Artichokes In Mold

(Sformato di carciofi)

Remove the outside leaves of the artichokes, the harder part of all

leaves, and clean the stalks without removing them.

Cut each artichoke into four parts and put them to boil in salt water

for only five minutes. If left longer on the fire they become too soaked

in water and lose their taste. Remove from the water, drain them, grind

or pound and rub them through a sieve. Season the pulp so obtained with

two or three beaten eggs, two or three tablespoonfuls of Balsamella

(No. 54) grated cheese, salt and a taste of nutmeg, but taste the

seasoning several times to see that it is correctly dosed.

Place in a mold with brown stock or meat gravy (in that case use a mold

with a hole) and cook in double boiler.