Apricots To Preserve

Stone and pare four dozen of large apricots, and cover them with three

pounds of fine sugar finely beaten; put in some of the sugar as you pare

them. Let them stand at least six or seven hours; then boil them on a

slow fire till they are clear and tender. If any of them are clear

before the rest, take them out and put them in again. When the rest are

ready, let them stand closely covered with paper till next day. Then

make very strong codling jelly: to two pounds of jelly add two pounds of

sugar, which boil till they jelly; and while boiling make your apricots

scalding hot; put the jelly to the apricots, and boil them, but not too

fast. When the apricots rise in the jelly and jelly well, put them in

pots or glasses, and cover closely with brandy paper.