Rub wings, neck, gizzard, heart and back of goose with salt, ginger,
pepper and garlic and set on the fire in a stew-pan with cold water.
Cover tightly and stew slowly but steadily for four hours. When done
skim off all the fat. Now put a spider over the fire, put into it about
two or three tablespoons of the fat that you have just skimmed off and
then add the fat to the meat again. Cut up fine a very small piece of
garlic and add a heaping teaspoon of flour (brown). Add the hot gravy
and pour all over the goose. Cover up tightly and set on back of stove
till you wish to serve. You may cook the whole goose in this way after
it is cut up.
Remove skin from neck of goose, duck or chicken in one piece. Wash and
clean well and stuff with same mixture as for Kischtke. Sew at both ends
and roast in hot oven until well browned.

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