Aspic Jelly

Were it not for the trouble of making Aspic Jelly, it would be more

generally used than it is, for it gives not only elegance but value to a

number of cold dishes. We have now the means of making this with the

greatest ease, rapidity, and cheapness. Soak an ounce of Nelson's

Gelatine in a pint of cold water, dissolve it in a pint of boiling

water, add a large teaspoonful of salt, a tablespoonful of French

vinegar, and the contents of a tin of Nelson's Extract of Meat dissolved

in a gill of boiling water. Wash the shell of an egg before breaking it,

beat up white and shell to a strong froth, and stir into the aspic. Let

it come slowly to the boil, and when it has boiled two minutes, let it

stand for another two minutes, then strain through a flannel bag kept

for the purpose. If a stiff aspic is required, use rather less water.