Wash and lay your sweetbreads in slightly salted cold water for an hour;
Pull off carefully all the outer skin, wipe dry and sprinkle with salt
and pepper. Heat some goose-fat in a spider, lay in the sweetbreads and
fry slowly on the back of the stove, turning frequently until they are a
nice brown.
Two calf's feet, sawed into joints, seasoned with pepper and salt a day
before using. Place in an iron pot, one-half pound Italian chestnuts
that have been scalded and skinned, then the calf's feet, one-eighth
pound of raisins, one pound of fine prunes, one small onion, one small
head of celery root, two olives cut in small pieces, one-eighth teaspoon
of paprika, one cup of soup stock. Stew slowly for five hours, and add
one hour before serving, while boiling, a wine glass claret and a wine
glass sherry. Do not stir.

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