Ateletti Alla Genovese

Ingredients: Veal, sweetbread, calf's brains, ox palates, mushrooms,

fonds d'artichauds, cocks' combs, eggs, Parmesan, bread crumbs.

Cook two ox palates as in the last recipe, then take equal quantities

of veal steak, sweetbread, calf's brains, equal quantities of mushrooms,

fonds d'artichauds, and cocks' combs. Fry them all in butter except the

palates, but be careful to put the veal in first, as it requires longer
cooking; the brains should go in last. Then put all these ingredients

on a cutting board and add the palates (cooked separately); cut them

all into pieces of equal size, either round or square, but keep the

ingredients separate, and string them alternately on silver skewers,

as in the last recipe. Then pound up all the cuttings and add a little

crumb of bread soaked in stock, the yolks of three eggs, the whites of

two well beaten up, two dessert-spoonsful of grated Parmesan, salt to

taste, and chopped truffles. Mix all this well together and mask the

atelets with it; egg and bread crumb them and fry in butter. When they

are a good colour, serve with fried parsley.