Cut two pounds of fine fresh salmon in slices about three quarters of
an inch thick, and set them aside on a dish, clean and scrape five or
six anchovies and halve them, then chop a small pottle of mushrooms,
a handful of fresh parsley, a couple of shalots, and a little green
thyme. Put these together into a saucepan, with three ounces of
butter, a little pepper, salt, nutmeg, and tarragon; add the juice
of a lemon, and half a pint of good brown gravy, and let the whole
simmer, gently stirring it all the time; also slice six eggs boiled
hard, then line a pie-dish with good short paste, and fill it with
alternate layers of the slices of salmon, hard eggs, and fillets of
anchovies, spreading between each layer the herb sauce, then cover the
dish with the paste, and bake in a moderately heated oven.

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