This is an essentially Flemish soup. One uses carp, eels, tench, roach,
perches, barbel, for the real waterzoei is always made of different kinds
of fish. Take two pounds of fish, cut off the heads and tails, which you
will fry lightly in butter, adding to make the sauce a mixed carrot and
onion, three cloves, a pinch of white pepper, a sprig of parsley, one of
thyme, a bay-leaf; pour in two-thirds of water and one-third of white
wine till it more than covers the ingredients and let it simmer for half-
an-hour. Then the pieces of fish must be cut an equal size, and they are
placed to cook quickly in this liquor for twenty minutes. Five minutes
before serving add a lemon peeled and cut into slices and the pips
removed. Some people bind the sauce with breadcrumbs grated and browned.
You serve, with this dish, very thin slices of bread and butter. For
English tastes, the heads and tails should be removed when dressing the