Simmer them for four hours in water till the meat can be taken easily
from the bone, then cut them in handsome pieces, season with pepper
and salt, dip them in egg, and sprinkle thickly with grated bread
crumbs, and fry of a fine even brown; they may be served dry or with
any sauce that may be approved.
The liquor should continue to stew with the bones, and can be used for

Clean and soak a fine foot, put it on in very little water, let it
simmer till tender, then cut it in pieces, without removing the bone,
and continue stewing for three hours, till they become perfectly soft;
if the liquor boils away, add a little more water, but there should
not be more liquor than can be served in the dish with the foot; the
only seasoning requisite is a little salt and white pepper, and a
sprig of parsley, or a pinch of saffron to improve the appearance; a
little delicately-made thin egg sauce, with a flavor of lemon juice,
may be served in a sauce-tureen if approved; sippets of toast or well
boiled rice to garnish the dish, may also be added, and will not be an
unacceptable addition.

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