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Damson Marmalade.
Is made in the same manner as quince, as also apricot marmalade, which
is very fine; the fruit must be stoned, and some of

Grape Fruit Marmalade
For this marmalade take 1 large grape fruit, 2 large oranges and 1
lemon. After thoroughly washing the outside of fruit, s

Rhubarb Marmalade


Peel and cut the rhubarb into small pieces, take the rin

Marmalade Pudding
Cream half a cup of sugar and two teaspoonfuls of butter. Beat into
this the yolks of four eggs and one cup of cream or mi

Aunt Sarah's "cherry Marmalade"
Pitted, red sour cherries were weighed, put through food-chopper, and
to each pound of cherries and juice add 3/4 pound of

Orange Marmalade
The white part between the yellow rind and the inner skin of the orange
used to be most sedulously removed, but now we kno

Peach Marmalade
Thinly pare ripe peaches. Cut in quarters and remove pits. Place
peaches in a preserving kettle with 1/2 cup of water; hea

Quince Marmalade.
Peel, cut into quarters, and core two pounds of sharp apples, and the
same quantity of quinces; put them into a jar, with

Apricot Marmalade

(Conserva di albicocche)

Use good and ripe apricots. It is a mistake to believe

Marmalades require great care while cooking because no moisture is added
to the fruit and sugar. If the marmalade is made

Orange Marmalade. Mrs. Dr. True.
To eighteen ripe oranges, use six pounds best white sugar. Grate the
peel from four oranges; reserve for marmalade. (The

Violet Marmalade

Crush three pounds of violets to a pulp; in the meantime boil four

pounds of sugar, take out s

Red Quince Marmalade No 3

Pare the quinces, quarter them, and cut out all the hard part; to a

pound of quinces put a pou

Grape Fruit Sandwiches

Spread any crisp cracker with a thin layer of grape fruit marmalade, put

on top another cracke

Amber Marmalade

1 orange

1 grape fruit

1 lemon

Orange Marmalade
Slice whole oranges very thin and cut in short pieces after washing
them. Save the seeds. To each pound of sliced oranges

Orange Marmalade

Select smooth, thin-skinned, juicy oranges. Take twenty-one, and five

lemons. Cut the rind ver

Pear And Pineapple Marmalade
2 ripe pineapples,
4 quarts Kieffer pears.
4 pounds granulated sugar.
Both pears and pineapples should be pare

Marmalade Pudding


Two dessertspoons marmalade, two cups bread crumbs, butter size

24 Orange Marmalade Sandwiches

Spread orange marmalade on buttered bread. Put four slices on top of

each other. Put under a w

Duchess Of Fife's Pudding

Boil two ounces of rice in a pint of milk until quite tender. When done,

mix with it a quarter


One grapefruit, one orange, one lemon; shave these fine, add five times

as much water, let sta

Fruit Pudding

Make good common pie crust--roll it out half an inch thick, and strew

over it any one of the f

Yankee Pudding
1 Egg, and its Weight in Flour--1 1/2d.


Bread Crumbs--1/2d.

1 tablespoon

Ginger Sandwiches

Put four or five pieces of ginger through your meat chopper. Stir this

paste into a half cupfu

"wunderselda" Marmalade
This was composed of 2 quarts of the pulp and juice combined of ripe
Kieffer pears, which had been pared and cored, (Measu

Orange Marmalade Sandwiches

These sandwiches may be made precisely the same as fig sandwiches,

substituting the orange mar

General Rules
All fruits should, if possible, be freshly picked for preserving,
canning, and jelly making. No imperfect fruit should be

Bitter Orange Marmalade


One dozen bitter oranges, three sweet oranges, three lemons. Sl

Rhubarb Marmalade (as Frau Schmidt Made It)
Cut rhubarb into small pieces, put in stew-pan with just enough water
to prevent sticking fast. When cooked tender, mash f

Pommes A La Vesuve


Pile some apple marmalade high in a dish; get ready some macaroni



Cut the oranges in half and work in a spoon to remove th

Preserved Pineapple
Pare the pineapples, run through a food chopper, weigh fruit, and to
every pound of fruit add three-quarters of a pound of

Orange Marmalade No 1

Pare your oranges very thin, and lay them in water two or three days,

changing the water twice

Scotch Orange Marmalade

Weigh the oranges, and take an equal weight of sugar; wipe the fruit

with a wet cloth; grate t

Pumpkin Marmalade

Take ripe yellow pumpkins, pare and cut them into large pieces, scrape

out the seed, weigh and

Fruit Tarts Or Pies.
A fruit tart is so common a sweet that it is scarcely necessary to
give any directions concerning it. Acid fruits are best

Prune Whip
Soak one-half pound of prunes in cold water overnight. In the morning
let them simmer in this water until they are very so

To Scald All Sorts Of Fruit

Put the Fruit into scalding Water, (as much as will almost cover the

Fruit) set it over a slow

Pineapple Preserve

And the _sun's child_, the _mail'd anana_, yields

His _regal apple_ to the ravish'd ta

Fruit Tartlets
If canned fruit is used, take a large can of any kind of fruit, drain
all the syrup off and put in a saucepan with an equa

Fig Jam No 1

2 pounds figs, 2 oranges and 2 lemons to each 2 pounds of fruit. Use the

juice of the oranges

Fruit Of All Sorts To Scald

Put your fruit into scalding water, sufficient nearly to cover it; set

it over a slow fire, an

To Make All Sorts Of Fruit-cream

Take your Fruit, (scalded) or Sweet-meats, and rub it thro' an Hair

Sieve, and boil your Cream

Canned Fruit Juices


Fruit juice may be kept for a long time by canning the s

Fruit Syrups
Fruit syrups may be made like fruit juices, only using more sugar--at
least half as much sugar as fruit juice.

Spiced Or Pickled Cherries
Take the largest and freshest red cherries you can get, and pack them in
glass fruit jars, stems and all. Put little splin

Another Way

Stone and split the fruit without taking off the skin. Weigh an equal

quantity of sugar and fr

Spiced Pineapple

Weigh six pounds of pineapple, after paring, coring, and cutting in

rather small pieces. Cook

Currants To Bottle

Gather your fruit perfectly dry, and not too ripe; cut each currant from

the stalk separately,

Directions For Making Sweetmeats

A pound of sugar to a pound of fruit, is sufficient to preserve most

kinds of fruit. Some kind

Fruit Sauces
Wash the fruit well, then put on the stove in a saucepan without adding
any more water. Cover with a lid, and let the frui

To Sugar All Sorts Of Small Fruit

Beat the White of an Egg, and dip the Fruit in it; let it lye on a

Cloth that it may not wet;

Orange Marmalade No 3

Take a dozen of Seville oranges and their weight in sugar finely

powdered. Pare the oranges as

Aunt Sarah's Ginger Pears
4 pounds of fruit.
2 lemons.
1/4 pound of ginger root.
4 pounds of sugar.
1 cup water.
Use a hard,

Fruit Tarts

Stew ten cents worth of fruit and four ounces of sugar

together; make some pastry according to

Pearl Sago And Fruit Jellies

Soak half a cup of pearl sago two hours in a cup of cold water, then add

half a cup of water a

White Quince Marmalade

Pare and quarter the quinces, and put as much water as will cover them;

boil them all to piece

Strawberry Jam.
Bruise gently, with the back of a wooden spoon, six pounds of fine
fresh fruit, and boil them with very little water for t

Fruit Salad

Equal quantities of grape fruit or oranges, bananas, apples and celery.

Peel the grape fruit o

This French fruit preserve is truly delicious, and should be put up in
the month of June. To every pound of fruit take one

Surprise Sandwiches
Take orange marmalade, pecan nuts and cream cheese in equal quantities
and after mixing thoroughly spread on thin slices o

Apple-orange Marmalade

Take seven pounds of apples, all green, if possible; wash and remove any


Brown And Polson Fruit Pudding

Prepare the pudding batter as indicated in the foregoing Number, and

when you have poured one-

Grape Fruit Salad
Cut the pulp from one grape fruit into small pieces, add an equal
amount of chopped apples, a few English walnuts chopped

Apricot Jam

Pour boiling water on fruit; peel and throw into cold water. Chop the

blanched nuts of the sto

Bottled Rhubarb

Use perfectly fresh, crisp rhubarb, peel and cut in small pieces as for

pies, fill a Mason jar

Fruit Sauce

Put a cupful of granulated sugar in a saucepan, pour over it two and a

half cupfuls of boiling

Fruit To Preserve

Strip the fruit, put it into a stone jar, set the jar in a saucepan of

water, and stew it to b

Heavenly Hash

2 boxes red raspberries

2 quarts red currants

2 qua

Fruit Soufflé
Small quantities of fruit that are not sufficiently sightly to put again
on the table may be put aside and made into fruit

Grape-fruit Salad
Cut the grape-fruit in halves and remove the pulp, being careful to get
none of the tough white skin. Mix with bananas and

Sweet Pickled Peaches

Select fine, fresh, ripe, but not soft peaches, peel and weigh them. To

every seven pounds of

Chocolate Paste


Melt two ounces Baker's chocolate, add one tablespoonful of

Aunt Sarah's Good And Cheap "country Fruit Cake"
1 cup butter and lard, mixed.
4 eggs.
1 cup New Orleans molasses.
1 cup sour milk.
1 pound dried currant

Little bits of fruit, crisp pieces of celery, cold meats of all kinds, may
be chopped, properly seasoned, and used for mak

Orange Marmalade No 2

Take six dozen Seville oranges; pare thin three dozen, the other three

rasp thin, and keep the

Fruit Pies

Unless some _sweetness_ at the bottom lie,

Who cares for all the crinkling of the pie!

To Clarify Syrup For Sweetmeats

Put your sugar into the preserving kettle, turn in the quantity of cold

water that you think w

Plain White Cake
Put one cupful of cold boiled rice in a little sieve or colander and stand
it over the tea kettle where the steam will pas

Marmalades, Preserves And Canned Fruits
Young housewives, if they would be successful in "doing up fruit,"
should be very particular about sterilizing fruit jars,

Fruit Sherbets
There is no form in which ices are more palatable or healthful than in
the form of sherbet. This is made of fruit juice, s

Pear Marmalade

Boil the pears with the skins on. When soft, rub them through a sieve,

and put to each pound o

Rice Fruit Tarts.
For persons who dislike pastry, the following is an excellent way of
preparing fruit. Boil in milk some whole rice till pe

Fresh Fruit Sauce

Follow the above recipe, using a cupful of pure juice of the fruit

desired and the juice of ei

Fruit Cream

Scald your fruit; when done, pulp it through a sieve; let it stand till

almost cold; then swee

Russian Fruit Salad
Peel and pit some peaches, cut in slices and add as much sliced
pineapple, some apricots, strawberries and raspberries, pu

Brandied Peaches
Select only the largest and finest quality of clingstone peaches. Allow
a pound of sugar to a pound of fruit, and a pint o

Fruit Pies In General

All kinds of fruit pies are made as shown in the foregoing Number.

Frozen Apricots
Frozen fruits are mixed and frozen the same as water ices, that is, they
are only stirred occasionally while freezing, but

Kumquat Preserves

1 quart fruit to 1 pint sugar

Cut the Kumquats into halves, pick out s

Crabapple Marmalade.
Boil the apples in a kettle until soft, with just enough water to
cover them; mash, and strain through a coarse sieve. Ta

An Inexpensive "white Fruit Cake"
3 cups sugar.
3 eggs.
1 lb. seeded raisins.
1 cup milk.
1 cup butter.
1 lb. currants.
1 lb.

Preserved Apricots.
Halve and pare ripe apricots, or if not quite ripe, boil them till the
skin can easily be removed. Lay them in a dish holl

17 Grape Fruit Salad

Cut a grape-fruit in half, and scoop out the pulp in as large pieces as

possible, and lay them

Preserved Fruit Creams

Put half a pound of the pulp of any preserved fruit in a large pan: add

to it the whites of th

Fruit Puffs

Make dough as for dumplings or fruit roll, only stiff enough to drop

from spoon. To one pint s

Canned Peaches
To eight quarts of peaches take one quart of sugar and three quarts of
water. Make a syrup of the sugar and water; bring t

Sweet Pickle

Take seven pounds of fruit, three pounds sugar, one quart vinegar,

one-half ounce each mace, c

Fruit Roll

One pint flour, one tablespoonful sugar, one teaspoonful baking powder,

pinch of salt, roundin

Canned Plums
To four quarts of plums take one quart of sugar and one cup of water.
Wash, drain and prick the plums. Make a syrup of the

Watermelon Sweet Pickle

Pare and cut the rind into thin pieces and place in a porcelain-lined

kettle; to about five po

Raspberry Jam No 2

Weigh equal quantities of sugar and of fruit; put the fruit into a

preserving-pan: boil it ver

Jelly With Fruit

This is an elegant sweetmeat, and with clear jelly and care in moulding,

can be made by inexpe

Apple Farina Pudding
Cut bits of whole wheat bread into dice. Use a half cup of any fruit that
may have been left over, prunes, raisins, choppe


Fresh fruit is a very important food, especially for children,

as it keeps the blood pure, and

Fruit Salad
Slice one pineapple, three oranges, and three bananas. Pour over it a
French mayonnaise, put on lettuce leaves and serve a

Stewed Prunes
Cleanse thoroughly, soak in water ten or twelve hours, adding a little
granulated sugar when putting to soak, for although

Compote Of Apples
From MRS. CAROLINE E. DENNIS, of New York State, Alternate Lady
Three pounds of sugar, to three po

Pineapple Preserve

Pare and grate pineapples, 3/4 pound sugar to 1 pound fruit. Put fruit

and sugar on together,

To Ice Cream

Take Tin Ice-Pots, fill them with any Sort of Cream you like, either

plain or sweeten'd, or Fr

Currant Jam

To a pound of currants put three quarters of a pound of lump sugar. Put

the fruit first into t

Peel the pineapple, dig out all the eyes, then cut from the core
downward, or chop in a chopping-bowl, and set on ice unti

Salad Of Fresh Fruit

Peel and cut into dice enough fruit, peaches, tart plums, orange and

banana to fill a cup and

Compote Of Mixed Fruit

Boil half a pound of loaf sugar, (cost eight

cents,) with one gill of cold water for ten minut

Preserved Blackberries
Weigh the fruit and allow a pound of sugar to every pound of fruit. Tie
spices in a bag, such as cloves and cinnamon, and

Fruit Ice

For a refreshing fruit ice, have our little maid prepare the juice of

three oranges, three lem

Cherry Conserve
Take three and 1/2 pounds of large red cherries, stone them and cook for
fifteen minutes. Heat two and 1/2 pounds of sugar

Strawberry Fancy
Jellies that are very well flavored can be made with fresh fruit,
raspberries, strawberries, apricots, or even rhubarb, us

A Batter And Fruit Pudding

Ingredients, two quarts of milk, one pound of flour, four eggs, eight

ounces of sugar, one qua

Cranberry Jam

Put five quarts of cranberries in a preserving kettle with two quarts of

water and boil gently

Fruit Ice-cream

Two quarts cream, five eggs, one and one-fourth coffee-cups

pulverized sugar, three pounds pea

Preserving And Bottling.
Attention and a little practice will ensure excellence in such
preserves as are in general use in private families; and it

Sterilizing Jars, Etc.
The success of canning depends upon absolute sterilization and not upon
the amount of sugar or cooking. Any proportion of

Another Way

To each pound of fruit add an equal quantity of sugar, which clarify

with as little water as p

This is composed of the fruit, &c., prepared as above, but the dish
is lined with the paste, and the fruit laid in alterna

Cherry Cheese

Put into a stone jar a pound of sound, ripe cherries,

with the stones removed, (cost about ten

Pear Marmalade. Mrs. E. Seffner.
EXCELLENT FOR TARTS.--Pare and core, then boil the pears to a pulp.
Take half their weight of sugar; put it into the kettl

Mixed Fruit Wine

Take currants, gooseberries, raspberries, and a few rose-leaves, three

pints of fruit, mashed

Pineapple Jam

Pare the fruit and carefully take out the eyes, then grate it on a

coarse grater, rejecting th

To Make Fruit-biscuit

Scald the Fruit, dry it well from the Water, and rub it through a

Hair Sieve; stir it in a Pan

To Preserve Raspberries And Strawberries. L. D.
Put pound to pound of sugar and fruit; let stand over night. In the
morning, boil all together fifteen minutes. Skim out

Amber Marmalade
Slice thin, skin and all, one grapefruit, one orange, one lemon. Add to
this three times its measure of water and allow to

Another Way

Take five pounds of cherries stoned and two pounds of loaf sugar; shred

your cherries, wet you

Fruit Combination

At a time when other fruits are very high, the plain apple jelly, so

delicate in flavor itself

Raspberry Vinegar No 2

Take two pounds of sugar; dissolve it in a pint of water; then clarify,

and let it boil till i

To four quarts of pared, cored and quartered quinces take one and
one-half quarts of sugar and two quarts of water.

Grape Sherbet
3 cups milk
1 tablespoon cornstarch
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 cup chopped mixed fruit

To Preserve Quinces

Quinces, if very ripe, are best preserved in the following manner: Pare

and cut them in slices

Raspberry Liqueur

Bruise some raspberries with the back of a spoon, strain them, and fill

a bottle with the juic

Preserved Pineapple
To one pineapple take three-quarters of its weight in sugar and one cup
of water. Peel the pineapple and put it through th

Orange Marmalade

6 oranges

2 lemons

Slice in small pieces, add s

Dried Fruits
To cook dried fruits thoroughly they should after careful washing be
soaked overnight. Next morning put them over the fire

Raspberry Jam. Mrs. E. S.
Weigh equal parts of fruit and sugar. Put the fruit into a preserving
pan, and mash with a silver or wooden spoon; let bo

Caramel Sauce
1/3 cup butter
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup fresh strawberries, raspberries
or canned fruit drained from syrup

Banana Fritters

Half a pint of sweet milk, a scant half pint of flour, two rounded

teaspoonfuls of baking powd

Fruit Cream

Strain the juice from a bottle of raspberries and currants on to

three-quarters of a pound of

Citron Preserves

Select sound fruit, pare and divide them into quarters, and cut each

quarter into small pieces

Quince Marmalade

Wash and quarter the quinces, without paring them--put them on the fire,

with just water enoug

Sweet Sandwiches

Under this heading we place all those dainty sandwiches that are made

from thin slices of brea

To Bottle Damsons

Take ripe fruit; wipe them dry, and pick off the stalks; fill your

bottles with them. The bott

Canned Peaches
When canning peaches make a syrup composed of 1 cup of sugar to 2 cups
of water.
Place in preserving kettle and when

Orange Marmalade No 2

4 lemons, 1 dozen oranges, 2 pounds sugar, 1 quart water. Soak oranges

and lemons in water ove

Apples Stewed Whole

Take some nice, tart cooking apples, pare and put them into a saucepan

with the juice of two l

Fruit Jambolaya
Beat the whites of six eggs until light, but not dry; add three
tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar; mix quickly; line the bo

Cherries For Pies
Stem the cherries--do not pit them,--pack tight in glass fruit jars,
cover with syrup, made of two tablespoons of sugar to

Victoria Pudding


The weight of two eggs in butter, sugar, and flour. Butte

Mother's Cake

Two cups of sugar, three eggs, one half cup of Armour's Simon Pure Leaf

Lard, three cups of fl

Orange Pudding No 1

Take the yolks of twelve eggs and the whites of two, six ounces of the

best sugar, beat fine a

Fruit Pudding. Miss Ann Thompson.
One egg, six even tablespoonfuls sugar, six heaping tablespoonfuls
flour, one heaping tablespoonful baking powder, milk to

Gooseberry Jam

Three-quarters of a pound of sugar to every pound of fruit. Put the

fruit on by itself in a po

Fruit To Preserve Green

Take green pippins, pears, plums, apricots, or peaches; put them into a

preserving-pan; cover

Damson Cheese

Take the damsons full ripe, and squeeze out the stones, which put into

the preserving-pan, wit

Currant Marmalade


Seven pounds of currants, six pounds of sugar, two pounds of r

Red Quince Marmalade No 1

Take one pound and a half of quinces, two pounds of sugar, a pint of

water, and a quarter of a

It As In Direction For Clarifying Syrup No Then Put In The

fruit. Nice white sugar does not need clarifying. All kinds of

fire-proof ware will do to preserve in, excep

Foaming Sauce

Beat to a cream a cup of sugar and a quarter of a cup of butter, and add

to it two tablespoonf

A Mould Of Fresh Fruit

Take enough fresh, ripe currants and raspberries to make half a cupful

of juice of each, and p

Lemon Cheese Very Good

Into a quart of thick sweet cream put the juice of three lemons, with

the rind finely grated;

Cherry Marmalade
To three pounds of sweet and one pound of sour cherries allow two pounds
of sugar. Weigh the cherries when stemmed and pit

Raspberry Or Strawberry Jam

Allow three-quarters of a pound of sugar to a pound of fruit. Put the

fruit in a preserving ke

Presbyterian Pudding. Mrs. J. Edd Thomas.
Stew prunes, or any small fruit, sweeten to taste, and while boiling
put in a few thin slices of white bread; when the bre


Mix one pint flour, two level teaspoonfuls baking powder and one-half

teaspoon salt. Add one a

Strawberries Preserved Whole.
Weigh an equal quantity of fruit and white sugar powdered, sift all
the sugar over the fruit, so that half of it shall equ

Oyster Pie
Fruit pies for family use, are generally made with common paste,
allowing three quarters of a pound of butter to a pound a

Peach Compote
Pare the fruit, leave it whole and put on to boil with sweetened water.
Add a few cloves (remove the heads), also a stick

Bavarian Cream With Peaches

Cut 18 fine peaches, or a sufficient number of canned ones, into small

pieces, and boil with 1

Egg Marmalade.
Clarify one pound of sugar in half a pint of water till it becomes a
thick syrup. While clarifying, add one ounce of sweet

Quince Cheese
Wipe off each quince before paring, core and slice them, weigh your
fruit and sugar, allowing 3/4 of a pound of sugar for

Fresh Fruit Salad

Almost all kinds of fruit are used in salads. Bananas and oranges, alone

or together, are serv

Coupe St. Jacque
Make one quart of lemon or orange water ice and stand it aside for at least
one or two hours to ripen. Make a fruit salad

Huckleberry Pudding
Two eggs and 1 small cup of granulated sugar creamed together. Four
tablespoonfuls of cold water. Add 1 cup of sifted flou

Mock Olives
Take plums when just beginning to ripen, but still green. Make a brine
out of sea salt or rock salt strong enough to hold

Cherry Marmalade

Take eight pounds of cherries, not too ripe; stone them; take two pounds

of sugar beaten, and

Orange Chips
Can be made after the fruit has been used. Halve, scoop out, then scrape
inside; lay the peel in salt water overnight. Mak

Apricots In Brandy

The apricots must be gathered before they are quite ripe, and, as the

fruit is usually riper o

Aunt Sarah's Spiced Pears
Bartlett pears may be used, pared and cut in halves and core and seeds
removed, or small sweet Seckel pears may be pared.

Rhubarb And Orange Marmalade
Cut three pounds of pie plant into small pieces (unpeeled). Peel three
oranges and cut into small pieces. Put with this tw

Laeken Rabbit
Cut a rabbit into joints, cover with vinegar, chop finely two small
onions, thyme, pepper, and salt, and a little grated n

Muskmelon Pickle

Use ripe muskmelons, pare, remove seeds, and cut in pieces and put into

a stone jar. Cover wit

Canned Spiced Blackberries
From MRS. MARY S. MCNEAL, of Oklahoma, Alternate Lady Manager.
Put the fruit into a preserving kettle and boil fifteen or

Fancy Creams.
Put into a basin a pint of cream, to which add four ounces of powdered
white sugar, and the rind of a lemon rubbed on a lu

Frozen Pudding

Soak one cup of candied fruit cut in pieces; put in hot syrup (sugar and

water) to cover until

Prepare in the same manner as you would for preserving, allowing half a
pound of sugar to a pound of fruit. After putting

Preserved Raw Pineapple


Pare the pineapples and take out all the eyes. With a sharp knife,

Canned Fruit In General. Mrs. F. E. Blake.
For peaches, for instance, set on the stove a kettle of cold
water--just enough so the can will not tip over; into this ke

Canning Fruit Baked In Oven
In this method the work is easily and quickly done and the fruit retains
its shape, color and flavor. Particularly nice fo

Roasted Sturgeon

Your betters will despise you, if they see

Things that are far surpassing your degree;

Gooseberry Wine No 3

A pound of sugar to a pound of fruit: melt the sugar, and bruise the

gooseberries with an appl

Bread Fruit Tarts.
Line a dish with thin slices of bread, then lay the fruit with brown
sugar in alternate layers, with slices of bread; when

Preserved Strawberries. Mrs. Kate Martin, Tiffin, Ohio.
Use one pound of granulated sugar to each quart of berries. Make a
syrup of the sugar, and sufficient water to moisten it

Marquise Salad
1/2 pound Malaga grapes
2 pears
1 grapefruit
1 orange
1 head lettuce
Wash, peel; remove seeds from

Spiced Green Grapes
From MRS. H.J. PETO, of Arizona, Alternate Lady Manager
Wash the berries carefully and drain in a colander. For each quart

Pickled Plums
Prick the plums with a large needle then weigh them, and to every seven
pounds of fruit use four pounds of white sugar, tw

Grape Fruit


This fruit was named for Captain Shaddock, who first brought it from

Grape Juice

Grape-juice is the most nourishing kind of a fruit drink, and every

family ought to put up eno

Russian Punch Torte
Bake three layers of almond tart and flavor it with a wine glass of
arrack. When baked, scrape part of the cake out of the

Railroad Pudding


Four eggs, beat whites and yolks separately, a cup of sugar

Raspberry Vinegar

Put a pound of fine fruit into a bowl and pour over it a quart of the

best wine or cider vineg

Pickled Figs
Boil the figs in water one and one-half hours, then drain and weigh. To
seven pounds fruit use the following syrup: Three

Black Or Red Currant Jelly

Strip the fruit when full ripe; put it into a stone jar; put the jar,

tied over with white pap

Linzer Torte
Cream one pound of butter with one pound of sugar until foamy, then add
one by one four whole eggs. Mix well, then stir in

Souffle Of Apples And Rice

Prepare some rice of a strong solid substance; dress it up all round a

dish, the same height a

Grape-fruit Cocktail
Cut the grape-fruit into halves, crosswise, and scoop out the pulp,
rejecting the white inner skin as well as the seeds. C

Broiled Salt Mackerel

Wash and scrape the fish. Soak all night, changing the water at bed time

for tepid and again e

Water Ices And Sherbets Or Sorbets
Make a fruit salad as in preceding recipe. Make a pint of orange or
strawberry ice. At serving time fill parfait or ice cr

Sherry Cobbler
It is best to mix this in a large bowl and fill in glasses just before
serving, and put a little of each kind of fruit in

Citron Marmalade

Boil the citron very tender, cutting off all the yellow rind; beat the

white very well in a wo


Methinks I scent some _rich repast_:

The savor strengthens with the blast.

Gooseberry Wine No 1

To every pound of white amber gooseberries, when heads and tails are

picked off and well bruis

Canned Pears And Peaches

Peaches and pears should be thinly peeled and halved, then dropped into

a thick sirup made by

Fruit Cake. Mrs. John Evans.
Two cups butter, two and one-half cups sugar, two and one-half cups
molasses, eight cups flour, two cups sour milk, eight

Quince Jelly

Halve the quinces, and take out the cores. Boil the quinces till very

soft, in clear water, ma

Cranberry Sauce

Our fathers most admired their _sauces sweet_,

And often asked for sugar _with their m

Fruit Batter Pudding

Take one cup of flour, half a teaspoonful of salt, and one-half

teaspoonful baking-powder, sif

Watermelon Preserves
From MRS. M.P. HART, of Ohio, President of State Board and Lady
Pare and core the quinces. Put the parings

Blackberry And Currant Pie
When ready to make the pie, mix as much fruit in a bowl as required,
sweeten, stirring the sugar through the berries and c

Spiced Or Pickled Apples
Pare the apples, "Pound Sweets" are best; crab-apples may be pickled the
same way, but do not pare. Leave on the stems and

Pouding Aux Pommes
Take some slices of pineapple, and cut off the brown spots at the edges.
Steep them for three hours in a plateful of weak

Grape Jelly

Pick grapes from the stem, wash, crush, and boil twenty minutes. Then

put in jelly-bag to drip

Fruit Juice

Rub ripe fruit through a seive, with a wooden spoon, and

then strain it free from skins and se

Jelly Cake

Rub together, till white, half a pound of sugar, six ounces of butter.

Beat eight eggs to a fr

Pudding Sauces
2 cups ground suet
2 cups bread crumbs
2 cups flour
2 teaspoons Dr. Price's Baking Powder
2 cups sugar
Plain Batter Pudding Or With Fruit

Put six large spoonfuls of flour into a pan, and mix it with a quart of

milk, till it is smoot

Fresh Fruit Sandwiches

These sandwiches are exceedingly nice to serve for afternoon teas. They

must be used soon afte

Preserved "german Prunes" Or Plums
After washing fruit, piece each plum several times with a silver fork,
if plums be preserved whole. This is not necessary

Apple Marmalade

Two pounds of tart cooking apples, one pound of sugar, one pint of

water, one lemon and some b

Compote Of Prunes

Wash the fruit in warm water, put it on to boil in cold water in which

lump sugar has been dis

Plain Omelet With Eight Eggs
From MRS. LANA A. BATES, of Nebraska, Alternate Lady Manager.
After removing all soft berries, wash thoroughly; place for

Malted Milk And Egg 120 Calories

1 tablespoon Horlick's Malted Milk

1 tablespoon crushed fruit

Pineapple And Celery Salad

Equal parts of celery and shredded pineapple. Have the celery of the

very tenderest, using onl

Citron Preserve
Pare and core the citron; cut it into strips and notch the edges; or cut
it into fancy shapes. Allow a pound of sugar to a

Cottage Fruit Pudding

2 teaspoons butter

1 egg

1/4 teaspoon salt

Boiled Rice Pudding

Put two tea-cups of rice into a quart of boiling water--add a couple of

tea-spoonsful of salt,

Egg Plants As SoufflÉ
This purple fruit is, like the tomato, always cooked as a vegetable. It
is like the brinjal of the East. It is hardly nece

Rice Blanc Mange

Boil a tea-cup of rice in a pint of water, with a blade of mace, and a

tea-spoonful of salt. W

Make a good common paste with a pound and a half of flour, and
three quarters of a pound of butter. [Footnote: Or three qu

Steamed Fig Or Date Pudding
1 cup sugar
1-1/2 cups water
1 tablespoon granulated gelatine
1/4 cup lemon juice
Boil sugar and water t

Lady Baltimore Cake
1/2 cup fruit jelly
1 cup water
1/2 cup chopped raisins
1/4 lb. chopped figs
1/4 cup sugar
2 table

Sponge Cake Sandwiches

Bake a sponge cake in a square loaf; cut it into slices a quarter of an

inch thick; cut the sl

Caramel Ice Cream
From MRS. IDA M. BALL, of Delaware, Lady Manager.
One lemon (juice and grated rind), one cup sugar, yolks of two eggs,


For each peck of cranberries allow two pounds and a half of brown sugar,

and half a pint of mo

Fruit Cake. Mrs. G. H. Wright.
One pound flour, one pound brown sugar, one pound citron, two pounds
raisins, two pounds currants, three-fourths pound but

Compote Of Apples With Fried Bread

Bake a dozen good cooking apples, scrape out the pulp, boil this with

half-a-pound of sugar to

Brandied Cherries
Select the largest sweet cherries for this purpose, leaving the stems
on. Allow half a pound of sugar to every pound of fr

Frozen Desserts--aunt Sarah's Frozen "fruit Custard"
One tablespoonful of granulated gelatine soaked in enough milk to
cover. Place 2 cups of sugar and 3/4 cup of milk in a st

Fruit Filling
1/3 cup shortening
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup milk
2 cups flour
4 te

Rice Snow Balls

Pare small, tart apples, and take out the cores with a small knife--fill

the cavity with a sti

Pickled Peaches


Eight pounds of peaches, four pounds of white sugar, one quart

Fruit And Nut Sandwiches

To Make Caramel

Take China Oranges, peel and split them into Quarters, but don't

break the Skin; lay the Quart

Fruit Jelly

For a fruit jelly in winter, line the bottom of the mold or individual

cups with pieces of ban

How To Preserve Rhubarb

Free the rhubarb from leaves, cut it up in inch lengths, wash and drain

it in a sieve or colan


One pint of milk, four ounces butter, one teaspoonful salt, one cake

compressed yeast, three c

Apricot Shortcake

Three cups flour, two teaspoonfuls baking powder, one-half teaspoonful

salt, one-half cup butt

Fruit Jelly


Dissolve two ounces of tartaric acid in one quart of cold wa

Fruit Shortcakes
6 tablespoons shortening
1 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1/2 cup milk
1-1/2 cups flour
2 teaspoons Dr. Pri

Pineapple Cake

Make the cake by the same recipe as for orange cake. Bake in three


Gelatine With Fruit

Take one ounce box of gelatine; put to soak in a pint of cold water for

an hour. Take the juic

Pineapple To Preserve In Slices

Pare the pines, and cut them in slices of about the same thickness as

you would apples for fri

Gelatine, With Fruit. Mrs. W. H. Eckhart.
Take one ounce box of gelatine; put to soak in a pint of cold water
for an hour. Take the juice of three lemons, and one

Melon Water

The following is said to be an infallible sign of a ripe watermelon, it

takes close inspection

Pineapple, No. 2
Prepare the pineapples as above, allowing half a pound of sugar to two
pounds of fruit. Steam the sliced pines in a porcel

Canning Fruit In A Water Bath
Canned fruits may be cooked over the fire, but they are, on the whole,
very much better if cooked in a water bath. Prepare

Figs To Dry

Take figs when thoroughly ripe, pare them very thin, and slit them at

the top. To one pound of

Crab Apples

Make a syrup, allowing the same weight of sugar as apples. Let it get

cool, then put in the ap

Fruit Cake
From MRS. PHOEBE M. HARTPENCE, of Ohio, Chairman Commissioners on
Woman's Work, Lady Manager.
Four cups brown sugar;

Preserved "yellow Ground Cherries"
Remove the gossamer-like covering from small yellow "ground cherries"
and place on range in a stew-pan with sugar. (Three-

Orange Marmalade No 1

To 1 dozen oranges use 4 lemons. Peel four oranges and boil the peel

until you can run a wisp

Apple Sauce Cake
1/4 cup butter (generous measure).
1 cup light brown sugar.
1 cup apple sauce (not sweetened).
1 level teaspoo

Fruit Dumpling

Make a nice suet crust, as directed for SUET DUMPLINGS

on page 53, roll it out about quarter o

Red Quince Marmalade No 2

Scald as many fine large quinces as you would use, and grate as many

small ones as will make a

Raisinet A Preserve For Winter

Ingredients, twelve pounds of fruit, consisting of peeled apples, pears,

plums, and blackberri

Canning Fruit


To can strawberries, raspberries or plums: to each pound of sug

Apricot Cream

Drain the juice from a tin of preserved apricots, add to it an equal

quantity of water; make a

Fruit Drinks
The success of lemon-, orange- and pineapple-ades depends upon the way
they are made. It is best to make a syrup, using on

Bola Toliedo.
Take one pound of butter, and warm it over the fire with a little
milk, then put it into a pan with one pound of flour, si

Aunt Sarah's "hutzel Brod"
2 pounds dried pears.
2 pounds dried prunes.
2 quarts juice of fruit and water.
1 pound dried currants.

Fruit Cake

One pound of flour, one of sugar, three-quarters of a pound of butter,

two pounds of seeded ra


This is a fruit which is delicious eaten in almost any form. It is

especially good frozen.

Preserved Pumpkin
Wash your cranberries, weigh them, and to each pound allow a pound
of loaf-sugar. Dissolve the sugar in a very little wate

Dried Apple Fruit Cake. Mrs. W. H. Eckhart.
Take three cups of dried apples, and soak over night; then chop them
fine, and cook slowly for three hours in three cups o

Peaches To Preserve In Brandy No 1

The peaches should be gathered before they are too ripe; they should be

of the hard kind--old

"frau" Schmidt's Recipe For Apple Butter
For this excellent apple butter take 5 gallons of cider, 1 bucket of
"Schnitz" (sweet apples were always used for the "Sch

Apricots To Preserve In Jelly

To a pound of apricots, before they are stoned and pared, weigh a pound

and a quarter of the b

Charlotte Des Pommes

_Charlotte_, from rennet apples first did frame

_A pie_, which still retains her name.

Preserved Plums
Wash your fruit. Cover the bottom of your preserving kettle with
grape leaves. Put in the apples. Hang them over the fire,

Another Way

Put three quarters of a pound of moist sugar to every quart of fruit,

and let them boil gently

To Keep Pickles And Sweetmeats

Pickles should be kept in unglazed earthen jars, or wooden kegs.

Sweetmeats keep best in glass

Cranberry Grape And Currant Jelly

They are all made in the same manner. Take the fruit in its prime, wash

and drain it till near

Raspberries To Preserve In Currant Jelly

Strip the currants from the stalks; weigh one pound of sugar to one

pound of fruit, and to eve

Tutti Frutti

To make this ice a special ice cream mold is necessary, or a tin

receptacle that can be closed

Simple Fruit Cake

Three-quarters of a pound of butter, three-quarters of a pound of sugar,

one pound of sifted f

Plain Suet Pudding

1 cup beef suet

1 teaspoon salt

2 eggs

Milk Toast

Put on in a double boiler two cups of milk, one tablespoonful of butter,

salt to your own tast

Lalla Rookh
1/2 pound of sugar
1 pint of water
1 pint of cream
1/2 pint of chopped mixed candied fruits
Melons To Imitate Mangoes

Cut off the tops of the melons, so as that you may take out the seeds

with a small spoon; lay

Orange Fruit Jelly

Boil half-a-pound of lump sugar in a gill of water until melted. Stir in

half-an-ounce of Nels

If the fruit is ripe it may be treated exactly the same as peaches. If,
on the other hand, it is rather hard it must be co

Leaf Puffs
Cream one cup of butter until soft, add two cups of sifted flour, mix
well, and add just enough sweet cream to make a nice

Currant And Gooseberry Pie

Currants and gooseberries are the best for pies when of a full growth,

just before they begin

Damson Jam
Weigh 3/4 of a pound of sugar for each pound of fruit. After washing the
plums carefully, put them in a preserving kettle

Fruit Cake (wedding Cake)
Take one pound of butter and one pound of sugar rubbed to a cream, yolks
of twelve eggs, one tablespoon of cinnamon, one t

Grate a large cocoanut into a fruit dish, and mix it thoroughly and
lightly with pulverised sugar. Serve with whipped or p

Steamed Prunes
Steam until the fruit is swollen to its original size and is tender.
Sprinkle with powdered sugar and squeeze lemon juice


These are best served raw, and may be hulled, or if cream is not

desired, serve with the hulls

Cake Hints

For those who would excel in cake making these admonitions are offered:


Take off rind and trim. Cut into slices and divide into thirds. Fill
into glass jars and dissolve sugar in water enough to

A Vol-au-vent Of Fruit.
It is now the fashion to fill _vol-au-vents_ with fruits richly stewed
with sugar until the syrup is almost a jelly; it fo

Bread Cake

3 cups light dough, 3 of brown sugar, 1 of butter, 3 eggs, spices, fruit

and citron, 1 teaspoo

Harrison Cake

1 cup butter, 2 of brown sugar, 1 syrup, 1 milk, 4 eggs, 5 cups flour, 1

nutmeg, 1 teaspoon so

Raspberry Ice

Follow the directions for strawberry ice, adding the juice of two

lemons. Any ripe fruit may b

Grandmother's Fruit Cake (baked For Mary's Wedding)
1 pound butter.
1 pound sugar.
1 pound flour.
2 pounds raisins.
2 pounds currants.
Spices of all k

Nesselrode Pudding, Americana
1 pint of Spanish chestnuts
1/2 pound of sugar
1 pint of boiling water
1/2 pint of shelled alm

Red Raspberry Jam

One-third red currants, two-thirds raspberries, three-fourths pound

sugar to a pound of fruit.

Pickled Pears
Pears should always be peeled for pickling. If large cut them in half
and leave the stems on. The best pear for this purpo

"light Brown" Sugar Cake
Three cupfuls of light brown sugar, 1/2 cup of sweet lard and yolk of
one egg creamed together until light. Then add 1-1/2

Apple And Quince Conserve
A novelty for the preserve closet and one that is very good is made from
ripe apples and quinces. Use one peck of juicy co

Fruit Cookies

1 cup sugar, 3/4 of butter, 2 eggs, 1/2 teaspoon soda, 1 cup chopped

raisins, all kinds of spi

Raspberry Ice Cream

Follow the recipe for strawberry ice cream, using a little less sugar.

All kinds of fresh frui

Preserved Quinces
The quince that comes first into the market is likely to be wormy and
corky, and harder to cook than the better ones. It r

Pound Cake, One Hour.
Fruit cake, three and four hours, depending upon size.
Cookies, from ten to fifteen minutes. Watch carefully.

Pick nice ripe berries, pile them in a fruit dish. Strew plenty of
pulverized sugar over them and garnish with round slice

Rhubarb Sauce
Strip the skin off the stalks with care, cut them into small pieces, put
into a saucepan with very little water, and stew

Fruit Sandwiches

Chop candied cherries, dried figs and stoned dates together; make a

paste with a little orange

Frozen Custard
One quart of milk, yolk of five eggs, sweeten to taste, and flavor with
vanilla to taste. Boil the milk first, and after t

Steamed Fruit Pudding
1 cup sweet milk.
1 cup chopped suet.
1 cup molasses.
1 cup raisins.
1 teaspoonful soda dissolved in a l

Fig Sauce
Stew figs slowly for two hours, until soft; sweeten with loaf sugar,
about two tablespoons to a pound of fruit; add a glas

To Preserve Various Kinds Of Fruit Through The Winter

Apples can be kept till June, by taking only those that are hard and

sound, wiping them dry, t

Fruit And Nut Salad
Slice two bananas, two oranges and mix them with one-half cup of English
walnuts and the juice of one-half lemon with Fren

Nut Salad
Make a plain grape-fruit salad. When you have it ready to serve, cover
the top thickly with finely chopped almonds or peca

Fruit Syrups

During the canning season often a small quantity of rich juice will be

left. If this is strain

Soft Biscuits

(Biscotti teneri)

For these biscuits it would be necessary to have a tin box abo

Cherry Sherbet
Aunt Sarah taught Mary to prepare this cheap and easily made dessert
of the various berries and fruits as they ripened. Cu

Cut up into small pieces different kinds of fruit; then chop up nuts and
marshmallows (not too fine). Mix these and sugar,

Plain Fruit Cake. Mrs. R. H. Johnson.
One cup sugar, one-half cup butter, three cups flour, one cup water,
two eggs, one teaspoonful baking powder, one pound se

Vienna Rice Custard.
Cook 2 cups of water with 1 cup of wine. Add 1 cup of sugar and a
pinch of cinnamon and some strawberries, cherries and bl

Raspberry Syrup

(Sciroppo di lampone)

This is prepared like the other explained above but, since

Rice And Prune Pudding

Soak the prunes over night, stew and stone and slightly chop them and

proceed as in the other

Lemons Or Oranges

Select fruit free from spots; lay them gently in a barrel. Take pure

water, and make it so str

Egg Marmalade
Make a thick syrup by dissolving one pound of sugar in one-half pint of
water over the fire, adding one ounce of pounded a

Unboiled Icing
Take the white of one egg and add to it the same quantity of water
(measure in an egg shell). Stir into this as much confe

Use fresh fruit coarsely chopped or canned whole fruits drained from
syrup. Stir into plain fritter batter, and drop by sp

Preserved Damson Plums
Pick the plums over carefully, removing every one that has a decayed
spot or blemish. Leave the stems on. After picking th

Scotch Pudding.
Mix cold boiled rice with the juice and rind of a lemon, 1 cup of
sugar and 1/2 glass of fine rum; then press into a mold.


While most people prefer apples cooked in some form, they are very good

and wholesome when eat

"fruit" Salad Dressing
Three tablespoonfuls of olive oil to 1-1/2 tablespoonfuls of vinegar.
Season with salt and pepper. Use this quantity for 1

Isabella Grape Jam

Boil grapes until tender, then put through a sieve. Add 3/4 pound sugar

to each pound of fruit

Black Currant Wine

Ten pounds of fruit to a gallon of water; let it stand two or three

days. When pressed off, pu

Damsons To Preserve Without Sugar

When the damsons are quite ripe, wipe them separately, and put them into

stone jars. Set them

Short Or Puff Paste No 1

Rub together six ounces of butter and eight of flour; mix it up with as

little water as possib

Norwegian Rice.
Make a rich puff paste; roll out thin and cut into squares; then fill
with fruit jam; turn over and pinch in the edges. Dr

Canned Strawberries. Mrs. G. A. Livingston.
For every quart of strawberries, take one pint of sugar; add a
tablespoonful or two of water. Let sugar dissolve; then ad

Rum Omelet
Take six eggs, beat whites and yolks well, add a pinch of salt and a
teaspoon of brandy. Fry in a spider quickly and sprea

Fruit Cake. Mrs. T. H. Linsley.
One cup butter, one cup brown sugar, two-thirds cup molasses, three
cups flour, one-half cup sour milk, one cup raisins, o

Raspberry Vinegar


Cover with vinegar and let them stand about a week, stirring

Dessert With Whipped Cream
Line the edges of a mold or a large glass dish with lady fingers and
fill up with whipped cream. Ornament with macaroons a

Cherry Pie, No. 2
Pick the stems out of your cherries and put them in an earthen crock,
then set them in the oven until they get hot. Take t

Fruit Fritters
(Lost bread)
Make a mixture of milk and raw eggs, enough to soak up in six rusks.
Flavor it with a little mace or ci

Allow a pound of sugar to a pound of fruit. Mash the raspberries
and put them with the sugar into your preserving kettle.

Belgian Rice Dessert.
Peel 5 potatoes and boil whole in salted water until tender. Drain,
let get cold, then grate them and mix with 4 eggs and

A Dainty Dessert.
Frozen fruit makes a dainty and acceptable dessert for dinner or lunch
during the summer, and is prepared by mixing and fr

Spiced Grapes. Mrs. G. A. Livingston.
One pound of fruit, one-half pound of sugar, one pint of vinegar, two
teaspoonfuls of cinnamon, two teaspoonfuls of cloves

Fruit Soup
Take two pounds of plums, cherries, or red currants and raspberries,
which carefully pick and wash, and boil to a pulp wit

Fruit Cake No 2

1 pound flour, 3/4 butter, 1/2 sugar, 2 of currants, 2 of raisins, 1/2

of citron, 1-1/2 cups m

Fruit Cake No 1

1 pound citron, 2 of currants, 2 of raisins, 1 of flour, 1 of butter, 1

of sugar, 9 eggs, 1/2

Sally White Cake
From MRS. HESTER A. HANBACK, of Kansas, Lady Manager.
One pound butter, one pound brown sugar, one pound flour, twelve egg

Steamed Rice
Wash two cups of rice carefully put in double boiler; add eight cups of
cold water and a pinch of salt and steam for two h

Vanilla Ice Cream
From MRS. J. MONTGOMERY SMITH, of Wisconsin, Alternate Lady Manager.
Make one quart rich vanilla ice cream, and when partl

Rosettes, Wafers And Rosenkuchen (as Made By Frau Schmidt)
Prepare a batter from the following:
1 cup of sweet milk.
2 eggs.
Pinch of salt.
1 cup of flour, good me

Cosmopolitan Salad
Take any fruits in season, such as oranges, mandarins, passion fruit,
apricots, nectarines, pineapples, bananas, &c. Peel

Fritter Batter
Mix and sift one and one-third cups of flour, two teaspoons of
baking-powder, one-quarter teaspoon of salt, and add two-th

GlacÉ For Candies
Boil one pound of sugar with one-half pint of water until it ropes; then
add one-half cup of vinegar and boil until it har


Boil up one pound of damsons with three quarters of a pound of sugar;

when the fruit begins to

Raspberry Vinegar No 3

Fill a jug with raspberries; add as much of the best vinegar as the jug

will hold; let the fru

Hungarian Fruit Salad
Mix together equal parts of banana, orange, pineapple, grapefruit and
one-half cup of chopped nuts. Marinate with French d

Swiss Fried Sweetbreads.
Take 1 pint of oatmeal; pour on enough cold water to cover; let stand
over night; strain and boil with a pinch of salt unt

Crab-apple Dainty

Wash seven pounds of fruit and let boil with a little water until soft

enough to press through

Apricot Ice
Pare and grate one dozen apricots, and blanch a few of the kernels. Then
pound them and add to the grated fruit. Pour a pi

Cherry Jam

Take twelve pounds of stoned cherries; boil and break them as they boil,

and, when you have bo

Fruit Cookies

Two eggs, one and a third cups brown sugar, two-thirds cup warm

water, two-thirds cup butter,

Baked Bananas
Put into a bowl three tablespoonfuls of butter, six of sugar, and
three of wine. Set the bowl in hot water to melt the but

To Preserve Peaches. L. D.
Take equal portions of peaches and sugar; pare, stone, and quarter the
fruit. Put the sugar with the peaches; let stand o

Cup Pudding. Mrs. G. A. Livingston.
One egg, two tablespoonfuls of sugar, three tablespoons butter,
one-half to three-fourths pint of water, one and one-half

Currant Jam Or Jelly

Take two pounds of currants and half a pound of raspberries: to every

pound of fruit add three

Noodle Kugel
Cook three cups of broad noodles in salted boiling water ten minutes.
Drain and add three-fourths cup of chicken or goose

Apple Jelly. Mrs. E. Seffner.
Ten quarts of sour apples, stewed very soft in sufficient water to
cover the fruit; drain over night through a flannel bag

Fruit Jellies
To a large wineglassful (say a glass for champagne wine) of new Madeira
add the yolks only of two eggs. Put in a very clea

Snow Pudding

One-half box Nelson's gelatine, one pint boiling water, one and a

half cups sugar, juice of tw

German Prune Butter
Remove pits and wash prunes, take three-quarters of a pound of sugar to
a pound of fruit, and enough water to keep from bu

Fruit Salad. Carrie Linsley.
Place a layer of sliced oranges in the bottom of a glass dish; then a
layer of bananas; one of pineapple; sprinkle confect

Neapolitan Salad
Take some white meat of a turkey, cut up fine, cut up a few pickles the
same way, a few beets, one or two carrots, a few p

Gooseberries In Jelly

Make as much thick syrup as will cover the quantity of gooseberries you

intend to do; boil and

Portugal Iced Pudding.
Beat 3 yolks of eggs with 1 cup of milk, a Salt-spoonful of salt, 1
tablespoonful of olive-oil and 1 tablespoonful of suga

Fruit Filling
1 cup maple syrup
Whites of 2 eggs
Boil syrup without stirring until it spins a thread; add very slowly
to sti

Suet Pudding No 2

1 pint powdered bread crumbs, 2 pints boiling milk, poured on to the

bread, 3 eggs, 1 cup suet

Red Currant Wine

Gather the fruit dry; pick the leaves from it, and to every twenty-five

pounds of currants put

Preserved Crab Apples
Take the largest and finest free-stone peaches, before they are
too ripe. Pare them, and cut them in halves or in quarters

Candied Cherries

Choose a pound of perfectly sound, ripe cherries,

(cost ten cents,) with the stalks and an occ

French Lettuce Salad.
Take 1 cup of boiled rice and mix with 3 beaten eggs. Then sift 1/2
cup of flour with 1 teaspoonful of baking-powder and a

Preserved Strawberries
Cut your plums in half, (they must not be quite ripe,) and take am
the stones. Weigh the plums and allow a pound of loaf-s

Tomata Sauce No 3

When the fruit is ripe, bake it tender, skin, and rub the pulp through a

sieve. To every pound


For a good common pie-crust allow half a pound of shortening to a pound

of flour. If liked qui

Cheap Fruit Cake

Three eggs, two-thirds cup brown sugar, fill up the cup with

molasses, half cup butter, half c

Potato Puffers

Peel and grate 8 large potatoes, one onion, mix at once with two or

three eggs (before potatoe

Dough For Open Face Pies
The directions for making the dough for Cinnamon Buns may be followed in
making the under crust for fruit pies, such as ap

Preserved Peaches
Weigh one pound of sugar for each pound of fruit. After weighing them
brush each peach with a stiff whiskbroom. This shoul

Bavarian Fruit Compote.
Sweeten 1 quart of milk with 2 cupfuls of sugar; let come to a boil.
Remove from the fire and grate in 1/2 nutmeg. When co

Grape Butter
Separate pulp and skins of grapes. Allow pulp to simmer until tender,
then mash through a sieve and reject seeds. Add pulp

Fruit Salad

Bananas sliced lengthwise in quarters; over this put pineapple in cubes.

Boil the pineapple a

Norwegian Fruit Pudding.
Chop some fat beef with 1 onion and 2 sprigs of parsley. Season with
salt, pepper, nutmeg and a little mace to taste and t

Apple Ice
A water ice is a mixture of water, fruit and sugar, frozen without much
stirring; in fact, a water ice can be made in an o

Other Fruit Juices
Raspberry, blackberry and strawberry juice may be made by following the
recipe for grape juice but doubling the quantity o

Marshmallow Cookies
2 teaspoons flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup chopped raisins
1/2 cup chopped figs
Mix flo

Grape Jam

Press with the fingers the pulp from grapes--Muscat or Concord grapes

make the best jam--seed

India Pickle No 3

Boil one pound of salt, four ounces of ginger, eight ounces of shalots

or garlic, a spoonful o

Preserved Rose Leaves

Put a layer of rose leaves in a jar and sprinkle sugar over them, add

layers sprinkled with su

Orange And Lemon Peel

Boil the peels of the fruit in vinegar and sugar, and lay them in the

pickle; but be careful t

Fruit Jumbles
Two cups sugar, 3 eggs (beaten separately), 1 cup butter, 1 cup milk,
3-1/2 cups flour, 3 teaspoonfuls baking powder, 1/4

Hermits Or Fruit Cookies
From MRS. A. K. DELANEY, of Alaska, Lady Manager.
Two eggs, one-half cup molasses, two-thirds cup sugar, half cup lard

Currant Or Elder Wine

After pressing the fruit with the hand or otherwise, to every gallon of

juice add two gallons

Steamed Rice

Half a cup of rice, half a teaspoonful of salt and one and one-third

cups of boiling water. Pu

Pears To Pot

Put in your fruit scored; cover them with apple jelly, and let them boil

till they break; then

Leaves For Culinary Purposes

In addition to sweet and bitter herbs, we have many leaves available for

seasoning. The best k

Sweet Potato Croquettes
To 1 pint of hot mashed potatoes, or cold boiled ones may be used,
squeezed through a fruit press; add 1 tablespoon of but

Prune Pudding
From MRS. HATTIE E. SLADDEN, of Oregon, Alternate Lady Manager.
Thoroughly wash one pound of prunes; soak over night, stew

Pudding. M. E. B.
One pint of flour, one heaping teaspoon of baking powder, one egg, a
pinch of salt, one-half a cup of butter, one-half a c

Kentucky Pudding. Mamie Fairfield.
CUSTARD.--Two quarts milk, six eggs, two tablespoons corn starch, one
cup sugar, a pinch salt, one tablespoon vanilla; add

Fruit Salad. Carrie Linsley.
Two oranges, two peaches, two bananas, a few slices of pineapple,
one-half pound of mixed nuts, one-fourth pound of figs,

A Soda Cake.
Mix with the above ingredients one drachm of soda, which should be
rubbed in with the flour. This is reckoned a wholesome

Frozen Peaches And Plums.
Pare a dozen and a half ripe, soft peaches. Remove the skin and seeds
from a quart of sour plums; mash, and add to the pe

Crab Apple Pickle


One quart good vinegar, six cups brown or maple sugar, one

The Capital Pudding

Shred a quarter of a pound of suet, mix it with half a pound of flour,

one small teaspoonful e

Tutti-frutti Ice Cream
Take three pints of cream, one pound of pulverized sugar and the yolks
of nine eggs. Prepare just like the other creams. W

Fruit Loaf
Chop coarsely one-half cup of raisins, one-half cup of nuts, one-half
cup figs or dates, add enough honey or corn syrup to


Pare and stone your apricots; to one pound of fruit put one pound of

fine sugar, and boil all

Potato Croquettes
Wash the fruit, cut them lengthways, remove the inside. Fill each half
with a mixture made of beaten egg, grated cheese, a

Black Currant Syrup

Pick from the stems and mash them, a few at a time, in a bowl or granite

saucepan with a potat

Gooseberry Pudding

Use either ripe or unripe English gooseberries for this pudding, stem

and pick off the flower,

Frau Schmidt's Molasses Cake
1 pint of New Orleans molasses.
3/4 cup butter and lard, mixed.
4 eggs.
1 cup sour milk
2 good teaspoonf

Jellied Quinces
Jellied quinces are made after the direction for preserved quinces, only
the fruit is cut in tiny little pieces and when p

Queen Pudding
From MRS. LEANDER STONE, of Chicago, Lady Manager.
_The following recipe for Suet Pudding has been unfailing in my

A Light Fruit Cake (for Christmas)
1 pound butter, scant measure.
1 pound pulverized sugar.
1 pound flour (full pound).
10 eggs.
1 pound En

Frau Schmidt gave Mary this simple recipe for making any variety of
2 cups of sugar, 1 tablespoonful of flo

Chocolate Cream
For one and one-half pints of milk half a breakfast-cupful of rice. Let
it boil with sugar and vanilla; strain the whole.

Another Way

Take twenty-four pounds of currants; bruise them, and add to that

quantity three gallons of wa

Apricot And Plum Jam

Stone the fruit; set them over the fire with half a pint of water; when

scalded, rub them thro

Crab Apple Jelly

Crab apple jelly is made in the same way as the apple jelly, but the

fruit is simply wiped off

Apple Jelly

Take one pound of apples, peel them with a sharp knife, cut them in two,

take out the core, an

Almond Pudding
Beat the yolks of four eggs very light with one-half cup of sugar; then
add one-half cup of grated walnuts or almonds, one

Quick Lemonade
Wash two lemons and squeeze the juice; mix thoroughly with four
tablespoons of sugar, and when the sugar is dissolved add

Canned Fruit Frozen
Without opening, pack a can of pears in ice and salt, as for ice-cream.
Let it remain for three or four hours. When taken

Plain Fritter Batter
Fritters are served as an entree, a vegetable or a sweet, according to
the ingredients used. The foundation batter is much

Scrambled Eggs With Sausage
Take one pound of cold, boiled sausage, skin and slice in half-inch
pieces. Place in a frying-pan with two tablespoons of

Chocolate Custard
Take half a pint of rich cream and mix with it a small glassful of
Madeira wine or of good brandy. Pick over some fine che

Grape Fruit Punch
Two cups of grape juice, 4 cups of water, 1-1/2 cups of sugar, juice
of 3 lemons and 3 oranges, sliced oranges, bananas an

Sweet Blintzes
These little pancakes may be filled with the fruit filling in following
recipe; or with a poppy seed filling using one cup

Peach Butter
Weigh the peaches after they are pared and pitted. Allow a pound of
sugar to a pound of fruit. Cook the peaches alone unti

Bread Pudding


Sliced bread to fill a pudding bowl; one layer of bread,

In early spring, when the family tire of winter foods and it is still
too early for vegetables from the home garden, and t

25 English Bread Pudding

Grease small cups and fill 2/3 full with bread crumbs and a little

chopped candied fruit; beat

Fruit Cake
From MRS. CARRINGTON MASON, of Tennessee, Alternate Lady Manager.
Four eggs beaten separately and added to one cup of butt

Apple Pie, No. 1
Pare, core and slice four apples. Line a pie-plate with plain pastry.
Sprinkle with bread crumbs. Lay in the apples, sprin

Directions For Washing White Cotton Clothes

Table-cloths, or any white clothes that have coffee or fruit stains on

them, before being put

Stewed Dates

Break the dates apart, wash in cold, then in hot water, drain them and

cover with cold water;

Preserved Plums

Damson plums make a rich, old-fashioned preserve if washed, pricked, and

allowed to stand a fe

Strawberry Water Ice
2 ripe pineapples or
1 quart can of grated pineapple
1 quart of water
1-1/2 pounds of sugar
Red Currant Jam

Pick the currants from the stems, weigh them, and allow three-quarters

of a pound of white sug

Neapolitan Jelly
Take equal quantities of fully ripe strawberries, raspberries, currants
and red cherries. The cherries must be stoned, tak

Brandied Peaches

Take off skins with boiling water. For each pound of fruit allow 1/2

cupful of sugar and 1/2 p

Strawberry Pie
Make a rich fleischig pie-crust and bake on the reverse side of pie-pan.
Pick a quart of berries, wash and drain, then sug

Baked Dumplings

For the dough: One pint flour, one-half cup butter, stir together; one

teaspoonful baking powd

Fruit Cocktails

Peel and cut one orange and one grapefruit into small pieces, removing

all seeds and white bit

Grape Fruit
Cut in half, with a sharp knife, remove seeds, and sprinkle with sugar,
or loosen pulp; cut out pithy white centre; wipe k

Puff Pastry No Divide It When Made Into Three Equal

portions--roll one of them out half an inch thick, cut it into cakes

with a tumbler--roll out the rest of th

Half a loaf of bread, which has been soaked and pressed, two eggs;
one-half cup of sugar, one-fourth cup raisins, one tabl

Cherries To Preserve No 3

Stone the cherries, and to twelve pounds of fruit put nine pounds of

sugar; boil the sugar-can

English Fruit Cake
From MRS. A. K. DELANEY, of Alaska, Lady Manager.
One and one-half pound of flour; one and one-half pound of sugar; one
A Plain Cake

Take a pound of flour, well dried and sifted; add to it one pound of

sugar also dried and sift

Currant Jelly
Pick over half ripe currants, leaving stems on. Wash and place in
preserving kettle. Pound vigorously with wooden masher u

Raspberry Jam
To five pounds of red raspberries (not too ripe) add five pounds of loaf
sugar. Mash the whole well in a preserving kettle

Rice Cakes For Breakfast
Stir together till very light, half a pound of fresh butter and
half a pound of powdered white sugar. Beat twelve eggs ver

Apricots To Preserve Whole

Gather the fruit before it is too ripe, and to one pound put three

quarters of a pound of fine

Brandy Cherries

To each bottle of brandy add half a pound of white sugar-candy: let this

dissolve; cut the lar

1 cup water
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon cornstarch
2 tablespoons lemon or orange juice
Boil water, su

Bread Muffins
Rub sufficient stale bread to make one quart of crumbs; add four
tablespoonfuls of sugar, a half cup of cleaned currants,

Saffron Rice
Weigh four very fresh eggs and put them in an earthenware dish. Add
successively, sieved flour, fine sugar, and fresh butt

Orange Icing
2 cups granulated sugar
2/3 cup boiling water
Whites of 2 eggs
1/4 cup chopped nuts
1 cup mixed figs, ra

Another Way

Cut in half, and break in pieces, ripe apricots; put them in a

preserving pan, simmer for a fe

Damsons To Dry

Pick out the finest damsons, and wipe them clean. To every pound of

fruit take half a pound of

Albuminized Milk 98 Calories

1/2 cup milk (sterile)

White 1 egg


Mocha Cake
Peel some apples, take out the core and cut them in slices, powder them
on each side with sugar. You can use also pears, m

Poor Man's Fruit Cake
Sift three quarts of flour with six rounding teaspoonfuls of baking powder
and two of salt. Beat, without separating, thre

Compote Of Pears
It is not necessary to take a fine quality of pears for this purpose.
Pare the fruit, leaving on the stems, and stew in su

Strawberry Shortcake
2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 teaspoons Dr. Price's Baking Powder
2 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons s

"sour Cream" Molasses Cake
1/2 cup molasses.
1 cup sugar.
1/2 cup thick sour cream.
1/2 cup sour milk.
1/2 cup finely chopped peanu

Farina Pudding, No. 2
One and one-half pints of milk with nine level tablespoons of sugar,
five bitter and five sweet almonds chopped fine, brou

Fruit Jelly


To one large box of gelatine add one half pint cold water. When


Apples, Baked

Peel and core six large sour apples; mix together a cup

Grape Preserves
Squeeze the pulp into one bowl and put the skins into another. Press the
pulp through a sieve, weigh the grapes before you

Another Way

Stone your gooseberries, and as you stone them put them into water: then

weigh them, and to ei

Plum Conserve, No. 2
Wash three pounds of German prunes, remove the stones and cut them into
small pieces. Mix one pound of seeded raisins, two

Take half a pound of currants, the same quantity of raisins and sugar,
a little citron, ground cloves and cinnamon, with e

Christmas Fruit Cake


One pound of flour, one pound of butter beaten to a cream, six eggs
Delicate Indian Pudding
From MRS. NANCY HUSTON BANKS, of Kentucky, Alternate Lady
Butter thin slices of bread and place th

To Preserve Red Currants

Mash the Currants, and strain them thro' a thin Strainer; take a

Pint of Juice, a Pound and ha

Hungarian Fruit Roll.
Boil beef brisket until tender, and slice thin. Heat 2 tablespoonfuls
of butter; add 1 chopped onion. Stir in 1 tablespoon

Fruit Pudding. Mrs. W. H. Eckhart.
One quart of flour, one egg, two teaspoonfuls of baking powder, one
teaspoonful sugar, butter size of an egg, a little sal

Mixed Wine

Take equal parts of ripe currants, grapes, raspberries, and English

cherries. Bruise them, the

Rhubarb Jam

Use equal parts of rhubarb and sugar, heat the sugar with as little

water as will keep it from

Butterscotch Layer Cake
1-1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup water
whites of 2 eggs
1/2 cup chopped seeded raisins
1/2 cup chopped figs

Plum Conserve, No. 1
Wash five pounds of blue plums or German Prunes, cut them in halves and
remove the stones. Peel four oranges, slice them f

Lemon Pudding
One pound of raisins, stoned and cut in half.
One pound of currants, picked, washed and dried.
One pound of be

Baden-baden Pudding

Dissolve an ounce of Nelson's Gelatine, previously soaked in half-a-pint

of cold milk, in a pi

Fruit Cake

One pound of flour, one of brown sugar, three-fourths pound butter,

twelve eggs, one and a hal



Cod, skate, thornback, salmon, sturgeon, soles, flounders, whitings,

Quince Preserves
From MRS. W. NEWTON LINCH, of Went Virginia, Lady Manager.
Place the fruit in a steamer and allow it to remain until skin

Canned Gooseberries
To six quarts of berries take three pints of sugar and one pint of
Dissolve the sugar in the water, using thr

Good Pudding Pies And Cakes

Good puddings are nutritious and wholesome, and an excellent variety can

be made at a comparat

Egg Croquettes
Separate the whites and yolks of five hard-boiled eggs, press through an
ordinary fruit press, or chop very fine. Make a h

Semoulina Pudding

Put a pint and a half of milk on the fire to boil with two ounces of

butter, three ounces of s

Fruit Recipe For Hot Weather.
Remove the rind of two lemons, and cut the lemons in small pieces; add
two cups of sugar, one pint of boiling water, three

Jellied Fruit. Mrs. Retta Lucas.
Soak two-thirds box gelatine in one-half cup cold water; stand until
dissolved; pour one-half teacup hot water over the di

Cherry Tarts
3 cups blueberries, huckleberries, or blackberries
1 teaspoon flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup sugar
1 te

Sweetmeat Fritters

If chronicles may be believed,

So loved the pamper'd gallant lived,


Canned Raspberries
To six quarts of berries take one quart of sugar. Put one quart of the
fruit in the preserving kettle; heat slowly, crushi

Oyster Loaves

_'Tis no one thing_; it is not fruit, nor root,

Nor poorly limited with head or foot.<

Lalla Rookh

Cut in small pieces stale sponge cake or lady fingers, a few macaroons,

some French cherries a

Surprise Potatoes
Boil some globe artichokes in salted water till they are tender. Take out
the center leaves, leaving an even fringe of lea

Gelatin Ice Cream
1 quart of milk
6 ounces of sugar
2 teaspoonfuls of vanilla
Yolks of four eggs

Morella Cherries To Preserve

When you have stalked and stoned your cherries, put to them an equal

weight of sugar: make you

To Make Red Quince-marmalet

Pare the Quinces, quarter them, and cut out all that is hard; to a

Pound of Quinces put in a P

Pine Apple Julep

Pare and slice a very ripe pine apple, which in

season will cost about ten cents; lay it in a

Chicken Muffin Cases
Beat a quarter of a cup of butter to a cream; add gradually one and a half
cups of sugar. Sift two cups of flour with a te


Take plums, or apricots, baking pears, and apples, of each a pound;

slice the pears and apples


The previous chapter was devoted to cheap and good sweet dishes of the

kind usually called des

Floating Island

Mix a pint and a half of sweet thick cream with a gill of wine, the

juice of half a lemon, and

Orangeade Or Orange Drink

Peel off the rind of one orange very thinly without any of the white

pith, and put the rind in

Dutch Flummery

To an ounce and a half of Nelson's Patent Gelatine add a pint of cold

water; let it steep, the

Eve's Pudding

If you want a good pudding, mind what you are taught:

Take eggs, six in number, when b

Currant Pudding

Stem and wash some currants, mash through a sieve, add as much water as

there is currant juice

Claret Sauce
1 cupful of sugar
1 teaspoonful of lemon juice
1 cupful of water
1 teaspoonful of maple fl

Raisin Compote
Peel six oranges (California), cut the skin in very small narrow strips,
or run through a food chopper. Slice the oranges

Baked Rhubarb

Peel rhubarb stalks, cut into inch lengths, put into a small stone crock

with at least one par

Molasses Syrup For Preserving

Mix eight pounds of light sugar-house or New-Orleans molasses, eight

pounds of water, one poun

Fruit Layer Cake
1-1/2 cups granulated sugar
1/2 cup water
2 egg whites
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon lemon jui

Peach Pie, No. 2
Pare, stone, and slice the peaches. Line a deep pie-plate with a rich
paste, sprinkle a little flour over the bottom crust

Pickled Husk Tomatoes
This tomato looks like an egg-shaped plum and makes a very nice sweet
pickle. Prick each one with a needle, weigh, and to

English Cake (similar To A White Fruit Cake)
5 eggs.
The weight of 5 eggs in sugar.
The weight of 4 eggs in flour.
1 cup raisins.
1 cup currants.

A Dessert Of Mixed Fruit

Peel some sweet, juicy oranges, removing all the white, bitter skin, cut

in thin slices and pu

Cake Making

Have all the ingredients measured or weighed, the pans lined with paper

or oiled, the nuts or

Whipt Cream
A quart of cream.
A quarter of a pound of loaf sugar, powdered.
Half a pint of white wine and Half a gill of b

Brandied Pears
Pare the fruit, leaving the stems on. Weigh. Proceed as with peaches.
Only young, tender, fresh vegetables should be canne

Pineapple Water Ice
12 good sized pomegranates
1 pint of water
1 pound of sugar
Cut the pomegranates into halves, re

Strawberries In The Sun
To two pounds of berries take two pounds of sugar and three-quarters cup
of water. Put the syrup in the preserving kettle;

Orange And Apple Compote

Pare and slice very thin three oranges, (cost

six cents,) and three apples, (cost three cents,

Black Wedding Cake. Mrs. J. J. Sloan.
One cup butter, one and one-half cups brown sugar, one cup molasses,
one cup sweet milk, three cups flour, two teaspoonful

Fruit Salad, Iced
Fill paper cases half full of pineapple water ice. Put over a layer of
candied cherries chopped, then a layer of vanilla i

Cacouna Cake


Three cups of sugar, two cups of butter, seven eggs, one pound

White Fruit Cake. Mrs. Samuel Saiter.
Cream one pound butter and one pound powdered sugar together; to this
add the beaten yolks of twelve eggs, one pound sifte

Mince Meat. Mrs. R. H. Johnson.
Chop fine four pounds of good boiled beef (one tongue is better), one
pound suet, and eight apples; add two pounds of rais

Strawberries Scalloped

Equal quantities of fresh strawberries and bakers' stale bread grated.

Begin with a layer of t

Pancake With Fruit

Take 4 eggs, a cup of cream or rich milk, and flour enough to make a

thin batter. Add a little

Delicate Cake
From MRS. FLORENCE H. KIDDER, of North Carolina, Lady Manager.
_The "Sally White Cake" is delicious, and if I am not mista

Plain Pound Cake

Half-a-pound of fresh butter, three eggs, one pound of Vienna flour, one

pound of castor sugar

Rice Blacmange
1 pint Milk--2d.

1 1/2 oz. Ground Rice--1/2d.

1 oz. Sugar


Elder Wine No 2

To a gallon of water put a quarter of a peck of berries, and three

pounds and a half of Lisbon

Coffee Cake. Mrs. Beckie Smith And Mrs. Josie C. Yager.
One cup brown sugar, one cup molasses, one-half cup butter, one cup
strong liquid coffee, one or two eggs, four cups flour

Fruit Sauce
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 teaspoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon maple flavoring

Watermelon Pickles

Eat the flesh and save the rind. Cut the rind into finger lengths and

about an inch in width,

Rice Pudding No 1

Take a quarter of a pound of rice, wash well in cold and then scald in

boiling water, drain an

Mushroom Catsup
Wash and look over one pint of mushrooms carefully, put them in an
earthen jar with alternate layers of salt. Let stand fo

Essence Of Lemon

This well-known essence is extracted from the little cells visible in

the rind of lemons, by s

Prince Albert Pudding
Rub to a cream half a pound of sweet butter and half a pound of sifted
powdered sugar; add the yolks of six eggs, one at a

Grape Fruit Pie

First bake a shell as for lemon pie, then make a filling as follows: Mix

one tablespoon of cor

Mille Fruit Water Ice
6 ounces of preserved ginger
4 lemons
1 quart of water
1 pound of sugar
Put four oun

To Make Red Plum-paste

Take half white and half red Plums, as you did for the Clear-Cakes;

boil them with as much Wat

Cream Puffs
1/4 cup shortening
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup milk
2 cups flour
4 teaspoons Dr. Price's Baking Powder

Make dough as directed for cheese blintzes. Filling may be made of force
meat, highly seasoned; fry in hot fat, or filling

Bar-le-duc Currants

Wash, stem, and measure the currants. Take three-quarters the amount of

sugar, moisten with ba

Chow-chow Pickles
From MRS. NELLIE B. PLUMER, of Pennsylvania, Alternate Lady Manager.
Ten pounds peaches--pared; five pounds sugar; one qua

Prune Pie
Make a rich pie paste. After the paste is rolled out thin and the
pie-plate lined with it, put in a layer of prunes that h

Coffee Fruit Punch

Add one-half a cup of fine-ground coffee to one cup of cold water, bring

very slowly to a boil

Cherry Roley-poley
Make a rich baking-powder biscuit dough, and roll it out until it is
about two-thirds of an inch thick. Pit and stew enoug

Candied Lemon And Orange Peel
Lemon and orange peel if saved can be put to excellent use. Take out the
greater portion of the white inside; throw the ri

Cornflour Custard
1/2 pint Milk--1d.

1 Egg--1d.

1 dessertspoonful Cornflour

Sugar and Flavouring--1d.
Queen Bread Pudding
Take one cup of grated bread crumbs, soak it in one pint of sweet milk;
then break three eggs; separate the whites, add to

Chocolate Cake
1 cup brown sugar
1-1/4 cups water
1 cup seeded raisins
2 ounces citron, cut fine
1/3 cup shortening

Philadelphia Ice Cream
1-1/2 cups flour
3 teaspoons Dr. Price's Baking Powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons shortening
1/3 cu

Boiled Salad Dressing

As many people do not care for the flavor of oil, a nice easy dressing

is made by taking two t


Scoop your melons clean from the pulp; fill them with scraped

horseradish, ginger, nutmeg, sli

Bucks County Apple Butter
A genuine old-fashioned recipe for apple butter, as "Aunt Sarah" made
it at the farm. A large kettle holding about five ga

Brandy Peaches

If possible procure "Morris White" peaches. Peel very carefully and

throw into cold water to k

Watermelon Pickle Sweet

Pare the melon, cutting away all of red portion; cut in fancy shapes.

Salt in weak salt and wa

Plum Pudding
One pound and a half of boiled beef's heart, or fresh
tongue--chopped when cold.
Two pounds of beef suet, c

Hamburg Steak
Take the tough ends of two sirloin steaks and one tablespoonful
of kidney suet, run through a food chopper; season with pe

Raspberry And Currant Pudding

Stew raspberries and currants with sugar and water, taking care to have

plenty of juice. Cut t

Pyramid Paste

You that from pliant _paste_ would fabrics raise,

Expecting thence to gain immortal pr

Currant Jelly. Mrs. Dr. True.
Weigh the currants on the stems. Do not wash them, but carefully
remove all leaves; or whatever may adhere to them. Put

Apple Fruit Cake. Mrs. T. H. Linsley.
One cup of butter, two cups of sugar, one cup of sweet milk, two eggs,
one teaspoon of soda, three and one-half cups of fl

Iced Currants

Beat the white of one egg, (cost one cent,) to a stiff

froth, mix it with three dessertspoonfu

Pineapple Souffle.
Pare, and remove the eyes from two good-sized pineapples; then chop
into bits, and sprinkle with one-half pound of sugar;

Ground Cherry Pudding

Half fill a pudding dish with ripe ground cherries or husk tomatoes, dot

with bits of butter a

Cherries To Preserve No 1

Take either morella or carnation; stone the fruit; to morella cherries

take the jelly of white

Fruit Jelly
1-1/2 cupfuls of sugar
2-1/2 cupfuls of flour
1/4 cupful of butter
1 cupful of water
2 ro

Tutti Frutti, Italian Fashion
1 pint of milk
1 pint of cream
1/2 pint of mixed candied fruits
4 eggs
1 cupful o

Matzoth Shalet
Four soaked matzoth; nine eggs, one cup of sugar, two grated apples, one
and one-half cups of seeded raisins, one tablespo

Beauregard Eggs
The yolks of eggs are quite easily disposed of, as sauces frequently call
for the yolk of one or two eggs; then they may b

Individual Apple Dumplings
Butter six muffin rings and set them on a shallow agate pan which has
been well buttered. Fill the rings with sliced apple

Pudding Of Stale Cake

Almost any kind of stale cake will do for this pudding. To three cups of

the cake crumbs allow

Red Currant Syrup

The currants must be fresh and perfectly ripe and picked in dry weather.

Wash and put them in

Seven-minute Icing
1/2 teaspoon butter
2 tablespoons hot milk
1-1/2 cups confectioners' sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Currant Jelly
From MRS. THERESA J. COCHRAN, of Vermont, Alternate Lady Manager.
Grate the yellow rinds of two oranges and two lemons and

Georgie's Cake
From MRS. RALPH TRAUTMANN, of New York City, First Vice-President
Board of Lady Managers.
Have ready one-half pound

Italian Cream

Boil a pint of cream with half a pint of new milk; when it boils throw

in the peel of an orang

Fruit Wheels
Sift together two cups of flour, two teaspoons of baking-powder,
one-half teaspoon of salt, one tablespoon of sugar. Rub i

Norfolk Punch

Take four gallons of the best rum; pare a dozen lemons and a dozen

oranges very thin; let the

Date Loaf Cake
1/2 cup shortening
1 cup light brown sugar
2 eggs
1/4 cup strong coffee
1/3 cup rich milk or cream

Paradise Pudding

Melt two and a half ounces of butter in a saucepan, stir into it a

quarter of a pound of sifte

Fruit Cake From Bread Dough

Rub together until creamy one half cup of butter or Glendale Butterine,

one half cup of Armour

Pippin Or Codling-jelly

Slice a pound of pippins or codlings into a pint of clear spring water;

let them boil till the

Whipped Cream

Pudding our parson eats, the squire loves hare,

But _whipped cream_ is my Buxoma's far

White Currant Wine

To each sieve of currants take twenty-five pounds of moist sugar, and to

every gallon of juice

Rice Pudding No 2

Put a scant half cup of rice to soak in water for an hour, then boil in

salted boiling water f

Fruit Cake
From MRS. M. P. H. BRESON, of Oklahoma, Lady Manager.
Yolks of one dozen eggs, one pound dried currants, one pound seeded<

Fruit Cake. Mrs. A. A. Lucas.
One pound of brown sugar, one pound of browned flour, three-quarters
of a pound of butter, one cup of molasses, twelve egg

Pound Cake. Mrs. U. F. Seffner.
One pound of butter, one pound of sugar, one pound of flour (sifted),
ten eggs (beaten separately), one-half teacup of ros

Chess Cake
From MRS. CLARK WARING, of South Carolina, Alternate Lady Manager.
Three teaspoonfuls of soda; one cup butter; one cup mol

English Plum Pudding

Two pounds of raisins, one pound of currants, one pound of citron, half

a pound of almonds, on

Pickled Peaches
Brush but do not peel the peaches. Select medium-sized ones. When all
are well brushed, stick each peach quite full of clo

Rice And Date Pudding

Half a cup of rice washed and boiled in water, one pound of dates,

washed first in cold then i

Fruit Salad
4 cups cold boiled chicken, cut into small pieces
2 cups finely cut celery
1 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper

Currants Or Barberries To Dry In Bunches

When the currants, or barberries, (which should be maiden barberries)

are stoned and tied up i

In making sauce Hollandaise or mayonnaise one always has quite a quantity
of the left-over whites. These may be made into

Dark Part.
Yolks of 4 eggs.
1/2 cup of a mixture of butter and lard.
3/4 cup milk (scant measure).
1/2 cup brown sugar.
Barberries To Preserve

Tie up the finest maiden barberries in bunches; to one pound of them put

two pounds and a quar

Luncheon Or Sandwich Rolls
1 cup prunes or dates
2-1/2 a cups graham flour; or 1 cup flour and 1-1/2 cups graham flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 te

Strawberries To Preserve For Eating With Cream

Take the largest scarlet strawberries you can get, full red, but not too

ripe, and their weigh

Pineapple Cream
This is a delicious dessert, taught Mary by Aunt Sarah. She used 1
quart sweet cream, 1-1/2 cups sugar, beaten together. I

A Very Rich Cake

Two pounds and a half of fresh butter, twenty-four eggs, three-pounds of

flour, one pound and

Preserved Pippins
Pare and core your quinces, carefully taking out the parts that
are knotty and defective. Cut them into quarters, or into

Fruit Fritters
1-1/2 cups flour
2 teaspoons Dr. Price's Baking Powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1/8 teaspoo

Green Tomato Mince Meat
One peck of green tomatoes, chopped fine; 3 lemons, 2 seeded raisins,
5 pounds of granulated sugar, 1 cup of vinegar, 1 te

Brown Soup Stock
1 quart strawberries
1 cup sugar
1/4 box or 1 tablespoon granulated gelatine
2 tablespoons cold water

Pound Cake

One pound fresh butter, one pound Vienna flour, six eggs (or seven, if

small), one pound casto

To Make Goosberry-paste

Take the Goosberries, nose and wash them, put to them as much Water

as will almost cover them,

Compote Of Gooseberries

Choose a quart of large, sound, ripe, green

gooseberries, (cost ten cents,) remove the stems a

Bakewell Pudding

The famous dainty from the town of Bakewell,

Derbyshire, England.

Fruit Punch For Twenty People
Take one pineapple, or one can of grated pineapple, one cup of boiling
water, two cups of freshly made tea (one heaping ta

4 medium sized apples
1-1/2 cups sugar
2 cups water
Peel, core and chop apples fine. Cook sugar and water in b

Rice Soufles.
Boil well some fine picked rice, in pure fresh milk, sweeten and
flavour with a bay leaf, lemon peel, and a stick of cinna

Apple Jelly
In preparing sugar for sweetmeats, let it be entirely dissolved,
before you put it on the fire. If you dissolve it in wate

Apple Compote
Take six apples ("Greenings," "Baldwins" or "Bellflowers"), pare,
quarter, core and lay them in cold water as soon as pare

Lady Ross Fig Pudding
From MRS. GEORGE A. MUMFORD, of Rhode Island, Alternate Lady Manager.
One and one-half cups of Graham flour; one cup of mi

Cchapter Fruit And Nut Sandwiches

These are perhaps the most attractive of all the sweet sandwiches.

Put through t

Quince Jelly
Prepare the fruit and cook peels and cores as directed for preserving.
Cut the quinces in small pieces and let them boil i

Calf's Feet Jelly.
Boil two feet in two quarts, or five pints of water, till the water
has half wasted; strain, and when cold, take off the f

Pickled Peaches
Twelve pounds of peaches, 1 quart of vinegar, 3 pounds brown sugar.
Rub the fuzz from the peaches. Do not pare them. Stick

Frau Schmidt's Frozen Custard
1-1/2 quarts milk.
2 cups sugar.
5 eggs.
2-1/2 tablespoonfuls of flour.
Scald the milk in a double boile

Rice Flour Pudding

Take a quart of milk, leaving out enough to mix with three ounces of

rice flour, put the rest

Ice Cream Made By Beating With Paddle
This recipe for a delicious and easily prepared ice cream was given
Mary by a friend living in Philadelphia and is not ori

Currant Jam

Ingredients, twelve pounds of picked currants, either red, black, or

white, or, if agreeable,

Stuffed Peaches

(Pesche ripiene)

Six big peaches not very ripe.

Four or five la

Cabbage Pickle
From MRS. AMEY M. STARKWEATHER, of Rhode Island, Superintendent State
Work and Lady Manager.
Nine pounds of gooseber

Palace Cream

Make a custard of three eggs and a pint-and-a-half of milk sweetened,

when it is ready dissolv

Strawberry Mousse

In strawberry season, particularly on a farm where there is an abundance

of rich cream and lus

Make into a stiff paste one pint of biscuit powder, a little brown
sugar, grated lemon peel, six eggs, and three-quarters

Pineapple Meringue

Half a large or one small pineapple grated, two ounces of butter, three

of granulated sugar, a

Cranberry Sauce
A delicious cranberry sauce, or jelly, was prepared by "Aunt Sarah" in
the following manner: Carefully pick over and wash

Orange Water Ice
1/2 pint of grape juice
6 lemons
1 orange
4 tablespoonfuls of sherry
1/2 pound of p

Directions For Making Puddings

A bag that is used for boiling puddings, should be made of thick cotton

cloth. Before the pudd

Queen Of Trifles
Make a rich custard of four eggs, one cup of granulated sugar and one
quart of milk to which has been added one teaspoon o



Turbot, trout, mackerel, mullet, salmon, salmon trout, soles, smelts,

Ripe Tomato Pickle

A peck of perfectly ripe tomatoes, two quarts of fine cooking salt, half

a pound of ground mus

Pies--flaky Pie Crust
Have all the materials cold when making pastry. Handle as little as
possible. Place in a bowl 3-1/2 cups flour, 3/4 teaspo

Preserved Figs
Lay fresh figs in water overnight. Then simmer in water enough to cover
them until tender, and spread upon dishes to cool.

Excellent Paste For Pastry
Put three soup-spoonfuls of Carolina rice to swell in a little water,
with a pat of butter. When the rice has absorbed all

Quinces To Preserve Whole

Pare the quinces very thin, put them into a well-tinned saucepan; fill

it with hard water, lay

"kasha Kuchen" Or Cherry Cake
Aunt Sarah sometimes filled the bottom crusts of two small pies
(either cheese pie or plain custard) with a layer of fresh

Aunt Sarah's Potato Yeast
9 medium-sized potatoes.
5 tablespoons sugar.
2 tablespoons salt.
1 quart water.
Grate the raw potatoes

Princess Pudding

Melt two and a half ounces of butter in a quarter of a cup of rich milk

over the fire, stir an

Sift flour and baking powder together several times before adding to
cake batter. Aunt Sarah usually sifted flour and baki

Curly Tart

(Torta ricciolina)

Sweet almonds with a few bitter ones, four ounces,

Riso All'imperatrice

Ingredients: Rice, sugar, milk, ice, preserved fruits, blanc-mange,

Maraschino, cream.

Potatoes And Cheese
To make a tomato salad you must not slice the fruit in a dish and then
pour on it a little vinegar and then a little oil;

Fruit Pies
A pint of stewed apples.
Half a pint of cream, or two ounces of butter.
A quarter of a pound of powdered sugar

Plum Pudding

2 lbs. suet

1 lb. sugar

1/2 lb. flour

Pineapple Cream

Drain the syrup from a tin of pineapple, boil it down to half. Cut the

best part of the pineap

Almond Shortbread


One pound ground sweet almonds, eight ounces sugar, eight ounces s

Rice Souffle Cold

Put into a double boiler a quarter of a pound of well washed rice, a

pint and a third of milk,



Cod, salmon, herrings, barbel, halibut, smelts, flounders, whiting,

Bavarian Cherry Cake

Half a pound of fine, juicy black cherries, five tablespoonfuls of fine

bread crumbs, five tab



Salmon, turbot, mackerel, skate, thornback, red and grey mullet,



Turbot, salmon, soles, smelts, trout, whiting, mackerel, herrings, eels,
"dutch" Currant Cake (no Yeast Used)
4 eggs.
2 cups sugar.
1 cup butter.
1 cup milk.
1/2 teaspoonful baking soda.
1 teaspoonful cream o

To Clarify Sugar

'Mongst salts essential, _sugar_ wins the palm,

For taste, for color, and for various

Frying Batter

This batter will do nicely for chicken, fish, clams,

cold boiled parsnips, or fruit of any kin

Queen's Cake

Rub together, till very white, a pound of sugar, three quarters of a

pound of butter. Mix a wi

Bread Cake
From MRS. KATHERINE S. G. PAUL, of Virginia, Lady Manager.
One and one-half pounds flour; one pound white sugar; ten ounce

Directions For Making Paste.
To make good light paste requires much practice; as it is not only
from the proportions, but from the manner of mixing the

Christmas Plum Pudding

Ingredients, two pounds of flour, twelve ounces of raisins, twelve

ounces of currants, twelve

Half a pint of milk.
A half tea-spoonful of pearl-ash, dissolved in a little vinegar.
One pound of sifted flou

Kentucky Chrimsel
Two and one-half cups of meal, four eggs, two cups of sugar, one
kitchen-spoon of goose fat, one of beef fat, four apples,

Apple Sauce Cake
This apple sauce cake will be found as delicious and tasty as the rich
fruit cake, which is so difficult to prepare, and i

Preserved Cranberries
Weigh the strawberries after you have picked off the stems. To
each pound of fruit allow a pound of loaf-sugar, which must



Cod and codlings, turbot, salmon, skate, thornback, smelts, soles,

Bread Croquettes
Beat two eggs, without separating, until light, add four tablespoonfuls of
sugar and a pint of milk, mix and add a grating

Into a large bowl sift one pound of fine flour. Make a depression in the
centre and pour into it one yeast cake dissolved



Turbot, salmon, salmon trout, Berwick and fresh water trout, red and

Currant Jelly

Currants should not be over ripe. Equal parts of red and white currants

or currants and raspbe

German Raisin Cake (raised With Yeast)
Place in a bowl 1 cup of milk, scalded and cooled until lukewarm; add
1 tablespoonful of sugar and dissolve one cake of ye



Cod, skate, thornback, salmon, soles, eels, perch, carp, tench,

Spiced Grapes
Pulp seven pounds of Concord grapes; cook the pulp and skins until soft;
put them through a fine sieve; then add four and

Sugar Biscuits
Two pounds of sifted flour, setting aside half a pound to
sprinkle in at the last.
One pound of fresh butter

Nut Bread
Sandwiches may be made from thin white bread, or whole wheat bread, or
Boston brown bread, or nut bread. A nut loaf is eas

Currant Jelly

He snuffs far off the anticipated joy,

_Jelly_ and ven'son all his thoughts employ.

Half a pound of granulated sugar, half a pound of strained honey, half a

pound of candied oran

"farmers' Pound Cake" (as Aunt Sarah Called This)
Place in a bowl 2 cups of light, well-raised bread sponge (when all
flour necessary had been added and loaves were shaped



Codlings, some turbot, which goes out this month, skate, thornback,

Puff Paste Or Confectioner's Pastry

Weigh out a pound and a quarter of sifted flour, and a pound of butter.

Rub about one-third of

A Bola D'hispaniola.
Take one pound and a half of flour, with three spoonsful of yeast, two
ounces of fresh butter, one table spoonful of essen

Another Kind Of Ice-cream
A quart of rich cream.
Half a pound of powdered loaf sugar.
The juice of two large lemons, or a pint of strawb

To Extract Stains From White Cotton Goods And Colored Silks

Salts of ammonia, mixed with lime, will take out the stains of wine from

silk. Spirits of turp

Milk Punch

To twenty quarts of the best rum or brandy put the peels of thirty

Seville oranges and thirty

Black Cake

One pound of flour, one of sugar, fourteen ounces of butter, ten eggs,

three pounds of seeded

Floating Island
Beat light the yolks of three eggs with one-quarter cup of sugar. Scald
a pint of milk, beat up the whites of three eggs v



Cod, codlings, skate, thornback, haddocks, soles, whitings, herrings

Banana Fritters
From one banana was made 4 fritters. The banana was halved, cut
lengthwise and then cut cross-wise. The batter will do for

English Plum Pudding
From MRS. FLORENCE H. KIDDER, of North Carolina, Lady Manager.
One and one-half pounds of stoned raisins, torn in half; on



Cod, codlings, brill, haddocks, whiting, soles, herrings, cole-fish,



Cod, codlings, halibut, skate, sturgeon, soles, salmon, gurnets,

Coffee Fruit Cake
2 cups shortening
2 cups sugar
6 eggs
4 cups seeded raisins
4 cups currants
1 cup shelled almonds<

Chicken And Veal Pot Pie

If the pie is to be made of chickens, joint them--boil the meat until

about half done. Take th

Tomato Jelly

One can of tomatoes put on to heat in a granite or porcelain-lined

saucepan with a large slice

Small Mohn Cakes
Roll coffee cake dough out quite thin, spread with melted butter (a
brush is best for this purpose). Let it rise a little

"bairische Dampfnudeln"
These delicious Bavarian steamed dumplings are made in this manner: 1
cake of Fleischman's compressed yeast was dissolved

Almond Cream Cake
From MRS. VIRGINIA T, SMITH, of Connecticut, Alternate Lady Manager.
Two pounds best pastry flour; one pound shortening (h

Cocoa And Chocolate

Both these articles are made from the kernels of a

tropical fruit, about the size of a cucumbe

To Make Elder Wine

Ingredients, two gallons of elderberries, two quarts of damsons, eight

pounds of raw sugar, at


Mangoes are made from cucumbers, melons, peppers, tomatoes and peaches.

The following recipe a

Frau Schmidt's "hutzel Brod"
1 quart dried pears.
1 pint of pear juice.
1 Fleischman's yeast cake.
1 scant cup brown sugar.
2 eggs.
Fleischig Pie Crust
For shortening; use drippings and mix with goose, duck or chicken fat.
In the fall and winter, when poultry is plentiful a

A Fine Beefsteak Pie.
Cut two pounds of beef steaks into large collops, fry them quickly
over a brisk fire, then place them in a dish in two or

Cereals--oatmeal Porridge
Oatmeal to be palatable and wholesome should be thoroughly cooked,
that is, steamed over a hot fire two hours or longer. U

Rules To Be Observed In Making Nice Cake

Cake, to be good, must be made of nice materials. The butter, eggs, and

flour, should not be s

Fritters, Croquettes, Dumplings And Crullers
When cooking any article to be immersed in fat use about this
proportion: 2 pounds of sweet lard to 1 of suet, which had b

Chaperone Pudding
From MRS. H. J. PETO, of Arizona, Alternate Lady Manager.
Two lemons, two tablespoonfuls of cornstarch, one and one-half c

Food For And Serving The Sick

The utmost care should be taken in cooking food for the invalid, so that

all of the flavor and

Aunt Sarah's White Bread (sponge Method)
Prepare the following "Yeast Sponge" at noon, the day preceding that
on which you bake bread: Place in a bowl (after the m

Blend one pound of good light dough with two eggs, six ounces of butter,
and add as much flour as may be needed to make th

Sugar Cookies
In a mixing bowl put a cup of sweet butter and two cups of granulated
sugar; beat these ingredients to a cream, then add t



The coffee-tree is a much-branched tree of the cinchona family,

Thanksgiving Menu

In the first place, talk over with her and decide about the number to be

entertained, and then

Home Made Cookies.ca