Boil till tender one large chicken. Have two quarts of stock left when
chicken is done. Remove chicken and cut into medium-sized pieces. Into
the stock pour gradually one cup of corn meal or farina, stirring until
it thickens. If not the proper consistency, add a little more meal.
Season with one tablespoon of chili sauce, three tablespoons of tomato
catsup, salt, one teaspoon of Spanish pepper sauce. Simmer gently thirty
minutes, then add chicken. Serve in ramekins.
Prepare a rich "Chicken Fricassee" (recipe for which you will find among
poultry recipes), but have a little more gravy than usual. Boil some
noodles or macaroni in salted water, drain, let cold water run through
them, shake them well and boil up once with chicken. Serve together on a
large platter.
Put on some poultry drippings to heat in a saucepan, cut up an onion,
shredded very fine and then put in the sweetbreads, which have been
picked over carefully and lain in salt water an hour before boiling.
Salt and pepper the sweetbreads before putting in the kettle, slice two
tomatoes on top and cover up tight and set on the back of stove to
simmer slowly. Turn once in a while and add a little soup stock. Boil
one-half cup of string beans, half a can of canned peas, one-half cup of
currants, cut up extremely fine, with a tablespoon of drippings, a
little salt and ground ginger. When the vegetables are tender, add to
the simmering sweetbreads. Thicken the sauce with a teaspoon of flour.
Have the sauce boiled down quite thick. Boil the spaghetti in salted
water until tender. Serve with the sweetbreads.

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