Take one pound and a half of flour, with three spoonsful of yeast, two
ounces of fresh butter, one table spoonful of essence of lemon, eight
eggs, and half a tea-cup full of water, and make it into a light
dough, set it to rise for about an hour, then roll it out and cut
it into three pieces; have previously ready, a quarter of a pound of
citron, and three quarters of a pound of orange and lemon peel, cut in
thin slices, mixed with powdered sugar and cinnamon; the Bola should
be formed with the pieces of dough, layers of the fruit being placed
between; it should not be baked in a tin. Powdered sweet almonds and
sugar, should be strewed over it before baking.

Beat up the yolks of ten eggs, and the whites of seven; add half a
pound of sweet almonds pounded finely, half a pound of white sugar,
half an ounce of bitter almonds, and a table-spoonful of orange flower
water, when thoroughly mixed, grease a dish, put in the pudding and
bake in a brisk oven; when done, strew powdered sugar over the top,
or, which is exceedingly fine, pour over clarified sugar with orange
flower water.

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