One and one-half quarts of flour was sifted with 2-1/2 tablespoonfuls
of Royal baking powder, 1 teaspoonful of butter was cut through the
flour in small bits, 1 egg was beaten and enough milk or water added
to the egg to mix the flour into quite a soft dough. Sometimes instead
of molding the dough into balls large spoonfuls were placed over the
apples. Aunt Sarah had used this recipe for many years. This is a very
old recipe, and from it was made a larger quan
ity than ordinary
housekeepers usually require. Half the quantity, about 1-1/2 pints of
flour to 1-1/4 tablespoonfuls of baking powder, mixed according to the
directions given in the first part of recipe, would be about the
correct proportions for a family of ordinary size.
Aunt Sarah frequently substituted sour cherries and a teaspoonful of
butter was added instead of ham and "Schnitz." Dumplings prepared from
this recipe may be dropped on stewed chicken and broth and cooked or
steamed, make an excellent pot-pie. Should there be more dough mixed
than required for dumplings, place a panful in the oven and bake as
biscuits. More baking powder is required when dough is steamed or
boiled than when baked in the oven.