Take one pound of raw beef, cut off fat and stringy pieces, chop
extremely fine, season with salt and pepper, grate in part of an onion
or fry with onions. Make into round cakes a little less than one-half
inch thick. Heat pan blue hot, grease lightly; add cakes, count sixty,
then turn them and cook on the other side until brown. When well browned
they are done if liked rare. Cook ten minutes if liked well done.
Take two cups of clear beef chopped, and two cups of bread crumbs that
have been soaked in a little water, leaving them quite moist, mix
thoroughly with the beef, season with pepper and salt and shape into
individual cakes. Fry as directed for Hamburger Steak.
Take a pound of chopped meat, add grated onion, an egg, matzoth flour,
white pepper, mix and form into small balls, put in pot with one-half
cup of water, fat, sugar, a quarter cup of large black raisins, a few
slices of lemon and let stew one-half hour, then thicken gravy with
tablespoon of flour browned in a tablespoon of fat and serve.

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