Potatoes are one of the most valuable of vegetables. White potatoes,
after being pared, should be put in a stew-pan over the fire with a
little boiling water, but not enough to cover them. The water should
be kept boiling continuously. About thirty minutes from the time they
commence boiling will be the time required for cooking potatoes of
ordinary size. It spoils potatoes to have the water stop boiling even
for a short time. Add half a teaspoonful of salt to the potatoes when
partly boiled and when cooked sufficiently drain the water from them
at _once_ and sprinkle a little salt over the dry potatoes. Close the
lid of the stew-pan tightly, give it a quick shake, when the potatoes
will he found dry and flaky. Mash fine with a potato masher, adding a
tablespoonful of butter and a couple tablespoonfuls of milk. Let stand
a minute on the hot range to heat the milk, then beat all together
with a fork until creamy. Add more salt if necessary. That is quite
important, as potatoes require considerable salt. Cover the potatoes
with a cloth. Never allow to stand with the lid of the stew-pan over
them, as it will draw moisture. Serve white potatoes as soon as
possible after being cooked, as they are not appetizing when allowed
to stand any length of time.

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