Beef Timbale

Cut any left-over pieces of uncooked tough meat into cubes of one inch.
Put a couple of tablespoonfuls of suet into a saucepan; when rendered out,
remove the cracklings. Dust the bits of meat with a tablespoonful of
flour, throw them into the hot suet, and shake until brown. Draw the meat
to one side, and add to the fat in the pan a second tablespoonful of
flour; mix, add one pint of water or stock, stir until boiling, add a
teaspoonful of salt, a bay leaf, sl
ce of onion, a teaspoonful of browning
or kitchen bouquet; cover and simmer gently until the meat is tender,
about an hour and a half. The proportions given here are for one pound of
beef. This may be served plain, or in a border of rice, or with dumplings.
If dumplings, put a pint of flour into a bowl, add a teaspoonful of salt
and one of baking powder; mix thoroughly and add sufficient milk to just
moisten; drop by spoonfuls over the top of the stew, cover the saucepan
and cook for ten minutes. Do not lift cover during the ten minutes or the
dumplings will fall.