Salmon, turbot, mackerel, skate, thornback, red and grey mullet,

gurnets, pipers, soles, lobsters, oysters, prawns, crawfish, smelts,

carp, perch, pike, gudgeons, eels, and plaice.

Game and Poultry.

Pullets, fowls, chickens, ducklings, pigeons, tame rabbits, and

sometimes young leverets, guinea-fowl.


A few apples and pears, pineapples, hothouse grapes, strawberries,

cherries, apricots for tarts, and green gooseberries.

Roots and Vegetables.

Carrots, potatoes, horseradish, onions, leeks, celery, brocoli sprouts,

cabbage plants, cabbage lettuce, asparagus, spinach, parsley, thyme, all

sorts of small salads, young radishes and onions, cucumbers in hotbeds,

French beans and peas in the hothouse, green fennel, sorrel, chervil,

and, if the weather is fine, all sorts of sweet herbs begin to grow.