saucepan,
cover with water, add a grated onion, a bay leaf

French Prune Souffle.
Boil a calf's tongue in salted water until tender; skin and slice
thin. Then heat 2 tablespoonfuls of butter; add 1 choppe

Potato And Meat Pie.
Take mashed potatoes, seasoned with salt, pepper, and butter; line a
baking dish with it; lay upon this slices of cold mea

Stuffed Potatoes

Another way.

6 medium-sized potatoes.

3 tablespoons fine bread

Lemon Jelly
4 eggs
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 cup cooked prunes
Whip egg whites to stiff froth; add sugar slowly, beating co


This is an excellent vegetable, but is little known. The stalks of it

can hardly be distinguis

Fillets Of Sole Fried

These may either be rolled in one piece or divided into several, as in

the foregoing recipe. I

Japanese Salad.
Chop the white meat of cooked chicken and turkey very fine and mix
with 3 chopped truffles and some chopped parsley. Seaso

Blankenberg Beef
The real name of this dish is _Miroton de la Concierge_, and it is
currently held that only _concierges_ can do it to perf

To Broil Meats.
In broiling all meats, you must remember that the surface should not
be cut or broken any more than is absolutely necessar

Risotto Con Piselli

Wash and dry 1-1/2 lb. rice; chop fine one medium sized onion and put it

on the fire with a sm

Semolina Fritters Sweet

1 pound cooked semolina.

3 teaspoons sugar.

4 eggs.

1 ounce

Apple Sauce
Pare and quarter tart apples. Put them in a saucepan with just enough
water to keep them from burning; bring to a boil qui

Russian Goulash
To one pound beef, free from fat and cut up as pan stew, add one chopped
green pepper, one large onion, two blades of garl

23 Oyster Patties

Make a rich puff paste and bake it in small patty-pans. When cool turn

out on a large dish. St

Sugar Peas
Sugar peas may be cooked in the pods like string beans. Gather the pods
while the seeds are still very small; string like

Scrambled Eggs With Brains
Scald brains with hot water, clean and skin, and boil a few minutes in
fresh water. Melt a little fat in skillet, put in b

Delicious Pudding
Ten eggs; one quart of cream; eight tablespoonfuls of sugar; one
dessertspoon of vanilla. Beat

Russian National Soup.
Cut 2 pounds of fresh pork into thin strips and let fry ten minutes.
Add 1 large onion sliced thin and let fry; then add 1

Bread Pudding A La Caramel.
Cut 2 pounds of beefsteak into inch pieces. Sprinkle with salt, pepper
and flour and fry until brown. Add 1 onion chopped

Mutton With Anchovy
Put two tablespoonfuls of butter and one sliced onion into a pan; cook
slowly until the onion is perfectly tender; add one

Sour Fish. Mrs. W. H. Eckhart.
Take a whole fish; stew until tender in salt water; take out, lay on
platter. Throw a handful of raisins in the salt wate

Eggs With Ham

(Uova al prosciutto)

Place in a frying pan as many pieces of butter, large like

Omelet With Green Peas
Make a six-egg omelet. Have ready one pint of cooked peas, or a can of
peas, seasoned with salt, pepper and butter. Just b

African Hen

(Gallina di Faraone)

This fowl, that resembles the partridge, should not be too

No. 112. Animelle Alla Parmegiana (sweetbread)
Ingredients: Sweetbread, bread crumbs, Parmesan, butter.
Blanch as many sweetbreads as you require, and then roll them in

Animelle Alla Parmegiana Sweetbread

Ingredients: Sweetbread, bread crumbs, Parmesan, butter.

Blanch as many sweetbre

Risotto Alla Capuccina

Ingredients: Risotto (No. 190) eggs, truffles, smoked tongue, butter.

Make a goo

No. 119. Cervello Alla Villeroy (calf's Brains)
Ingredients: Calf's brains, eggs, flour, mushrooms, Velute sauce.
Scald a calf's brain, and when cold cut it up and mask

Cervello Alla Villeroy Calf's Brains

Ingredients: Calf's brains, eggs, flour, mushrooms, Velute sauce.

Scald a calf's

Cestelline Di Patate Alla Giardiniera Potatoes

Ingredients: Potatoes, white stock, salt, butter, peas, asparagus,

sprouts, beans

Broiled Mackerel
When fish has been cleaned, cut off head and scrape dark skin from
inside. Soak salt mackerel in cold water over night, sk

Casserole Of Rice

Rice cups are made by lining small well-greased baking-cups with the

rice half an inch thick a

Turkish Cabbage

Prepare the cabbage as above for stuffing, then cut out the stalk

carefully. Cut each leaf in

Fillet Of Beef

Wipe off a thick slice cut from tenderloin. Put in hot frying pan with

three tablespoons butte

"pfannkuchen" (pancakes)
Four eggs, whites and yolks were beaten separately, 2 tablespoonfuls
of milk, were added; 1 teaspoonful of chopped parsley

16 Mutton Custard

Fill a buttered custard cup lightly with stale bread-crumbs (centre of

the loaf), and cooked m

Petites Souffle

1/2 pound cooked sprouts.

1/2 pound mashed potatoes.

3 eggs.

Broiled Kidneys

These are quite an epicure's dish, and care must be taken to cook them

slowly. Having skinned

Polenta Pasticciata

Ingredients: Polenta, butter, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes.

Prepare a good polent

Apple Custard Pie
From MRS. FRANCES C. HOLLEY, of North Dakota, Alternate Lady Manager.
Pare pumpkin, cut into inch pieces; steam till well

Spinach Soup
Wash, pick over and cook two quarts of spinach for twenty minutes;
drain, chop and rub through a sieve and return to the w

Vienna Milk Rolls.
Break string-beans into pieces and let boil in salted water until
tender; then heat 1 tablespoonful of butter; stir in 1 t

French Veal Souffle.
Beat 3 eggs with 2 tablespoonfuls of water and a pinch of salt; then
add enough flour to make a stiff dough. Work it well

Eggs Poached In Tomato Sauce
Make a sauce of one tablespoon of butter, one tablespoon of flour, one
and one-half cups of canned tomatoes rubbed through

Russian Omelet.
Boil a large fresh beef tongue in salted water until tender. Remove
the tongue and lard it with thin strips of bacon; spri

Tapioca Cream

Soak 4 tablespoons of tapioca over night in water enough to cover it,

scald 1 quart milk, beat

A Mutton Salad
If you are obliged to make a hot dish in a hurry and have only a piece of
inferior meat, there is no better way of using i

Pollastro In Istufa Di Pomidoro Braized Fowl

Ingredients: Fowl, bacon, ham, bay leaf, spice, garlic, Burgundy,


No. 54. Naselli Con Piselli (whiting)
Ingredients: Whiting, onions, parsley, peas, tomatoes, butter,
Parmesan, Bechamel sauce.
Cut a big whiting into two

Naselli Con Piselli Whiting

Ingredients: Whiting, onions, parsley, peas, tomatoes, butter, Parmesan,

Bechamel sauce.

No. 138. Pollastro In Istufa Di Pomidoro (braized Fowl)
Ingredients: Fowl, bacon, ham, bay leaf, spice, garlic, Burgundy,
Braize a fowl with bits of fat bacon, h

Frau Schmidt's Ice Cream
This recipe for ice cream is simple and the ice cream is good. A
boiled custard was prepared, consisting of 1 quart of mil

Grated "parsnip Cakes"
Scrape, then grate enough raw parsnips to fill two cups, put in a
bowl and add the yolk of one egg, pinch of salt, 1 table

Hungarian Fruit Roll.
Boil beef brisket until tender, and slice thin. Heat 2 tablespoonfuls
of butter; add 1 chopped onion. Stir in 1 tablespoon

Emparadas A Mexican Recipe

Take some beans cooked as in Mexican Beans No. 1 and mash them to a

paste. Then roll out some

Carrot Stew

3 carrots.

1 large onion.

1 ounce butter.

1 1/2 pints water.

Pot Roast

(Arrosto morto)

This can be done with all kinds of meats, but the best is milk v

Chicken Salad

If a cold dish is desired, let her add an equal amount of finely cut

celery, season with salt

Florentine Eggs In Casseroles

Chop cooked spinach very fine and season with butter and salt. Put 1

tablespoon spinach in eac

Skate Stew
Take some fillets of haddock, or cod or hake, and poach them gently in
milk and water. Meanwhile, prepare a good white sau

Macaroni Alla Casalinga

Ingredients: Macaroni, butter, stock, cheese, water, salt, nutmeg.

Cut up a quar

Eggs A La Rorer
Toast rounds of bread, one for each person. Butter them. Heat, in
boiling water, the choke of a French artichoke, one for

Scrambled Eggs

(Uova strapazzate)

Break the eggs in a plate, assuring first that they are all f


A halibut steak is fine when, after washing thoroughly, it is put in a

dripping pan, seasoned

Boned Smelts, SautÉd
Take a dozen raw smelts; split them from the back lengthwise, leaving
the head and tail intact; take out the large center

25 Oyster Kromeskys

Parboil a dozen oysters in their own liquor, remove the beards, strain

the liquor and cut up t

Witch Apples

Bake large apples from which the core has been removed until soft, but

not long enough to burs

String Beans And Squashes Saute

(Fagiolini e zucchini saute)

Brown in butter some string beans, that have been p

Cauliflower Soup

1/3 cup cooked cauliflower

2/3 cup chicken stock

Small stalk celery

Rolled Oats

None of the breakfast foods which are so much used are so wholesome as a

simple dish of rolled

Welsh Rarebit
From MRS. MARY S. LOCKWOOD, of District of Columbia, Lady
Beat four fresh eggs slightly with two t

Fish Curry

Fish curry is usually made with cocoanut milk instead of water, but this

is not necessary. It

Chops And Tomato Sauce

Fry some pieces of pork in the spider, then cut up and fry a few onions.

Into this pour some p

Hoche Pot
Take a fireproof dish, and after sprinkling it with breadcrumbs put in it
a layer of roast veal in slices, a layer of mash

A Dinner Of Red Herrings

The cheaper sort of red herrings are always too salty, and unpleasantly

strong-flavoured, and

Salmon A La Creole

Clean and scale a small salmon, stuff with one-half a loaf of stale

bread moistened with hot w

Tomatoes And Mince
8 Tomatoes--3d.

8 pieces Toast

1/4 lb. Minced Meat


Total C

"brod Grummella"
In a bowl containing 1 cup of soft bread crumbs pour 1 cup of sweet
milk, then add the slightly-beaten yolks of three eggs

Eel And Tomato Sauce.
1 Eel--1s.

6 Tomatoes--2d.

2 oz. Veal Seasoning--2d.

1 oz. Butter

1 oz.

Beef Tea--no. 1
1 lb. Gravy Beef

1 pint water


Remove all fat and skin from the meat and put it twi

Surprise Balls

6 ounces cooked greens of any kind.

12 ounces mashed potatoes.

1 egg.

Lentil Souffle

1 tablespoon cooked lentils.

1 shalot.

3 eggs.

1/4 teaspoon

Lalla Rookh

Cut in small pieces stale sponge cake or lady fingers, a few macaroons,

some French cherries a

Creamed Hash On Toast
The remains of cold chicken or turkey may be used in precisely the same
manner, or made into croquettes, using the same ru

Surprise Potatoes
Boil some globe artichokes in salted water till they are tender. Take out
the center leaves, leaving an even fringe of lea

Chicken Salad. Mrs. G. H. Wright.
Two chickens, boiled tender and minced fine, five hard boiled eggs,
and one raw egg. Take as much chopped cabbage as you

Pigeon Surprise

(Piccione a sorpresa)

The pigeon (or chicken) must be opened and stuffed with a

Spanish Dessert.
Spread thin slices of rye bread with butter and caviare; some slices
of white bread with butter and thin slices of ham; so

Stuffed Rolls

(Pagnottelle ripiene)

Take some rolls, and by means of a round opening on the to

English Gems.
Slice 1/2 pound of cooked salmon; then heat 1 ounce of butter in a
stew-pan; add 2 small onions chopped fine, 1 ounce of c

Salt Beef Hash No. 2
Cold cooked corned beef is best made into hash. Chop sufficient to make
one pint. Chop the same quantity of cold boiled po

Pea And Asparagus

For cream of pea soup, simply substitute two cupfuls of cooked peas that

have been pressed thr

Sour Soup (for Purim)
Take one pound of soup meat and two soup bones, put on to boil in
boiling water. Cut two leeks in slices like noodles, som

Asparagus Or Celery Soup

Six bunches of asparagus, cooked thoroughly and pressed through a

sieve; one quart of milk, ha

Ham Croquettes

One cup of finely chopped Armour's Star Ham (cooked), one cup of bread

crumbs, two of hot mash

Semolina Sausages

8 ounces mashed potatoes.

8 ounces sprouts or cabbage.

6 ounces cooked semo

To Boil Potatoes

Select potatoes of uniform size, wash and pare thinly, cover with

boiling water and cook half

Blueberry Muffins
2 cups flour
4 teaspoons Dr. Price's Baking Powder
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1-1/4 cups milk
Fried Croquettes Bologna Style

(Fritto composto alla Bolognese)

Take a piece of stewed lean veal, a little brai

No. 62. Sogliole Alla Livornese (sole)
Ingredients: Sole, butter, garlic, pepper, salt, tomatoes, fennel.
Fillet a sole and put it in a saute-pan with one and a

Sogliole Alla Livornese Sole

Ingredients: Sole, butter, garlic, pepper, salt, tomatoes, fennel.

Fillet a sole

Salsify Or Vegetable Oyster

The best way to cook it is to parboil it, (after scraping off the

outside,) then cut it in sli

Vermicelli And Cheese Fritters

6 ounces cooked vermicelli.

1 1/2 ounces bread crumbs.

2 ounces grated chee

Hindu Venison.
Cut 2 spring chickens into pieces at the joints; season with salt,
ginger, pepper and curry-powder and let fry in hot oliv

No. 49. Mullet Alla Triestina
Ingredients: Mullet (or sole or turbot), butter, salt half a
lemon, Chablis.
Put the fish in a fireproof dish with

Mullet Alla Triestina

Ingredients: Mullet (or sole or turbot), butter, salt half a lemon,


Wash the tongue carefully, and let it lie in cold water for several
hours before cooking--over night, if possible. Lay it

Green Corn Fritters
Grate pulp from six cars of corn; with a knife scrape down the pulp
into a bowl, add 2 eggs, beaten separately, a couple t

Pigs' Trotters In Blanquette
Use either sheep or pigs' kidneys. Cut them longways, so as to be able to
take out the threads from the inside of them. Pu

No. 142. Fagiano Alla Napoletana (pheasant)
Ingredients: Pheasant, macaroni, gravy, butter, Parmesan,
Lard a pheasant, roast it, and serve it on a la

Fagiano Alla Napoletana Pheasant

Ingredients: Pheasant, macaroni, gravy, butter, Parmesan, tomatoes.

Lard a pheas

Chicken Pie. Mrs. M. A. Moorhead.
Stew the chicken until tender. Line a pan with crust made as you
would baking powder biscuit. Alternate a layer of chick


Three cups brown sugar, one cup water, one cup cream, one cup nuts cut

fine, one teaspoonful v

Mutton Sandwiches

Chop a half pound of cold, cooked mutton very fine; add two

tablespoonfuls of cream or olive o

1 Turbot A La Creme

Take cold cooked bluefish, flake it and pick out the bones. Have ready

the following sauce: Ru

General Rules
All fruits should, if possible, be freshly picked for preserving,
canning, and jelly making. No imperfect fruit should be

Cake Icing For Various Cakes
Cook together 2 cups of granulated sugar, 1-1/4 cups of water a little
less than 12 minutes. Just before it reaches the so

Meat Pie

Of whatever kind, let the pieces of meat be first fried brown over a

quick fire, in a little f

Minced Beef On Toast
Chop sufficient cold cooked beef to make one pint; add to it a teaspoonful
of salt, and a quarter of a teaspoonful of pepp

Peanut And Rice Croquettes
To one cup of freshly cooked rice allow one cup of peanut butter, four
tablespoons of minced celery, one teaspoon of grate

Potatoes And Corn
Butter well a deep baking dish, holding a quart or more. In the bottom
place a layer of potatoes, sliced thin, then a laye

No. 80. Filetto Di Bue Con Pistacchi (fillets Of Beef With
Ingredients: Fillet of beef, oil, salt, flour, pistacchio nuts,
Cut a piece of tender bee

Filetto Di Bue Con Pistacchi Fillets Of Beef With Pistacchios

Ingredients: Fillet of beef, oil, salt, flour, pistacchio nuts, gravy.

Cut a pie

Baked Apples

As cooked fruits are such nourishing food, let the child prepare some

kind while the biscuits

French Stewed Quail.
Bone the herring and cut into small pieces. Slice some cooked
potatoes; then butter a baking-dish; sprinkle with flour. Pu

Sweet Almond Omelet
Prepare one-half cup of sweet almonds, blanched, chopped fine and
pounded smooth. Beat four eggs slightly, add four tables

29 Creamed Corn Beef

Scald 1 pt. of milk with slice of onion and stalk of celery. Stir into

this 1/4 of a cup each

Peanut Butter Fudge

Two heaping tablespoonfuls of peanut butter, scant teaspoonful of salt,

two cups sugar, one cu

Rice With Saffron

(Riso alla Milanese con Zafferano)

Wash and dry the rice and put it in boiling b

Beefsteak. Mr. George B. Christian.
The chief secret in preparing the family steak lies in selection.
Like cooking the hare, you must first catch it. Choose

No. 133. Pollo All'oliva (chicken)
Ingredients: Fowl, onions, celery, salt, parsley, carrots, butter,
stock, olives, tomatoes.
Cut up half an onion, a

Pollo All'oliva Chicken

Ingredients: Fowl, onions, celery, salt, parsley, carrots, butter,

stock, olives, tomatoes.
Cut up in small pieces about a pound of any kind of cooked fish except
herring. Boil two eggs hard and chop up. Take one c

Mock Oyster Soup

The oyster plant is used for this delicious dish--by many it is known as

salsify. Scrape the v

Cranberry Tart

Spread a round of paste over an inverted pie plate, prick the paste with

a fork eight times. B

Onion Soup
Slice two or three large onions; fry them in a tablespoon of butter
until they are soft and red, then add three tablespoon

Stewed Onions

(Cipolle in stufato)

Keep in cold water, for half an hour, two pounds of middle-

Smoked Tongue
Put on to boil in a large kettle, fill with cold water, enough to
completely cover the tongue; keep adding hot water as it

Apple Tapioca
Pour 1 pint of cold water over 1/2 cup tapioca. Allow to stand until
the following morning, when cook until clean. Slice 6

Boiled Winter Squash

Peel and cut into pieces a large squash that will, when cooked fill a

half gallon. Steam over

Nut Cake

Six eggs, one large cup of sugar, one-half cup butter, one-half cup

sweet milk, one pound of E

Corn Off The Cob
Corn is frequently cut from the cob after it is cooked and served in
milk or butter; but by this method much of the flavor

Fish And Tomato Sauce
2 Bream--8d.

1/2 pint of Tomato Sauce

Salt, Pepper, and Parsley--3d.

Total Cost--11d.

Savoury Rice Balls

1/2 pound cooked rice.

1/4 pound mashed potatoes.

2 teaspoons parsley.

Stewed Tomatoes
Scald ripe tomatoes by pouring boiling water over them and allowing
them to stand a few minutes. Skin them and cut in smal

Carrots In Butter
4 Carrots--1 1/2d.

1 oz. Butter

1 teaspoonful Parsley

Pinch of Salt and Sugar--1d.
Mock Charlotte Russe

One round tablespoonful cornstarch, moisten in cold water. Pour over

one-half pint of boiling

Nut Loaf
Mix two cups of soft bread crumbs and one cup of chopped walnut meats
with six tablespoons of butter or any butter substit

Omelet With Asparagus Tips
Make a plain omelet from six eggs, have ready a half pint of cream
sauce, and either a can or a bundle of cooked asparagus

Canned Pears And Peaches

Peaches and pears should be thinly peeled and halved, then dropped into

a thick sirup made by

No. 27. Crotopo Soup
Ingredients: Clear soup, veal, ham, eggs, salt, pepper, nutmeg,
Pound half a pound of lean veal in a mortar,

Crotopo Soup

Ingredients: Clear soup, veal, ham, eggs, salt, pepper, nutmeg, rolls.

Pound hal

Scalloped Apples

Pare, core and cut in slices some good, tart cooking apples, put a layer

in a baking dish with

Pickled Beans
Remove the strings and cut one pint of wax beans into one inch pieces;
wash and cook in boiling salt water (one teaspoon o

Poached Eggs
Drop into boiling water and boil 3 minutes for soft boiled, 15 to 20
minutes for hard boiled or place eggs in boiling wate

Browned Parsnips
6 tomatoes
2 cups soft bread crumbs
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1 tablespoon butter

Watermelon Preserves
From MRS. M.P. HART, of Ohio, President of State Board and Lady
Pare and core the quinces. Put the parings


Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Baked Breast Of Mutton

Sew up breast of mutton in a thin cloth, put into a stewpan, nearly

cover with cold salt water

Eggs Jefferson
Select the desired number of good-sized tomatoes, allowing one to each
person. Cut off the blossom end, scoop out the seed

Veal Liver In Gravy

(Fegato di vitella al sugo)

Chop fine a scallion or an onion, make it brown in o

Rice Japanese Style

Put half a pound of well washed rice into a

double kettle, with one pint of milk or water, one

Eggs A La Paysanne
6 eggs
1/2 cupful of cream
2 tablespoonfuls of grated onion
1 clove of garlic
1/2 teaspo

Carrot Soup

Take half a dozen small French carrots, wash and scrape them, put in a

saucepan with boiling w

Compote Of Rice

Take plain boiled rice, pack lightly in small cups, and put in a warm

place for an hour to set

Cooked Salad Dressing

Yolks 2 eggs

1/2 teaspoon dry mustard

1/2 teaspoon

Lamb With Peas

(Agnello ai piselli)

Take a piece of lamb from the hind side, lard it with two c

Macaroni With Tomatoes

Ingredients: Macaroni, tomatoes, butter, onion, basil, pepper, salt.

Fry half an

Dry Curry

Fry a minced onion in butter until lightly browned, cut up the flesh of

two cooked chicken leg

Chicken Salad. Mrs. A. A. Lucas.
Take two large chickens; boil tender; pick in small bits. Chop as
much celery as you have meat. For the dressing, take s

30 Frenchman's Pie

Boil 1-1/2 lbs. of calf's liver; when cold put it through the chopping

machine twice, put it i

10 Curry Of Macaroni

Melt 2 tablespoonfuls of butter, cook in it 2 slices of onion until the

onion becomes of a pal

Lemon Fish
Boil three tablespoons of vinegar, one sliced onion, six whole peppers,
salt, one piece of stick cinnamon, and a little wa

Veal Cutlets
Use either veal chops or veal cutlets, cut in small pieces the size of
chops; pound with a small mallet, sprinkle a little

Cooked Salad Dressing

One teaspoonful salt, one teaspoonful mustard, one and one-half

teaspoonful sugar, few grains

Salmon Or Lobster Salad Dressing


Two eggs, two tablespoons melted butter, one tablespoon mus

No. 48. Mullet Alla Tolosa
Ingredients: Mullet, butter, salt, onions, parsley, almonds,
anchovies, button mushrooms, tomatoes.
Cut off the fin

Mullet Alla Tolosa

Ingredients: Mullet, butter, salt, onions, parsley, almonds, anchovies,

button mushrooms, toma

No. 69. Salmone Alla Santa Fiorentina (salmon)
Ingredients: Salmon, eggs, mayonnaise, parsley, flour.
Marinate a piece of boiled salmon for an hour; take out the bone
Salmone Alla Santa Fiorentina Salmon

Ingredients: Salmon, eggs, mayonnaise, parsley, flour.

Marinate a piece of boile

Salt Mackerel

Salt mackerel should be covered with cold water and left skin side up to

soak over night. For


Young beets have to be washed carefully to avoid breaking the skin, and

have roots and half an

Stewed Muscles Or Mussels

Thoroughly wash the muscles, and pull off any weeds there may be hanging

to them; next put the

Ragout Of Squabs

(Manicaretto di piccione)

Cut two or more squabs at the joints, preferably in fo

Frozen Pudding

Prepare a custard with a quart of rich milk, a pint of cream, a pound of

sugar, and the yolks

Deviled Peppers

Use green bell peppers, cut off the stem end and remove the inside. Chop


No. 158. Verze Alla Capuccina (cabbage)
Ingredients: Cabbage or greens, anchovies, salt, butter, parsley,
gravy, Parmesan.
Boil two cabbages in a good deal

Verze Alla Capuccina Cabbage

Ingredients: Cabbage or greens, anchovies, salt, butter, parsley, gravy,


Stuffed Conger Eel.
1 Eel--1s.

3 oz. Veal Seasoning--2d.

1 1/2 oz. Flour

Pepper and Salt--1/2d.

Boil your potatoes and let them be of the firm, soapy kind, not the
floury kind. When cooked, and cold, cut them into dice

Cabbage With Sausages
Take one pound of celery, cut off the green tops, cut the stems into
pieces two-thirds of an inch long; put into boiling s

Eggs A La Martin
Make a half pint of cream sauce. Put half of it in the bottom of a
baking dish or into the bottom of ramekin dishes or ind

Beef Croquettes
Chop sufficient cold cooked meat to make one pint, season it with a
teaspoonful of salt and a quarter of a teaspoonful of

Omelette Of Peas
Take your shelled beans, very young and tender. Throw them into boiling
water for a minute, then pour the water away. Heat

Swedish Pancakes With Aigre-doux Sauce

Beat, until light, the yolks of six eggs; add one-half a teaspoonful of

salt, one teaspoonful

Tomatoes And Shrimps
Take some slices of streaky bacon, about five inches long, and heat them
in a pan. When the bacon is half-cooked, take it

Grape Jelly

Pick grapes from the stem, wash, crush, and boil twenty minutes. Then

put in jelly-bag to drip

Blanketed Ham With Sweet Potatoes And Apples

Cut off the fat close to the edge of a slice of ham one-half inch thick.

Put fat through meat

Birds Potted

"It tastes of the _bird_, however," said the old woman, "and she

cooked the _rail of

Rice Water 100 Calories

2 tablespoons rice

3 cups cold water


Buttered Whiting
3 Whiting--1s.

Pepper and Salt

1 1/2 oz. Butter

1 Lemon--2d.

Total Cost

Tomatoes Stuffed With Beans
Make a mince of any cold white meat, such as veal, pork or chicken, and
add to it some minced ham; sprinkle it with a thic

Corn Meal Muffins
1/2 cup cooked hominy, oatmeal or other cereal
1/2 teaspoon salt
1-1/2 tablespoons shortening
1 egg

Beet Preserves (russian)
Cut beets in strips like noodles, wash, cook in water one-half hour. To
three pounds of beets take one pound of honey and

Celery Au Gratin

Wash and trim four heads of celery; set in a stewpan with a teaspoonful

of vinegar, salt and c

Irish Stew Old English

Equal parts of meat and potatoes. Half a pound of meat and half a pound

of potatoes makes quit


Make ready one coffee cup of bread crumbs, one teaspoonful of chopped

parsley, one half teaspo

Scalloped Oysters
To each 30 oysters use 1-1/2 cups thick cream sauce page 35. Put
oysters with liquor into shallow pan over quick fire and

Roasted Hare

Turkey and fowl, and ham and chine,

On which the cits prefer to dine,

A Cheap Rice And Tomato Soup
Take one pint of rice water which has been drained from one cupful of
rice boiled in 2-1/2 quarts of water 25 minutes (the

Prunes And Chestnuts

3 lbs. dried prunes

2 lbs. large chestnuts

1/2 lb.

Lemon Pie
From MRS. IDA L. TURNER, of Texas, Lady Manager.
Make the crust, line pie tin and bake. While it is baking prepare the

Potato Balls

Two soup plates of grated potatoes which have been boiled in the skins

the day before. Add fou

Thin Cream Sauce
1 tablespoon drippings or butter
2 tablespoons chopped onions
1 quart finely chopped apples
4 cups stale bread

Summer Pie

1/2 peck green peas.

1 cabbage lettuce.

1 onion.

1 egg.

Soup Meat
The meat must be cooked until very tender then lift it out of the soup
and lay upon a platter and season while hot. Heat a

Pot Boilings
Water in which meat of fish has been boiled should never be thrown
away, as it forms an excellent foundation for many soup

Scalloped Potatoes
In a baking dish place layers of pared, thinly sliced, raw white
potatoes. Season with a very little salt and pepper and s

Fricassee Of Celeriac

Wash and peel the celery roots, cut them into dice and cook until tender

in as little water as

Escalloped Eggs
From MRS. ISABELLA LANING CANDEE, of Illinois, Alternate Lady Manager.
Boil any number of eggs very hard, turning over car

Belgian Eggs
Pick over half a pound of mushrooms, cut them in small pieces like dice,
and put them to stew in the oven with plenty of b

Stuffed Tomatoes (hot Entree)


Six tomatoes, three ounces cooked white meat of any kind, one

Filled Matzoth Kleis
Prepare a matzoth dough as for the soup kleis. Make round flat cakes of
it with your hands, and fill with cooked prunes (h

Artichoke Soup

Melt a piece of butter the size of an egg in a

saucepan; then fry in it one white turnip sliced, one red oni

Chop sufficient cold cooked mutton to make a pint. Put a half cup of
stock, two tablespoonfuls of bread crumbs and a table

Pea Soup

If you make your soup of dry peas, soak them over night, in a warm

place, using a quart of wat

Boiled Eggs

To boil an egg would seem to be the easiest matter possible, but it

requires care just the sam

Egg Plants As SoufflÉ
This purple fruit is, like the tomato, always cooked as a vegetable. It
is like the brinjal of the East. It is hardly nece

Uova Al Tartufi Eggs With Truffles

Ingredients: Eggs, butter, cream, truffles, Velute sauce, croutons.

Beat up six

Baked Tomato And Egg Plant
Take a deep earthenware dish, pour into it a cup of cream; cut several
slices of eggplant very thin, salt well, and line t

No. 163. Sedani Alla Parmigiana (celery)
Ingredients: Celery, stock, ham, salt, pepper, Cheddar, Parmesan,
butter, gravy.
Cut all the green off a head of ce

Belgian Carrots
Take a cauliflower and cut off the green part, and wash it several times
in salted water. Boil it gently till cooked, taki

Sedani Alla Parmigiana Celery

Ingredients: Celery, stock, ham, salt, pepper, Cheddar, Parmesan,

butter, gravy.

Vermicelli And Tomato Pudding

6 ounces cooked vermicelli.

6 ounces mashed potato.

2 shalots, or a small o

Harvard Salad

Cut a selected lemon in the form of a basket with handle, and scoop

out all the pulp. Fill bas

Plain Paste For Puddings

3/4 pound flour.

6 ounces butter.

Rather less than 1/2 pint water.

White Sauce

Good white sauce is needed for so many different kinds of vegetable,

fish and meat dishes, tha

Fried Peppers With Pork Chops
Dust four or five pork chops with flour and fry in a pan, not too
quickly. When nicely browned, remove to a warm chop plat

French Beans

1 pint tomato juice.

1 shalot.

1 pound cooked French beans.

Cream Of Celery Soup

A pint of milk, a tablespoonful of flour, one of butter, a head of

celery, a large slice of on

Boiled Salad Dressing

As many people do not care for the flavor of oil, a nice easy dressing

is made by taking two t

Friday's Feast
Every one likes this nourishing dish, and it is a cheap one. Peel some
potatoes and cut them in rounds. In a fireproof dis

Eggs Rossini
6 eggs
4 chicken livers
12 nice mushrooms
1/2 cupful of stock
1/2 teaspoonful of salt

Bean Chowder
Another palatable, cheap and easily prepared dish is called Bean
Chowder. Small soup beans were soaked over night in cold

No. 97. Lingua Alla Visconti (tongue)
Ingredients: Tongue, glaze, bread, spinach, white grapes, port.
Soak a smoked tongue in fresh water for forty-eight hours

Lingua Alla Visconti Tongue

Ingredients: Tongue, glaze, bread, spinach, white grapes, port.

Soak a smoked to

Flemish Carbonade
Take a fresh celery, wash it well, and remove the green leaves. Let it
boil till half-cooked in salted water. Drain it on

No. 148. Piccioni In Ripieno (stuffed Pigeons)
Ingredients: Pigeons, sweetbread, parsley, onions, carrots, salt,
pepper, bacon, stock, Chablis, fowls' livers, and gizza

Piccioni In Ripieno Stuffed Pigeons

Ingredients: Pigeons, sweetbread, parsley, onions, carrots, salt,

pepper, bacon, stock, Chabli

Golden Marbles

1/4 pound haricot bean pulp.

2 ounces bread crumbs.

1/4 pound mashed potato


1/4 pound cooked lentils.

1/4 pound mashed potatoes.

1 teaspoon mixed herbs

Goose Cracklings (grieben)
Cut the thick fat of a fat goose in pieces as big as the palm of your
hand, roll together and run a toothpick through each

Loin Of Mutton In The Pot
Any part of pork or veal is good done in this way. Take your pieces of
meat and fry them in butter till they are a good go

Roast Turkey

Clean, stuff and truss a twelve-pound turkey, that, when cooked, may

rest on the wings level o

Cauliflower Croquettes
Finely chop cold cooked cauliflower, mix in one small, finely chopped
onion, one small bunch of parsley finely chopped, on

Snip Noodles, Fried
Sift two cups of flour with three teaspoons of salt in it, make into a
dough by adding enough sweet milk to make soft as b

Mince Meat

Mix together one cup sugar, one cup chopped apple, one-half cup raisins

seeded and chopped, on

23 Veal And Ham Pates

Mince cold cooked veal and ham in the proportion of 2/3 veal and 1/3

ham. A few mushrooms are

Kale Cannon

(Old Irish Dish.)

Take ten or twelve good-sized potatoes, peel and boil in salt

Breast Of Veal Stewed

(Stufatino di petto di vitella)

Break a piece of breast of veal leaving all its

Sweetbread And Cucumber Salad

Mix two tablespoons cold cooked sweetbread cut in cubes, one

tablespoon cucumber cubes, and on

Braised Oxtails
Two oxtails, jointed and washed; six onions sliced and browned in pot
with oxtails. When nicely browned add water enough t

Lentil Cakes

A Savoury.

1/4 pound flour.

2 ounces butter.

A p

Preserved Strawberries
To one pint of strawberries take one pint of sugar and one-half cup of
water. Unless strawberries are cooked in the sun th

Raised Flour Waffles

Stir into a quart of flour sufficient lukewarm milk to make a thick

batter. The milk should be

Beauregard Eggs
The yolks of eggs are quite easily disposed of, as sauces frequently call
for the yolk of one or two eggs; then they may b

Take any pieces of cold cooked meat, chop them fine, season carefully with
salt, pepper, chopped parsley or celery. To eac


Ingredients: Polenta, onion, butter, salt, stock, Parmesan.

Make a somewhat firm

Sheep's Pluck

A sheep's pluck, properly cooked, will furnish a meat dinner enough for

twelve persons, at a v

Green Peas And Carrots On Toast

10 or 12 button carrots.

1/2 pint fresh green peas.

A little more than a gi

Cheap Meats

Those parts of meat which are called the cheap cuts, such

as the head, brains, tongue, tripe,

Eggs Coquelicot
Grease small custard or timbale cups and put inside of each a cooked
Spanish pepper. Drop in the pepper one egg. Dust it l


Peel and slice onions under water to keep the volatile oil from the

eyes. A cup of vinegar boi

Potted Herrings


Scale and clean fresh herrings, then taking the fish by the tai



When the barrel of apples you have bought, begins to make your

Stewed Rabbit
After the rabbit has been skinned, and carefully cleaned, wash quickly
and let stand over night in cold water to which sal

Fish Rechauffe

One pound cooked fish, one tablespoon each of mushroom ketchup, essence

of anchovy, Harvey's s

Curled Omelet

(Frittata in riccioli)

Boil a bunch of spinach and rub it through a sieve. Beat

Chocolat Meringue
From MRS. ALICE HOUGHTON, of Washington, Lady Manager.
One pint milk, two tablespoons corn starch, one cup sugar, one squa

Maple Parfait
For this rich, frozen dessert Mary beat 4 eggs lightly, poured slowly
over them 1 cup of hot maple syrup, cooked in a doub

Noodle Soup
From MRS. SUSAN R. ASHLEY, of Colorado, Sixth Vice President, Board of
Lady Managers.
The day before needed, put two

Another Method For Making Economical Soup

In households where large joints of salt beef, or pork, are cooked

almost daily for the family

Candied Sweet Potatoes
Place in an agate pudding dish 6 pared and halved (lengthwise) raw
sweet potatoes. Scatter over them three tablespoons of

Beef À La Bourguignonne
About three pounds of fillet of beef roasted in a good hot oven for forty
minutes; let it be rather underdone. Take three

Boiled Eggs
Soft-boiled eggs may be prepared in two ways. The eggs may be dropped
carefully into boiling water and boiled three minute

Sweet Pickled Peaches

Select fine, fresh, ripe, but not soft peaches, peel and weigh them. To

every seven pounds of

Bremen Apple Torte
Take seven peeled and cored apples, six tablespoons of sugar, two
tablespoons of butter, and cook together until apples ar

Brussels Sprouts Sausages

4 ounces cooked sprouts.

2 ounces mashed potatoes.

2 ounces bread crumbs.
Rich Creamed Potatoes

One cup potatoes cold, milk to cover, three tablespoonfuls butter, salt

and pepper to taste, d

Spanish Tongue.
Cook some venison, well seasoned, until tender and slice thin. Peel
and slice 2 apples and 1 Spanish onion; season and fry

Puree Of Beans

Soak two quarts of small, white beans over night;

change the water twice; drain, put them into a pot or sauc

Chicken Pie

A fowl is cooked (boiled) with flavoring vegetables until done, and is

then cut up as for fric



Three fourths pound of butter, two cups of milk, five cu

Swedish Sandwiches

Flake any cold cooked fish, dust it with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Rub the bottom of a bow

Fish With Horseradish Sauce
Clean three pounds of fresh salmon, bone, salt and let stand several
hours. Place in fish kettle with boiling salt water (

Shad Roe
Shad roe should be carefully taken from the fish, allowed to stand in
cold water, to which a pinch of salt has been added,

Cheese Croquettes
Take two good soup-spoonfuls of flour, and mix it with half a teacupful
of milk; melt a lump of butter, the size of a filb

Souffles Moulded

3 ounces cooked Brussels sprouts.

2 ounces mashed potato.

1 ounce boiled ri

Potato Pudding
Stir the yolks of eight eggs with a cup of sugar, add four tablespoons
of blanched and pounded almonds, and grate in the p

Side-dish Of Spinach

(Spinaci per contorno)

After cooking the spinach in boiling water and chopping t

Wild Duck

(Anitra selvatica)

Clean the duck, putting aside the giblets, and cut off the he

Lamb Chops
From MRS. ROBT. B. MITCHELL, of Kansas, Lady Manager.
Brush three ounces of melted butter over the inner part of a well
Leg Of Mutton In Casserole

(Cosciotto di castrato in cazzaruola)

Take a shoulder or a leg of mutton and aft

Boiled Peas

Do not shell peas until ready to cook. Salt, and slightly sweeten if

needed boiling water, dro

Salad Sandwiches

Chop fine half a pound of cold, cooked chicken; mix with it six

tablespoonfuls of mayonnaise d

Shoulder Of Lamb Grilled

The shoulder of lamb is good roasted plain, but is better cooked in the

following manner. Scor

Beef Steak Pudding
Chop sufficient cold cooked beef to make one pint; add to it a teaspoonful
of salt, a teaspoonful of onion juice, a dash o

No. 37. Minestra Of Rice And Turnips
Ingredients: Rice, turnips, butter, gravy, tomatoes.
Cut three or four young turnips into slices and put them on a dish,<

Minestra Of Rice And Turnips

Ingredients: Rice, turnips, butter, gravy, tomatoes.

Cut three or four young tur

Mutton Cooked
Put any pieces of tough uncooked mutton twice through the meat chopper;
season the meat with salt, pepper and onion juice.

Boiled Bacon And Cabbages

Put a piece of bacon in a pot capable of containing two gallons; let it

boil up, and skim it w

Cream Of Celery

For cream of celery take two cupfuls of diced celery, using the leaves,

ends and coarse pieces

Potato Dumplings
Cut cold cooked steak into cubes of a half inch. To each pint of these
allow a half pint of milk, six tablespoonfuls of fl

Creamed Salmon
A half cup of canned salmon, a left-over from lunch the preceding day,
may be added to double the quantity of cream dressi

Sweet Bread Liver And Heart

A very good way to cook the sweet bread, is to fry three or four slices

of pork till brown, th

Curried Beetroot And Cucumber

1 cucumber.

1 beetroot.

2 shalots.

1/2 pint water.

Baked Beans. Mrs. S. A. Powers.
Pick over and wash well one quart of small white beans; soak over
night. In the morning, pour off the water and cover wit

Scalloped Eggs
4 hard-boiled eggs
2 tablespoonfuls of butter
2 level tablespoonfuls of flour
1/2 pint of milk
No. 76. Stufato Alla Milanese (stewed Beef)
Ingredients: Rump steak, bacon, ham, salt, pepper, cinnamon,
cloves, butter, onions, Burgundy.
Beat a piece of rump

Stufato Alla Milanese Stewed Beef

Ingredients: Rump steak, bacon, ham, salt, pepper, cinnamon, cloves,

butter, onions, Burgundy.

Okra Gumbo Soup (southern)
Take one quart of ripe tomatoes, stew with one quart of okra, cut into
small rings. Put this on to boil with about two qua

Fish Pie
2 or 3 Bream--1s.

1 gill Milk or Melted Butter--1d.

Short Pastry, Pepper and Salt


No. 134. Pollo Alla Villereccia (chicken)
Ingredients: Fowl, butter, flour, stock, bacon, ham, mushrooms,
onions, cloves, eggs, cream, lemons.
Cut up a fowl

Pollo Alla Villereccia Chicken

Ingredients: Fowl, butter, flour, stock, bacon, ham, mushrooms, onions,

cloves, eggs, cream, l

Pudding Of Rice Meal

(Budino di farina di riso)

Milk, one quart.

Rice meal, seven ou

11 Shredded Wheat Biscuit And Apples

Wash, pare and cook in three cups of water, 6 apples, until tender. Dip

the tops of 6 shredded

Haricot Bean Stew

1 pint soaked haricot beans.

1 quart water.

1 teaspoon salt.

Remains Of Sausage
Take two pigeons, two cabbages, four slices of fried bacon, an ounce of
butter, a large wineglassful of sherry, and some g

No. 107. Testa Di Vitello Alla Pompadour (calf's Head)
Ingredients: Calf's head, calf's brains, cream, eggs, truffles,
cinnamon, stock, butter, Parmesan.
Boil and bone ha

Testa Di Vitello Alla Pompadour Calf's Head

Ingredients: Calf's head, calf's brains, cream, eggs, truffles,

cinnamon, stock, butter, Parme

Omelet O'brien
Put two tablespoonfuls of butter in a saucepan with four
tablespoonfuls of chopped onion. Cook until the onion is tender.

Steamed Asparagus (fine)
Wash asparagus and cut off about an inch of the tough ends, scrape off
thin skin. Place pieces of asparagus tips (all in o

Celery With Butter

(Sedano al burro)

Two heads of celery for each person.

Cauliflower And Shrimps
Choose twelve endives that are short and neat; cut off the outside leaves
and pare the bottom; wash them in plenty of wate

Mushroom Croquettes

3 ounces button mushrooms.

3 ounces cooked haricot beans.

1 cold potato.
Stuffed Tomatoes No 1

Cut off a small piece of the top; squeeze out the seeds and water.

Remove the meat of the toma

Escalloped Ham

Boil six eggs ten minutes. Make a thickening of two tablespoons of flour

cooked in two tablesp

Chicken Alla Cacciatora

(Pollo alla cacciatora)

Chop one large onion and keep it for more than half an h

Pilaf (turkish Style)
Soak one cup of rice in cold water for one hour. Pour off the water, and
put the rice with two cups of soup stock and one-

To Boil Rice A Black Man's Recipe

As rice is so often badly cooked, we make no apology for giving the

black man's celebrated rec

Pineapple Cream
This is a delicious dessert, taught Mary by Aunt Sarah. She used 1
quart sweet cream, 1-1/2 cups sugar, beaten together. I

Tomato And Haricot Bean Sauce

1 pint soaked haricot beans.

1 onion.

Tomato liquor.

The see

Risotto Alla Spagnuola

Ingredients: Rice, pork, ham, onions, tomatoes, butter, stock,

vegetables, Parmesan.

Frittata Di Funghi Mushroom Omelette

Ingredients: Mushrooms, butter, eggs, bread crumbs, Parmesan, marjoram,



Salad Sauce

1 pint tomato juice.

1 carrot.

1 turnip.

1 onion.

To Dress Coarse Fish
Put the fins, skin, trimmings of skate into water enough to cook them,
with pepper and salt and simmer for half an hour. S

Onion Soup
Begin by cleaning four potatoes, two leeks, a celery, four carrots, three
pounds of big tomatoes; well wash all these vege

Asparagus Soup

4 bunches asparagus

1 small onion

1 pint milk

Crisp Cake In Double Boiler

(Croccante a bagno maria)

Sugar, five and a half ounces.


Baked Or Roast Pig

A pig for roasting or baking should be small and fat. Take out the

inwards, and cut off the fi

Boiled Shoulder Of Mutton With Onions

Put the shoulder of mutton to boil in your two-gallon pot, with a

handful of salt and plenty o

Mushrooms En Coquille

Wash half a pound of nice, fresh mushrooms, peel them and cut off the

stems, cut the flaps int

Carrot Salad
Aunt Sarah pared and cut 1-1/2 cups of uncooked carrots in thin
strips, not much larger than common match sticks, and cook

Haricot And Spinach Souffle

4 tablespoons finely-minced haricot beans.

3 tablespoons minced spinach.


Breakfast Meat
1 lb. Cold Meat--3d.

2 oz. Macaroni--1 1/2d.

Pepper and Salt

3 Tomatoes

Haricot Souffle With Bechamel Sauce

1/2 pound soaked haricot beans.

1 tablespoon cream or milk.

Whites of 2 egg

Cut off the woody part, scrape the lower part of the stalks. Wash well
and tie in bunches. Put into a deep stew-pan, with

Boiled Spinach
Wash one-half peck of spinach thoroughly through a half dozen waters,
until free from sand. Place in a stew-pan containing

Tenderloin With Marsala

(Filetto al marsala)

Roll a piece of the tenderloin, tie it and, if it is about

11 Fig Ice Cream

Put 3-1/2 cupfuls of milk in a double boiler and as soon as it comes to

a boil stir in two tab

Lemon Syrup

(Sciroppo di limone)

Three big lemons.

One and a half pound of

28 Turkey And Sausage Scallop

Butter a pudding dish and fill with alternate layers of cold minced

turkey and cooked minced a

A Norwegian Fish Dish

Take a fresh codfish weighing about 4 pounds; do not wash it, but wipe

with a soft cloth wrung

Boiled Fish
To boil fish properly it must never really boil; and in this lies the
secret of success. If it boils it has a watery, insi

Vegetable Hash
Hash may be made with one or many vegetables and with or without the
addition of meat and fish. Potato is the most useful

No. 67. Salmone Alla Giardiniera (salmon)
Ingredients: Salmon, forcemeat of fish, vegetables, butter,
Bechamel, and Espagnole sauce.
Prepare the fillets as a

Salmone Alla Giardiniera Salmon

Ingredients: Salmon, forcemeat of fish, vegetables, butter, Bechamel,

and Espagnole sauce.

Potato Soup
Boil and mash three or four potatoes, one tablespoon of butter, one-half
tablespoon of flour, and one teaspoon of chopped

Graham Christmas Pudding
From MRS. LAURA F. COLEMAN, of Colorado, Lady Manager.
Two pounds of beef; half pound suet; half pound butter; five pounds

Creamed Toast
Partly fill a large tureen with slices of crisply-browned and buttered
toast. (Slices of bread which have become dry and h

Clam Fritters
1/2 cup milk
2 cups cooked corn
1-1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
1/3 teaspoon pepper
2 teaspoons D

Bellevue Bouillon
50 large clams
2 quarts of water
12 whole peppercorns
1/2 teaspoonful of celery seed

Fish And Butter Sauce
3 Whiting or Bream--1s.

1 1/2 oz. Butter

1 teaspoonful Parsley, Pepper and Salt 1 1/2d.

Plain Corned Beef Sandwiches

Butter an equal quantity of white and whole wheat bread. Cut the cooked

corned beef into very

Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is one of the first desserts a child should learn to make,

as it is so little tro

Tomatoes En Surprise
Cut cold boiled lamb into dice, mix with it half the quantity of freshly
cooked green peas or canned peas. Add a half can

Veal Pie

Crust for veal or chicken pie, two teacups flour, two teaspoonfuls

baking powder, one teaspoon

Casserole Of Rice And Beef

One can of Armour's Veribest Roast Beef, one half teaspoon of salt, one

fourth teaspoon of pep

Peach Marmalade
Thinly pare ripe peaches. Cut in quarters and remove pits. Place
peaches in a preserving kettle with 1/2 cup of water; hea

Roast Of Hare

(Arrosto di lepre)

The part of the hare fitted for roast is the hind quarters, b

Fish Canapes

Pound a quarter of a pound of cooked fish to a paste; season it with a

few drops of onion juic

Brussels Sprouts


Salted water.

Clean the sprouts very thoroughly, remov

Pudding Genoese

(Budino alla genovese)

Chop together a slice of veal, some chicken breast and tw



The Italian stufato is somewhat different from the stewed meat that
No. 150. Lepre Agro-dolce (hare)
Ingredients: Hare, vinegar butter, onion, ham, stock salt, sugar,
chocolate, almonds, raisins.
Cut up a hare and wa

Lepre Agro-dolce Hare

Ingredients: Hare, vinegar butter, onion, ham, stock salt, sugar,

chocolate, almonds, raisins.

Duck Bordelaise
Chop cold cooked chicken or turkey very fine; to each pint allow a half
can of mushrooms chopped fine. Put one tablespoonf

Tomato Sauce
6 Tomatoes--2d.

1 oz. Butter--1d.

1 1/2 oz. Flour

1/2 spoonful Sugar


Breast Of Mutton And Peas
2 Breasts of Mutton--4d.

2 Onions

1 Carrot--1/2d.

1 Egg--1d.

Bread Crum

Creamed Mushrooms
First wash them thoroughly in cold water, peel them and remove the
stems, then cut them in halves or quarters, according t

Quince Jelly
Prepare the fruit and cook peels and cores as directed for preserving.
Cut the quinces in small pieces and let them boil i

Eggs--"eierkuchen" Or Omelette
For this excellent omelette or "eierkuchen," as Aunt Sarah called it,
she used the following:
3 fresh eggs.

Eggs A La Reine
6 eggs
1/2 pint of chopped cold cooked chicken
1/2 can of mushrooms
2 tablespoonfuls of butter

Rice Stew

1/2 pound cooked rice.

1 pint water.

1 carrot.

1 turnip.

Kidney Soup
1 Ox Kidney--4d.

2 Onions--1/2d.

1 oz. Butter--1d.

1 oz. Cornflour--1/2d.

Orange Marmalade
Slice whole oranges very thin and cut in short pieces after washing
them. Save the seeds. To each pound of sliced oranges

Eggs A La Regence
6 eggs
1/2 cupful of chopped cold cooked ham
1 grated onion
1/2 can of chopped mushrooms

Scones For Twenty-five Persons
At suppers where the yolks of eggs are used for mayonnaise or cooked
dressing, the whites accumulate and are lost if not u

Fish Au Gratin
1 Sole--9d.

1 teaspoonful of Parsley

4 teaspoonful Bread Crumbs--1/2d.

1/2 Small Onio

No. 85. Vitello Alla Pellegrina (breast Of Veal)
Ingredients: Breast of veal, butter, onions, sugar, stock, red
wine, mushrooms, bacon, salt, flour, bay leaf.

Vitello Alla Pellegrina Breast Of Veal

Ingredients: Breast of veal, butter, onions, sugar, stock, red wine,

mushrooms, bacon, salt, f

Baked Rabbit
This dish is very excellent with mutton instead of kid; the meat tastes
like venison if this recipe is followed:

Dried Apple Fruit Cake. Mrs. W. H. Eckhart.
Take three cups of dried apples, and soak over night; then chop them
fine, and cook slowly for three hours in three cups o

Sweet-bread Croquettes
From MRS. T. J. BUTLER, of Arizona, Lady Manager.
Take a knuckle of veal; boil two hours in sufficient water to cover

Cream Potatoes

Bake the potatoes in a slow oven. When perfectly cold slice rather thin.

Put into a pan, sprin

Cheese Blintzes
With a fork beat up one egg, one-half teaspoon of salt, add one cup of
water and one cup of sifted flour, beat until smoot

Dry Deviled Parsnips

Wash and scrape--not pare--three large parsnips; cut in halves,

lengthwise, and place, cut sid

No. 77. Manzo Marinato Arrosto (marinated Beef)
Ingredients: Beef, salt, larding bacon, Burgundy, vinegar, spices,
herbs, flour.
Beat a piece of rump steak, or fil

Manzo Marinato Arrosto Marinated Beef

Ingredients: Beef, salt, larding bacon, Burgundy, vinegar, spices,

herbs, flour.

A Clam Omelette
Two eggs beaten separately, 1 scant cup of milk, 1 tablespoonful of
flour, 6 clams run through a food-chopper. Place in a

Bread Pancakes
Soak stale bread overnight in sour milk, mash the bread fine in the
morning, and put in one-half teaspoon of salt, two egg

Italian Soup
2 oz. Macaroni--1 1/2d.

2 quarts Water or Pot Boilings

2 Tomatoes

1 oz. Butter

Boiled Indian Pudding

Dissolve a level teaspoonful of soda in one pint

of sour milk, add to it one pint of molasses,

Croutons Alla Romana

Ingredients: Bread, fowl forcemeat, tongue, truffles, herbs, cream,

stock, butter, flour, eggs

Veal Shape
2 lbs. Neck of Veal--8d.

1 Lemon

Pepper and Salt--1/2d.

1/4 lb. Ham or Bacon--2d.

Spanish Onions Stuffed

6 large Spanish onions.

1 ounce cooked vermicelli.

1/2 ounce bread crumbs.<

Stewed Shin Of Beef
4 pounds of shin of beef.
1 medium-sized onion.
1 whole clove and bay leaf.
1 sprig of parsley.
1-1/2 ta

Brown Stock

(Sugo di Carne)

Cover the bottom of a saucepan with thin slices of beef taken fr

No. 43. Anguilla Alla Milanese (eels).
Ingredients: Eels, butter, flour, stock, bay leaves, salt, pepper,
Chablis, a macedoine of vegetables.
Cut up a big

Anguilla Alla Milanese Eels

Ingredients: Eels, butter, flour, stock, bay leaves, salt, pepper,

Chablis, a macedoine of veg

Crabs Ravigot
1 can of tomatoes
1 box of gelatin
1 onion
1 saltspoonful of celery seed
1 bay

Haricot Bean And Green Pea Stew

1/2 pint soaked haricot beans.

1/2 pint shelled green peas.

1 1/2 pints of

Beef Tongue With Olives

(Lingua di bue alle olive)

Scald the tongue and peel off the skin. Then put it b

Tomato Soup

1 large can tomatoes or equivalent of fresh tomatoes.

1 small onion

Apple-orange Marmalade

Take seven pounds of apples, all green, if possible; wash and remove any


Ravioli Alla Fiorentina

Ingredients: Beetroot, eggs, Parmesan, milk or cream, nutmeg, spices,

salt, flour, gravy.

No. 21. Soup Alla Lombarda
Ingredients: Clear soup, fowl forcemeat, Bechamel (No. 3), peas,
lobster butter, eggs, asparagus.
Make a firm force

Soup Alla Lombarda

Ingredients: Clear soup, fowl forcemeat, Bechamel (No. 3), peas, lobster

butter, eggs, asparag

"frau" Schmidt's Recipe For Apple Butter
For this excellent apple butter take 5 gallons of cider, 1 bucket of
"Schnitz" (sweet apples were always used for the "Sch

White Weak And Blue Fish

White fish, weak fish, blue fish and similar kinds I like best when

large enough to have the b

A French Plum Pie.
Stew one pound of fine dried French plums until tender, in water,
rather more than enough to cover, with one glass of port

Uova Ripiene Canapes Of Egg

Ingredients: Eggs, butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg, cheese, parsley,

mushrooms, Bechamel and Espa

Dutch Sauce For Fish
Take a piece of veal suitable for roasting, and put it in vinegar for
twenty-four hours.
Roast it with butter, peppe

Mixed Pickles
Wash one quart of large cucumbers, cut in cubes, one quart of small
cucumbers left whole, one quart small silver-skinned o

Stuffed Italian Squash

(Zucchini ripieni)

For a description of the Zucchini see No. 32.

Fish Piquant
Cook any large fish in salt water--salmon is particularly nice prepared
in this style--add one cup of vinegar, onions, cel

Curried Fish


One pound cooked white fish, one apple, two ounces of butter, one

Rhubarb Marmalade (as Frau Schmidt Made It)
Cut rhubarb into small pieces, put in stew-pan with just enough water
to prevent sticking fast. When cooked tender, mash f

Cream Of Asparagus

Prepare a bunch of asparagus in the usual way for cooking, cut off the

points about an inch in

No. 72. Manzo Alla Certosina (fillet Of Beef)
Ingredients: Fillet of beef or rump steak, bacon, olive oil, salt,
nutmeg, anchovies, herbs, stock, garlic.
Put a p

Excellent Paste For Pastry
Put three soup-spoonfuls of Carolina rice to swell in a little water,
with a pat of butter. When the rice has absorbed all

Manzo Alla Certosina Fillet Of Beef

Ingredients: Fillet of beef or rump steak, bacon, olive oil, salt,

nutmeg, anchovies, herbs, s

Curry Balls
Chop sufficient cold cooked beef to make one pint; season it with a
teaspoonful of salt, a tablespoonful of chopped parsle

Cream Of Chicken


Pound three quarters of a pound of chicken, veal or rabbit unt

Roast Beef

A roast of beef, after being scraped and wiped free from all particles

of sawed bone, should b

Stuffed Cabbage

Use a savoy cabbage, open up the leaves and wash thoroughly in cold

water, put in salted boili

A Boned Turkey
Cut up a pair of young chickens, and season them with pepper and
salt and a little mace and nutmeg. Put them into a pot wi

Lentil Stew With Forcemeat Cutlets

1 quart soaked lentils.

1 carrot.

1 turnip.

1 onion.

Chicken Salad For Two Hundred. Mrs. W. H. Eckhart.
Thirty chickens, cooked and cut medium fine, fifty heads of celery,
two gallons of good strong vinegar, three pounds of li

Spanish Steak

Pound thoroughly by means of a saucer a half cup of flour with a pound

of round steak. Then ov

Eggs A La Trinidad
6 eggs
2 lamb's kidneys
1 cupful of fresh bread crumbs
2 level tablespoonfuls of butter

No. 130. Croutons Alla Romana
Ingredients: Bread, fowl forcemeat, tongue, truffles, herbs,
cream, stock, butter, flour, eggs.
Cut a bit of crumb

No. 126. Fritto Misto Alla Piemontese
Ingredients: Sweetbread, calf s brains, ox palate, flour, eggs,
Chablis, salt, herbs butter.
Make a thin paste with

Fritto Misto Alla Piemontese

Ingredients: Sweetbread, calf s brains, ox palate, flour, eggs, Chablis,

salt, herbs butter.
Fancy Omelets

After the little daughter has mastered this popular dish, show her how

to make it into a fancy

Pudding Of Roasted Almonds

(Budino di mandorle tostate)

Milk, one quart.

Sugar, three and

Oatmeal Nut Loaf

Oatmeal nut loaf can be served cold in place of meat for Sunday night

tea. Put two cups of wat

Crecy Soup
6 Carrots--2d.

2 oz. Butter--2d.

1 Onion

1/2 teaspoonful Sugar

1/2 teas


Your infant _peas_ to asparagus prefer;

Which to the supper you may best defer.

Turkey Stuffing

Add one teaspoonful of salt, one-fourth a teaspoonful of pepper and one

tablespoonful and one-

Baked Mushroom Pudding

1/2 pound haricot bean pulp.

6 or 8 button mushrooms.

1 shalot.

Boiled Ham
When preparing to cook a ham, scrape, wash and trim it carefully.
Place ham in a large cook pot or boiler, partly cover wi

Fire Apples

Select bright red apples, cut off the tops and with a knife remove the

meat, leaving only suff

Lingua Di Manzo Al Citriuoli Tongue With Cucumber

Ingredients: Ox tongue, salt, pepper, nutmeg, parsley, bacon, veal,

carrots, onions, thyme, ba

Lentil Sausages
For each person soak one tablespoon of lentils overnight. Then drain and
leave them spread on a dish for a day.

Spanish Omelet
In a chopping bowl place two nice large ripe tomatoes, first peeling
them; one large or two medium-sized white Texas onion

Pommes ChÂteau
There was a man in Ghent who loved mushrooms, but he could only eat them
done in this fashion. If you said, "Monsieur, wil

String Beans In Mold

(Sformato di fagiolini)

Take one pound of string beans, seeing that they are qui

Spinach Pudding

Make a sauce of one ounce and a half of butter, one ounce of flour, a

scant half cup of rich m

Grandmother's Recipe For "mince Meat"
The day preceding that on which mince meat is to be prepared, boil 5
pounds of beef. To the well-cooked, finely-chopped me

Boiled Ham.
The best ham to select is one weighing from eight to ten pounds. Take
one that is not too fat, to save waste. Wash it car

Journey Or Johnny Cakes

Scald a quart of sifted Indian meal with sufficient water to make it a

very thick batter. Stir

Hashed Brown Potatoes
Stir two cups of cold mashed potatoes, with four tablespoonfuls of milk,
over the fire until they are warm and light; take

No. 52. Merluzzo In Salamoia (cod)
Ingredients: Cod, hake, whiting or red mullet, onions, parsley,
mint, marjoram, turnips, mushrooms, chervil, cloves, salt

Merluzzo In Salamoia Cod

Ingredients: Cod, hake, whiting or red mullet, onions, parsley, mint,

marjoram, turnips, mushr

Pickled Crab-apples
Select tart, firm, red or yellow crab-apples, three quarts; remove all
decayed spots but leave the stems. Put three cups o

Boiled Potatoes

Plain boiled potatoes, with the skin on, are delicious when cooked as

they should be. The requ

Stewed Duck And Peas

I give thee all my kitchen lore,

Though poor the offering be;


Cooked Hominy
Wash one cup of hominy through several waters. (The grains should
resemble kernels of corn.) Cover with cold water and sta

Carrots And Peas
Wash, scrape and cut one pint of carrots in small cubes, cook until
tender, drain and reserve one-half cup of carrot water

Preserved Cherries
Aunt Sarah's preserved cherries were fine, and this was her way of
preparing them: She used 1 pound of granulated sugar to

Stewed Kidneys And Potatoes

Wash one quart of potatoes, (cost three

cents,) pare off one ring from each, and put them to b

Hoche Pot Gantois
Take two pounds of mutton, the breast or one of the inferior parts will
do as well as a prime piece. Put in an earthenware

Egg Chops
6 hard-boiled eggs
1/2 pint of finely chopped cooked ham
1/2 pint of milk
2 level tablespoonfuls o

Kartoffle Balla (potato Balls)
Boil until tender, 8 medium-sized (not pared) potatoes; when quite
cold remove parings and grate them; fry one finely-chop

Savoury Sausages

1/4 Pound cooked cabbage.

1/4 pound mashed potatoes.

1 hard-boiled egg.

Egg Farci
6 hard-boiled eggs
2 cupfuls of mashed potatoes
1 cupful of finely chopped cold cooked meat

Dried Beans
Look the beans over carefully to remove all dirt and pebbles, then wash
clean. Soak them overnight in plenty of cold water

Sandwiches à La Rorer

Chop sufficient white meat of cooked chicken to make a half pint.

Select two fine bunches of c


Sturgeons are good boiled or baked, but better fried. Before baking it,

boil it about fifteen

Prince Of Wales Cake

White Part.--One cup sugar, one-half cup butter, whites of three

eggs, two cups flour, one-hal

Haricot Mould Hot

2 tablespoons sago.

4 tablespoons cooked haricot beans.

1 pint stock.

Black Bean Soup With Mock Meat Balls

Soak over night a pint of black beans in a quart of water. In the

morning drain, and cover wit

Sauce Bechamel
1 four pound chicken
1/2 pint of milk
2 level tablespoonfuls of butter
4 level tablespoonful

Fried Liver And Bacon
Have _beef_ liver cut in slices about one inch thick; quickly rinse
and wipe dry. Remove the thin skin on the edge and cut

No. 19. Clear Soup
Ingredients: Stock meat, water, a bunch of herbs (thyme, parsley,
chervil, bay leaf, basil, marjoram), three carrots, thr

Clear Soup

Ingredients: Stock meat, water, a bunch of herbs (thyme, parsley,

chervil, bay leaf, basil, ma


Lentils have been used for food in older countries for a long

time, and it is quite necessary

No. 98. Lingua Di Manzo Al Citriuoli (tongue With Cucumber)
Ingredients: Ox tongue, salt, pepper, nutmeg, parsley, bacon, veal,
carrots, onions, thyme, bay leaves, cloves, stock.

Be careful about measuring. Do not think you can guess just

right every time; you cannot do it


With the coming of the spring vegetables will be opened a new field for

the child to explore.

Brighton Stew

1/2 pound cooked haricot beans.

1/2 pint fresh green peas.

1 small cauliflo

No. 32. Soup Alla Maria Pia
Ingredients: White stock, eggs, butter, peas, white beans, carrot,
onion, leeks, celery, cream croutons.
Soak one p

Soup Alla Maria Pia

Ingredients: White stock, eggs, butter, peas, white beans, carrot,

onion, leeks, celery, cream


Dissolve a tea-spoonful of saleratus in four table-spoonsful of milk, or

leave out one spoonfu

Canned Peaches
When canning peaches make a syrup composed of 1 cup of sugar to 2 cups
of water.
Place in preserving kettle and when

Eggs A La Gretna
6 eggs
2 heads of celery
2 level tablespoonfuls of butter
2 level tablespoonfuls of flour




Freshen and soak the codfish in cold wate

Boiled Artichokes

The edible part of a French Artichoke is the base of the scales and the

bottom of the artichok

No. 100. Lingue Di Vitello All'italiana (calves' Tongues)
Ingredients: Calves' tongues, salt, butter, stock, water, glaze,
potatoes, ham, truffles, sauce piquante.
Rub a goo

Lingue Di Vitello All'italiana Calves' Tongues

Ingredients: Calves' tongues, salt, butter, stock, water, glaze,

potatoes, ham, truffles, sauc

Young peas, canned tomatoes, green corn, asparagus, spinach, Brussels
sprouts--15 to 20 minutes.
Rice, potatoes, mac

Veal With Tunny

(Vitello tonnato)

Take two pounds of meat without bones, remove the fat and tend

Chinese Cabbage--pe Tsai

A few years ago this delicious vegetable was introduced into this

Brain Fritters

Carefully wash an ox brain, and boil it for a quarter of an hour in

well-seasoned stock. When

Pleasing Variations

Stock made thus can be simply reheated or changed to any desired kind of

soup by the addition

Flour Pudding

Into a pint and a half of sifted flour stir gradually, so that it may

not be lumpy, a quart of

Roast Pork

Let us suppose, or rather hope, that you may sometimes have a leg of

pork to cook for your din

Boiled Fish
To cook fish properly is very important, as no food, perhaps, is so
insipid as fish if carelessly cooked. It must be well

Pot Roasting
Fresh meat should be put into boiling water and boiled over hot fire
for about 5 minutes; reduce heat and boil very gently

Pudding Sauces
2 cups ground suet
2 cups bread crumbs
2 cups flour
2 teaspoons Dr. Price's Baking Powder
2 cups sugar
Canned String Beans
Aunt Sarah used no preservative when canning beans. She gathered the
beans when quite small and tender, no thicker than an

Veal In White Sauce
2 lbs. Neck of Veal--10d.

2 oz. Butter--1 1/2d.

1 oz. Flour

Salt and Pepper

Bacon And Eggs

Place thin slices of bacon in a hot skillet, turn frequently to keep

from curling, and remove

Pot Roast. Braised Beef
Heat some fat or goose fat in a deep iron pot, cut half an onion very
fine and when it is slightly browned put in the meat

Economy Cakes

Rusked bread, or that which is old and sour, can be made into nice

cakes. The bread should be

Fish Canapes

Pick apart sufficient cold cooked fish to make a half pint. Rub

together two level tablespoonf

Beef Fritters
Scrape and cut into fancy pieces one good-sized carrot and one turnip. Put
these into a saucepan, cover with a pint of sto

No. 140. Dindo Arrosto Alla Milanese (roast Turkey)
Ingredients: Turkey, sausage meat, prunes, chestnuts, a pear,
butter, Marsala, salt, rosemary, bacon, carrot, onion, turn

Dindo Arrosto Alla Milanese Roast Turkey

Ingredients: Turkey, sausage meat, prunes, chestnuts, a pear, butter,

Marsala, salt, rosemary,

3 lbs. Leg of Beef--6d.

2 quarts Water

1 fagot of Herbs

Salt and Pepper

Vegetable Soup

One cup and a half of green peas, three small French carrots, and a

small cauliflower cut into

Haricots On Bread

1/2 pint soaked haricot beans.

1 pint water.

2 tablespoons mashed potato.
Spinach Balls

Put a slightly heaping tablespoonful of butter, a tablespoonful of

cream, and half a teaspoonf

Boned Shoulder Of Mutton.
Have the bone carefully removed from a rather lean shoulder of mutton,
and fill the orifice thus left with a good forcemea

Smelts Trout And Perch

Smelts, trout, perch and other small fish, are fried whole, while the

larger kinds are cut in

Boiled Trout
Cut up a celery root, one onion, and a sprig of parsley, tie the fish in
a napkin and lay it on this bed of roots; pour in

Gefillte Fisch
Prepare trout, pickerel or pike in the following manner: After the fish
has been scaled and thoroughly cleaned, remove all



Take a sound-looking potato of any variety; pay but little

attention to

Red Cabbage
Cut fine on slaw-cutter, put cabbage in a colander, pour boiling water
over it and let it stand over another pan for ten m

Marinaded Cutlets

Cut a pound of the best end of neck of mutton into cutlets, allowing two

cutlets for each bone

No. 50. Whiting Alla Genovese
Ingredients: Whiting, butter, pepper, salt, bay leaf claret,
parsley, onions, garlic capers, vinegar, Espagnole sauce,
Whiting Alla Genovese

Ingredients: Whiting, butter, pepper, salt, bay leaf claret, parsley,

onions, garlic capers, v

Braized Cucumber With Tomato Sauce

1 cucumber.

1 shalot.

1/2 pound tomatoes.

1 gill of water.
Black Puddings

When a pig is killed, the blood should be caught in a pan, and a little

salt must be stirred i

Vegetable Oyster
From MRS. E. S. THOMSON, of Maryland, Lady Manager.
Do not wash prairie chickens. Cover this breasts with very thin slices

Spaghetti Or Macaroni With Butter And Cheese

(Pasta al burro e formaggio)

This is the simplest form in which the spaghetti ma

Apple Sauce Cake
This apple sauce cake will be found as delicious and tasty as the rich
fruit cake, which is so difficult to prepare, and i

Mutton Cutlets

Taken from the neck, mutton cutlets are expensive, but those from the

loin will be found not o

Mock Fish Chops

Pare three good sized potatoes, cut fine and throw them into cold water

to prevent them from t

Lamb Canapés

2 cans, or one quart of cooked peas

1 blade of mace

2 level tablespoonfuls

Tea Biscuit Sandwiches

Put one quart of flour into a bowl; add four level teaspoonfuls of

baking powder, a teaspoonfu

Lattughe Al Sugo Lettuce

Ingredients: Lettuce, Parmesan, bacon, stock, butter, croutons of bread,



No. 146. Beccaccini Alla Diplomatica (snipe)
Ingredients: Snipe, ham, larding bacon, herbs, Marsala, croutons,
truffles, cocks' combs, mushrooms, sweetbread, tongue.<

Beccaccini Alla Diplomatica Snipe

Ingredients: Snipe, ham, larding bacon, herbs, Marsala, croutons,

truffles, cocks' combs, mush

Vegetable Marrow Rings With Tomato Batter

1 medium-sized vegetable marrow.

8 ounces tomato pulp.

1 egg.

"brod Knodel," Or Bread Dumplings
3 cups of stale bread (cut like dice).
3/4 cup of flour.
1/2 teaspoonful baking powder.
3/4 cup milk.

Whites Of Eggs
The soft boiled eggs that are left from breakfast will be at once hard
boiled, put into the refrigerator, and when four ha

No. 104. Ateletti Alla Genovese
Ingredients: Veal, sweetbread, calf's brains, ox palates,
mushrooms, fonds d'artichauds, cocks' combs, eggs, Parmesan, br

Ateletti Alla Genovese

Ingredients: Veal, sweetbread, calf's brains, ox palates, mushrooms,

fonds d'artichauds, cocks

Baked Ham A La Miller

1 ten or twelve pound ham

1 1/2 lb. brown sugar

1 p

A Salad Of Tomatoes
Cut a large cabbage in two, slice and wash, put it into boiling water
with salt, and when partly cooked, add some potatoes

Risotto With Lobster

(Risotto coi gamberi)

For this risotto either lobster or crab meat can be used:

Veal Roll
25 pounds of round of beef
6 sweet peppers, or
1 can of Spanish pimentos
12 sweet turnips
Polenta Pie

(Polenta Pasticciata)

Make a very stiff mush of cornmeal cooked in milk. Salt it

A Very Old Recipe For Dumplings, Or "knopf"
One and one-half quarts of flour was sifted with 2-1/2 tablespoonfuls
of Royal baking powder, 1 teaspoonful of butter was

Time Required To Cook Vegetables
Bake good-sized potatoes in oven about 45 minutes. Smaller potatoes
require less time to bake.
Boil ordinary sized p

Rosettes, Wafers And Rosenkuchen (as Made By Frau Schmidt)
Prepare a batter from the following:
1 cup of sweet milk.
2 eggs.
Pinch of salt.
1 cup of flour, good me

An Egg And Tomato Omelette
Beat the yolks of three eggs until light, then add three
tablespoonfuls of water. Beat the whites of the eggs separately.

Clam Chowder

Chop up fifty large clams; cut eight medium-sized

potatoes into small square pieces, and keep them in cold w

Squab Timbale

(Timballo di piccioni)

Chop together some ham, onion, celery and carrot, add a p

From MRS. NAOMI T. COMPTON, of New Jersey, Alternate Lady Manager.
Have a teacupful of very finely minced ham prepared for

Beef Steak

The tender loin is the best piece for broiling--a steak from the round

or shoulder clod is goo

"kartoffle Klose"
One quart of cold, boiled, skinned potatoes, grated. (Boil without
paring the day before they are to be used, if possible.

Stuffed Beef Cutlet

(Braciuola di manzo ripiena)

The ingredients for this dish are a slice of beef h


In order to be healthy we must eat some fresh vegetables;

they are cheap and nourishing, espec

Rich Baked Vegetable Stew

2 large young carrots.

4 fresh tomatoes.

3 or 4 new potatoes.

Dried Sweet Corn
In season when ears of sweet corn are at their best for cooking
purposes, boil double the quantity necessary for one meal,

Braised Mutton


One boned shoulder of mutton, four ounces of bread crumbs, two

Canned Plums
To four quarts of plums take one quart of sugar and one cup of water.
Wash, drain and prick the plums. Make a syrup of the


The fore and hind quarters are good roasting pieces. Sprinkle salt and

pepper on the lamb, tur

Hecht (pickerel)
This fish is best prepared "scharf." Clean your fish thoroughly and salt
the day previous; wrap it in a clean towel and la

No. 102. Porcelletto Da Latte In Galantina (sucking Pig)
Ingredients: Sucking pig, forcemeat of fowl, bacon, truffles,
pistacchio nuts, ham, lemon, veal, bay leaves, salt, carrot

Porcelletto Da Latte In Galantina Sucking Pig

Ingredients: Sucking pig, forcemeat of fowl, bacon, truffles, pistacchio

nuts, ham, lemon, vea

Broiled Steak
When buying beefsteak for broiling, order the steak cut 1 inch to
1-1/4 inches thick. Place the steak on a well-greased, h

Potato Salad
This is purely a vegetable salad; it is exceedingly nice for a simple
evening affair. Shave sufficient cabbage to make a p

Sea Kale

An easily grown vegetable, especially valuable when forced during the

winter mon

Rice Strudel
Prepare the dough same as for Apple Strudel. Leave it in a warm place
covered, until you have prepared the rice. Wash a qu

2 cups of flour.
4 teaspoons (level) of baking powder.
2/3 cup of milk or a little more if needed.
1/2 teaspoo

Cold Meat Cutlets


Half pound cold meat or chicken, one ounce butter, one ounce of fl

Mock Turtle Soup

Take half a calf's head, with the skin on; remove the

brains. Wash the head in several waters, and let it so

Chicken Salad. Mrs. T. H. B. Beale.
Shred cold boiled chicken, and measure one pint chicken and one pint
celery; season with French dressing as below, and kee

Ateletti Alla Sarda

Ingredients: Veal or fowl, ox palates, stock, tongue, truffles, butter,

mushrooms, sweetbread.

"leber Klose" Or Liver Dumplings
Boil a good-sized soup bone for several hours in plenty of water, to
which add salt and pepper to taste and several small

To Make Beef Stock

Take six pounds of soup meat, cut it up into good

sized pieces, break the bones into small pieces, place the

How To Prepare A Large Quantity Of Good Soup For The Poor

It is customary with most large families, while living in the country,

to kill at least some p

Vegetable Meat Pie
Soak one-half cup of Lima beans overnight; in the morning let them boil
rapidly for one-half hour. Drain, slip the beans f

Stewed Or Steamed Chicken
Cut a nicely cleaned chicken into nine pieces. (Do not separate the
meat from the breast-bone until it has been cooked.) P

No. 145. Perniciotti Alla Gastalda (partridges)
Ingredients: Partridges, cauliflower, bacon, sausage, fowls'
livers, carrots, onions herbs, stock, gravy, butter, Madeira

Perniciotti Alla Gastalda Partridges

Ingredients: Partridges, cauliflower, bacon, sausage, fowls' livers,

carrots, onions herbs, st

Warmed Over Meats

Boiled or roasted veal makes a nice dish, chopped fine, and warmed up,

with just sufficient wa

Grape Jelly
The Concord is the best all-round grape for jelly, although the Catawba
grape makes a delicious jelly. Make your jelly as

No. 103. Ateletti Alla Sarda
Ingredients: Veal or fowl, ox palates, stock, tongue, truffles,
butter, mushrooms, sweetbread.
Soak two ox palates

Ragout Of Egg Plant

Boil a small egg plant until tender. Peel it thinly and set aside to get

cold. Cut in slices a

Floating Island
From MRS. GOVERNOR RICHARDS, of Montana, President State Board and
Lady Manager.
Make with boiling water one quart o

Corn Meal Mush
Place on the range a cook-pot containing 9 cups of boiling water (good
measure). Sift in slowly 2 cups of yellow granulate

Watermelon Pickle
Do not throw away the rind of melons. It can be preserved and will make
a delicious relish. Remove the green rind of water


Take out the inwards, wash both the inside and outside of the turkey.

Prepare a dressing made

"sauergebratens" Or German Pot Roast
Buy about three pounds of beef, as for an ordinary pot roast. Place in
a large bowl. Boil vinegar (or, if vinegar is too s

Sauteed Chicken

Young chickens should be used for this purpose. Feel the breast bone; if

it bends beneath pres

Remarks On Soups

Soups, like salads, present an excellent opportunity for the cook to

display goo

Apple Jelly

Take one pound of apples, peel them with a sharp knife, cut them in two,

take out the core, an

Peppers Stuffed With Meat
Cut a slice from the blossom end of each pepper, remove seeds and
parboil ten minutes. Chop one onion fine and cook in fat

Pate-de-foie-gras In Aspic
1 pint of cooked chopped chicken
1/2 pint of milk
2 level tablespoonfuls of butter
1 teaspoo

Nut Turkey

Nut turkey for Thanksgiving instead of the national bird, made by mixing

one quart of sifted d

English Lemon Stewed Fish
Have washed and scraped clean the nape or head and shoulders of halibut,
a shad, or any good firm fish; cut it up small an

To Melt Fat For Shortening

The fat of all kinds of meat, excepting that of ham and mutton, makes

good shortening. Roast m

Preparing A Pot Roast
When buying a pot roast, "Aunt Sarah" selected a thick, chunky piece
of meat, weighing several pounds, and a small piece o

Baked Fish
4 Mullet or Jew-fish--1s.

2 oz. Bread Crumbs--1/2d.

1 oz. Butter--1d.

Pepper and Salt

Meat Stuffing For Vol-au-vent

(Ripieno di carne per pasticcini di pasta sfoglia)

This stuffing can be made eit

Turtle Soup

This soup is so often required for invalids, as well as for the table,

that an easy and compar

"bucks County" Baked Beans
Put one quart of small soup beans to soak over night in cold water to
cover. In the morning drain the beans, cover with bo

Tripe, Family Style
Scald and scrape two pounds tripe and cut into inch squares. Take big
kitchen spoon of drippings and put in four large oni

A Border Timbale Of Mock Chicken

Take three-quarters of a cup of rich milk, put half of it into a

saucepan with an ounce and a

Frau Schmidt's "hutzel Brod"
1 quart dried pears.
1 pint of pear juice.
1 Fleischman's yeast cake.
1 scant cup brown sugar.
2 eggs.
Salads--aunt Sarah's Salad Dressing
For this she used 1 pint of sour cream, 1-1/2 tablespoonfuls of flour,
1-1/2 tablespoonfuls of mustard (pulverized dry mus

To boil a pudding in a bag, dip the bag, which should be made of thick
cotton or linen, in hot water, dredge the inside we

Prairie Chicken
From MRS. RUFUS S. FROST, of Massachusetts, Lady Manager.
Prepare the birds with great care; place in baking tin and put i

Fleischig Pie Crust
For shortening; use drippings and mix with goose, duck or chicken fat.
In the fall and winter, when poultry is plentiful a

Dumplings Made From "bread Sponge"
Aunt Sarah's raised dumplings from bread sponge were greatly relished
at the farm.
When bread sponge, which had been


Many regard curry as one of the new things in cookery. This is a

mistake. Curry

Soup Stock
In making soup, bring the cold water in the soup pot with the meat and
bones to a boil slowly, and let it simmer for hours

Cereals--oatmeal Porridge
Oatmeal to be palatable and wholesome should be thoroughly cooked,
that is, steamed over a hot fire two hours or longer. U

Preparation Of Savory Gravies
The art of preparing savory gravies and sauces is more important in
connection with the serving of the cheaper meats than


While it is undoubtedly true that raw meat is, as a rule, more easily

digested than cooked, ou

Bread Filling As Aunt Sarah Prepared It
Chop the cold, cooked liver, heart and gizzard into tiny dice; add
this to a bowl containing one quart of crumbled stale b

Roast Beef
From MRS. GOVERNOR OGLESBY, of Illinois, Lady Manager.
Filets of beef may be supplied by the butcher already trimmed and
Various Ways Of Using Small Potatoes
Early in the season when small, early potatoes are more plentiful and
cheaper than large ones, the young housewife will be

Eggs And Omelets

To Test Eggs

Dissolve an ounce of salt in ten ounces of water; add the

Miscellaneous Breakfast Dishes

Artichokes (French)

Trim the ends; remove the choke, and quarter each

Thanksgiving Menu

In the first place, talk over with her and decide about the number to be

entertained, and then

Bread And Rolls
Bread, called the "Staff of Life," on account of its nutritive value,
should head the list of foods for human consumption.

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