Bartlett pears may be used, pared and cut in halves and core and seeds
removed, or small sweet Seckel pears may be pared. Left whole, allow
stems to remain, weigh, and to 7 pounds of either variety of pear take
one pint of good cider vinegar, 3 pounds granulated sugar, a small
cheese cloth bag containing several tablespoonfuls of whole cloves and
the same amount of stick cinnamon, broken in pieces; all were placed
in a preserving kettle and allowed to come to a boil. Then the pears
were added and cooked until tender. The fruit will look clear when
cooked sufficiently. Remove from the hot syrup with a perforated
spoon. Fill pint glass jars with the fruit. Stand jars in a warm oven
while boiling syrup until thick as honey. Pour over fruit, in jars,
and seal while hot.