Always use the cucumbers which come late in the season for pickles.
Cut small green cucumbers from vine, leaving a half-inch of stem.
Scrub with vegetable brush, place in a bowl and pour over a brine
almost strong enough to float an egg; 3/4 cup of salt to seven cups of
cold water is about the right proportion. Allow them to stand over
night in this brine. Drain off salt water in the morning. Heat a small
quantity of the salt water and pour over small onions w
ich have been
"skinned." Use half the quantity of onions you have of cucumbers, or
less. Allow the onions to stand in hot salt water on back of range a
short time. Heat 1 cup of good sharp cider vinegar, if too sour, add
1/2 cup of water, also add 1 teaspoonful of sugar, a couple of whole
cloves; add cucumbers and onions (drained from salt water, after
piercing each cucumber several times with a silver fork). Place a
layer at a time in an agate stew-pan containing hot vinegar. Allow
them to remain a few minutes until heated through, when fill heated
glass jars with cucumbers and onions; pour hot vinegar over until jars
are quite full. Place rubbers on jars and screw on tops. These pickles
will be found, when jars are opened in six months' time, almost as
crisp and fine as when pickles are prepared, when taken fresh from the
vines in summer. Allow jars to stand 12 hours, when screw down tops
again. Press a knife around the edge of jar tops before standing away
to be sure the jars are perfectly air-tight.