From MRS. JAMES R. DOOLITTLE, JR., of Chicago, Lady Manager.
One even cup butter; two even cups sugar; three even cups flour;
whites of eight eggs; two even teaspoonfuls baking powder; one
teaspoonful vanilla; one cup milk. Stir butter and sugar to a cream,
add milk slowly, then flour in which the baking powder has been mixed,
and lastly the well beaten whites of eggs and vanilla. Bake in three
layers and to prevent sticking use white paper cut the size of the tin
and well greased with lard.
_Caramel Filling_--Two cups of brown sugar; one cup of cream or
milk; three tablespoonfuls butter; one teaspoonful vanilla. Boil until
the mixture will hold together in water; then spread between the
layers and on the outside. If it curdles when boiling, strain through
coarse sieve and put on the stove again. When done, put in vanilla.