Baked Goose

Pluck and pick out all the stubble feathers thoroughly clean, draw the

goose, cut off the head and neck, and also the feet and wings, which

must be scalded to enable you to remove the pinion feathers from the

wings and the rough skin from the feet; split and scrape the inside of

the gizzard, and carefully cut out the gall from the liver. These

giblets well stewed, as shown in No. 62, will serve to make a pie for

day's dinner. Next stuff the goose in manner following,

viz.:--First put six potatoes to bake in the oven, or even in a Dutch

oven; and, while they are being baked, chop six onions with four apples

and twelve sage leaves, and fry these in a saucepan with two ounces of

butter, pepper and salt; when the whole is slightly fried, mix it with

the pulp of the six baked potatoes, and use this very nice stuffing to

fill the inside of the goose. The goose being stuffed, place it upon an

iron trivet in a baking dish containing peeled potatoes and a few

apples; add half-a-pint of water, pepper and salt, shake some flour over

the goose, and bake it for about an hour and a-half.