Cook one pound of rice in a quart of stock for half an hour, stirring
frequently. Then add a chicken stuffed and trussed as for roasting;
cover closely and cook thoroughly. After removing the chicken, pass the
liquor through a strainer, add the juice of a lemon and the beaten yolk
of an egg, and pour over the bird.
Prepare and truss a young chicken, as if for roasting. Put it in a
casserole; and pour over it two tablespoons of olive oil, a cup of white
wine, a cup of bouillon, salt and cayenne to taste, one spoon of dried
mushrooms soaked in one cup of water and chopped fine, and one-half can
of mushrooms. Cover tightly and simmer in the oven for about an hour,
turning the chicken occasionally; add a dozen olives and a tablespoon of
chicken-fat, smoothed with one tablespoon of flour, and bring to a boil.
Remove the chicken and add about a pint of boiled spaghetti to the
sauce. Place the chicken on a platter, surround with the spaghetti, and
Steam chicken and when it is almost tender stuff it with the following:
Take one-fourth pound of almonds, chopped; season with parsley, pepper
and salt to taste, add one tablespoon of bread crumbs and bind this with
one well-beaten egg. Put chicken in roasting-pan and roast until done.

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