This is a very pretty dish. The maccaroni must be boiled in water till
it slightly swells, and is soft enough to cut; it must be cut into
short pieces about two inches in length. Grease a mould, and stick the
maccaroni closely together all over the mould; when this is done, and
which will require some patience, fill up the space with friccassee
of chicken, sweetbreads, or whatever may be liked; close the mould
carefully, and boil. Rich white sauce is usually served with it,
but not poured over the timbale, as it would spoil the effect of the
honeycomb appearance, which is very pretty.

Cut up fowl and sweetbread, lay in the dish in alternate layers with
meat, jelly, and the yolks of hard-boiled eggs without the whites,
and flavor with lemon-juice, white pepper, and salt; cover with rice
prepared as follows: boil half a pound of rice in sufficient water to
permit it to swell; when tender beat it up to a thick paste with the
yolk of one or two eggs, season with a little salt, and spread it over
the dish thickly. The fowl and sweetbread should have been previously
simmered till half done in a little weak broth; the pie must be baked
in a gentle oven, and if the rice will not brown sufficiently, finish
with a salamander.

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