Scale thoroughly, salt and pepper inside and out, and lay upon ice,
wrapped in a clean cloth overnight. When ready to cook cut up the celery
or parsley root, or both, two large onions, a carrot or two, and let
this come to a boil in about one quart of water, then lay in the fish,
whole or in pieces; let the water almost cover the fish; add a lump of
fresh butter and three or four tomatoes (out of season you may use
canned tomatoes, say three or four large spoonfuls); let the fish boil
half an hour, turning it occasionally. Try it by taking hold of the
fins, if they come out readily, the fish is done. Take it up carefully;
lay on a large platter and strain the sauce; let it boil, thicken it
with the well-beaten yolks of two eggs, adding the sauce gradually to
the eggs and stirring constantly. Garnish the fish with chopped parsley,
letting a quantity mix with the sauce.
Redsnapper is also very good fried.

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