Artichokes With Sauce

(Carciofi in salsa)

Remove the hard leaves of the artichokes, cut the points and skin the

stalk. Divide each artichoke into four parts or six if they are big, and

put them on the fire with butter in proportion, seasoning with salt and

pepper. Shake the saucepan to turn them and when they have absorbed a

good part of the melted butter, pour in some broth to complete the

cooking. Remove them dry, and in the gravy that remains put a pinch of

chopped parsley, one or two teaspoonfuls of cheese grated fine, lemon

juice, more salt and pepper if needed, and, mixing the whole, make it

simmer for a while. Then remove the sauce from the fire and add one or

two yolks of egg, according to the quantity and put back on the fire

with more broth to make the sauce loose. Put the artichokes in the sauce

this second time to heat them and serve especially as a side-dish for

boiled meat.